Directions to Discover…

time to play again in my “Spirit” journal

such fun to begin with a few blank pages glued together…

to see where they will lead…

my inspiration began with the icon images from a collage sheet using torn pieces of a page from a garden catalog where I had wiped off paint brushes and rubber stamps and gesso a long time ago…

I used matching paints to fill in the background adding some metallic rubons from Colorbox…

dry wall mesh and cheesecloth helped add some texture along with some stamping…

oftentimes the right words present themselves from scraps of paper and this time a failed (or was it) rub on attempt of words on the right ended up giving my pages an unplanned message…

I never sketch or really plan what I am going to create other than having an image or quote in mind usually working with what is close at hand (and that can be a lot to chose from if you know what I mean) …

letting everything unfold and happen is an exciting process…

thank you for your visit today you make sharing extra fun oxo 

“If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” ~ Buddhist Proverb

44 responses to “Directions to Discover…

  1. That is how I work, too. Usually a word or image is all it takes to spark some creative juice and then it is a matter of seeing what unfolds. It’s really really lovely, especially love those blue tones.

  2. I love the images, the texture and colors! Cedric is looking forward to hanging with you too 🙂

    Sandy xox

  3. This is a lovely way of working … I normally have a sort of plan but usually end up to just follow the flow! Truly beautiful pages. Love the texture you created.

  4. wonderful to see your process, and materials, bella… xox

  5. It’s great to visit your blog after a long absence (mine – busy weeks behind me…) and see all your lovely art! Blue pages… YAY! PATTY ART, YAY!!! Beautiful as always! Hope you are doing well my dear.

  6. Love the blues, these pages turned out so nice. How long did it take you to complete this?

  7. I do not know how you do it. If I attempted this, it would look like a big giant mess. Dn’t ever underestimate how much talent you have!

  8. Love these, too…….. and I always appreciate knowing how someone works…. how do I get so behind on your blog? Although it is a joy to come and find a bounty of posts!

  9. Wow, both pages are fantastic.

  10. Nice to follow your progress Patty, and such a great result!

  11. Hello,
    ta technique de travail est efficace, le résultat impressionnant, quel talent Patty.

  12. Beautiful pages Patty, so very you! I love to see the craetive process, wonderful to see the results after the blank pages beginning! Mx

  13. I love your pages. They are heart felt and so textural! I wish you a peaceful and safe weekend! xxoo

  14. My Darling Friend, it’s sooooo good to be back in Blogland!!! Thank you, thank you for your heartfelt wishes and warm welcome. Patty, your work never ceases to awe and inspire me. Drywall tape! You’ve elevated a humble piece of tape into a beautiful piece of artwork!!! BTW – LOVE the quote in your previous post!!! Yes, Yes, YES! We all need to stay in touch with our Inner Children!!! Sending warm and loving “hugs” and wishes for a superb weekend! Terri ♥

  15. Love the pages! the texture is outstanding.. I can almost feel them from here.
    I’m like you…never really know where my pages are heading. I’ve found that I had to give up my vision so I wouldn’t get all uptight when things didn’t happen like I planned. Very freeing.

  16. Great result! ‘You done good’ as we used to say in Texas.

  17. The use of Gesso/white paint is a favourite of mine, taking back the colour somewhat and of course cheesecloth is amazing for that added texture.
    I’d say the failed rub-ons were definitely meant to be.
    TFS such wonderful art with us Patty.

  18. such beautiful pages… delicate form, powerful message!
    and by the way, I read this poem today and I thought of you:

  19. Journaling like that looks therapeutic. You make it look easy and I know it isn’t!

  20. your images and techniques are so ethereal…so very beautiful, dear Patty!

  21. Brilliant work Patty! I love how you share your process, I work in exactly the same way, so the end result, or just the journey sometimes, is so exciting each time!

  22. Absolutely stunning! I love the shrine like quality, as well as the paired composition. (Plus I have a soft spot for cheese cloth).

  23. oh, wow, Patty, it’s amazing what you can do with a blank page :O! your creativity into mixing all those elements is breath-taking. I love how the page ended 🙂

  24. INSPIRATIONAL Patty!!!
    I relate so much to Icons – they speak to me.
    You’ve created two magical pages with what you’ve got around you.
    I love the use of mesh and cheesecloth to give dimension.
    Shane ♥

  25. Incredibly impressive. I especially like the addition of the dry wall tape and cheese cloth. Have a super rest of the weekend, dear friend.

  26. Wow, amazing Patty, I love this fabulous pages !!
    It is totally awesome my friend.
    Have a great day and love visiting you.
    Hugs and more Hugs

  27. i just love your journaling! and a bit of gaze never is wrong, i love this stuff!

  28. Your spirit is so there in your spirit journal, loved looking at it.

  29. WOW whatb a gorgeous spread, love all the elements

  30. Such soulful pages Patty!! The blue color is extraordinary and your layers are so complex and soothing. Love to you!

  31. Sooo very beautiful pages, dear Patty. I love the blue and the images and every detail.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  32. OH dear Patty, do I know about the : near,close on hands pieces 🙂 YES-
    and here they are newer few-,eighter….
    Your pages are gorgeous , AND SO ALLIVE WITH THE CHEESECLOTH, beautiful iconic pictures and stamps- the colours of sky blue, transform them to heavenly creations ,with the keyes to heartfelt experiences.
    You are a wonderful artist.

  33. Love the way you used the paper you wiped your brushes on … I have a piece of cloth and some wet wipes (now dry) that I used for wiping out paint pots, and which i plan to re-purpose for art also! And I love the addition of dry wall mesh; never thought of that one! =D

  34. I love it, Patty. Very touching. I love the 3D effect.

  35. As always, your work simply dazzles me. I would give the world for just an ounce of your talent. Stunning.

  36. stempelchaotin

    Patty your pages knock me out my socks.
    Absolutely stunning and so many different techniques and material.

  37. Stunning pages dear Patty…. I love the mesh and cheesecloth texture… and the Buddhist Proverb… simply wonderful…

    Jenny ♥

  38. Adorable…. and great to see all your bits and pieces.
    LOVE your work Patty! xx

  39. Your journal pages are always so exquisite Patty …. such wonderful texture and details! Beautiful work!

  40. Such beautiful pages patty- I love how the mesh and cheesecloth add a soft texture. Love that Buddhist proverb too.

  41. Mooi Patty ,eh beautiful !!
    Love ♥RINI♥

  42. Always find your art piece inspiring.

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