Meadowlark Gardens and the Traveling Tea Cup…

we are in the midst of Autumn splendor days here in Virginia…

with really pleasant temperatures…

 brilliant blue skies and sparkling sunshine…

the perfect time to visit a nearby garden 

we saw lots of people with cameras in hand making the most of the day…

the 95 acre property has lots to offer with walking trails and lakes along with special gardens featuring extensive varieties of plants and trees which are carefully labeled for curious plant lovers…

we saw parts of the property that we had not visited before as new features are being added all the time…

we were delighted to discover a Garden Tea House area geared toward children…

with some whimsical and charming touches

there was a tea table set with a few special guests already in attendance…

a lovely place to linger…

and stop to smell the flowers…

whatever season you are in I hope you enjoy many special moments…

29 responses to “Meadowlark Gardens and the Traveling Tea Cup…

  1. What a magical place Patty! Beautiful photos and Autumn really showcases this beautiful spot! Thanks so much for sharing! I love it! xxoo

  2. Love the woven teapot – guess we will be making one of those soon, huh? LOL And the Bee house!! Of course, gorgeous photos – I am here for tea also, drop by……

  3. bella, bella, what color and majesty… xox

  4. What a lovely place, thanks for the tour:)

  5. What a beautiful place to spend some time. Lovely photos, too,


  6. I feel like I’ve been there..thanks for the journey.

  7. These are so amazing photos. You just want to get out and go for a walk! Here in England it looks very sad at the moment, it is foggy and grey and really depressing to look out of the window …… thank you for making my day this little bit more colourful.

  8. Your photos show us a dreamland Patty, thank you so much! You always transport me into a beautiful day!

  9. Patty, another uplifting and beautiful post. Thank you for giving me a smile today. xoxox

  10. Beautiful! It is just so relaxing to see your photos. Hope you have a great week–I love the table set for tea…!!! Take care!

  11. You do visit the most gorgeous places Patty. Thanks for sharing.

  12. oh, what fun places you find!! beautiful & whimsical…perfect for you and your cup!!

  13. Truly is a gorgeous special time of year. Your photos speak to my soul. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday, and tomorrow my daughter turns 23 and my Mom turns 85. Blessed be!

  14. I loved getting out into the Virginia and Maryland countryside when I was living just outside the Beltway in Maryland. You bring back such pleasant memories!

  15. What a beautiful place!!! Love the bee house, the giant cup and saucer and …well…….. all of it!!!!

  16. Stunning Patty! What an amazing atmosphere in these gardens! I love the giant tea cup! Mx

  17. Positively magical. The teacup and saucer sculpture is so wonderful and the table set for tea.
    The reflection of the glorious trees on the water, that is so special.
    Again I have to thank you for sharing another magical place with us.

  18. gorgeous natural world!

  19. OK, you have to enter these in some contest! Beautiful photos. Your pictures are than being there!!

  20. i like the native beehive, and your teacup next to the wire version. so many beautiful things, thank you for sharing!

  21. what a gorgeous place-I just LOVE the photo with the tree and its reflection i the water-magical!

  22. A lovely tranquil interlude full of inspiration for you Patty.
    How good for the soul!
    Shane ♥

  23. Such a beautiful and magic place to spend the day dear Patty. Such wonderful photoes- wonderful teacup setting for the kids, and the sweet sculptures so fun-the little stonehouse, and the poem I love.
    Wish I could have been there with you.

  24. What a beautiful place~ 🙂

  25. Love the linger picture and the last one.

  26. Truly beautiful- from the gardens, your photography, your tea time, and spirit of joy! love them all!! hugs

  27. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  28. Beautiful place and how fun to see a wire tea cup and saucer. 🙂

  29. what a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for showing us around 🙂
    wish you a lovely sunday xox Dymphie

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