…childhood wisdom

Love this building wall from a photo we took in Asheville, North Carolina combined with a favorite quote…

Pixlr makes adding a frame and words super simple and it’s free…

17 responses to “…childhood wisdom

  1. I loved to use the whole box of crayons, too.

  2. Goodness Patty, this photo is superb. And the text is great, too. Makes the image all that more enjoyable. You find the BEST quotes to go with your art (and YES, photography is art).

  3. Patty, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I happened onto a blog I’ve never seen before and when I did, I found “prayer” flags. I got to looking at them, and even though there was no explanation of how they were made (you had to buy the tutorial), I could tell mine are made wrong. They need to have a hanger “pocket” that runs the width of the piece at the top, where mine have ribbons for hanging. I guess people string them on rope, twine, etc., and hang all of them together on whatever is available. Looks like I need to modify my design. I am anxious to see yours.

  4. A beautiful photo and a great saying.

  5. More beautiful Asheville… I HAVE to go there. Can I re-use that quote?

  6. Gorgeous artistic photo and quote Patty!

  7. This would make the most beautiful greetings card.
    Amazing texture on the wall. Doesn’t it suggest both strength and fragility to you?
    Thank you for sharing with us Patty.

  8. Beautiful Patty! And; I’ve always loved that quote! xxoo

  9. Great pairing of quote and photo not to mention great photography!

  10. stempelchaotin

    Wow Patty what a gorgeous quote and and wonderful photo.
    Amazing texture. Love them.

    Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.

  11. Great, great quote!
    And a lovely photograph.

  12. I think this is why I enjoy Journaling so much ;0)

  13. I ADORE this!!! Such a great photo! I love how you get so much done! This would be a great card…… you could write so many things on that wall!!! Brilliant!

  14. Hello,
    une belle citation sur un mur magnifique.

  15. A beautiful combination! Love that quote!

  16. Love the building and the quote! Its so much more fun going outside of the lines!!! 😉 ~Sophia

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