beeswax and fish tins…

 it begins by brushing melted beeswax onto your tin …

adding paper (I used pattern tissue for the background) brushing on more beeswax using it like glue to affix images, ribbons and such (laser jet images work well as they don’t smear)

thinner papers melt into the surface beautifully…

I also enjoy adding bits of fabric … lace … zippers and more…

so many things look rich and interesting with the addition of beeswax…

24 responses to “beeswax and fish tins…

  1. These are great – especially love the vibrant colours on the Frida Kahlo version.

  2. These tins are just divine, the colours so rich and the images so delightful.

  3. You got me with “beeswax” … lovely work Patty!

  4. Gorgeous work Patty….I really need to try beeswax!!…Thanks for the lovely inspiration 🙂

  5. Beautiful beeswax transformation Patty … lovely to come by and see you again … pen x

  6. Even more 3-D effects. Patty, this are beautiful…as usual 😀 . Take care.

  7. Oooooh, Patty, these are gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, stunning, amazing.

  8. Very very beautiful, the beeswax adds such depth!

  9. It is amazing and so beautiful, dear Patty, love the birds nest added, in the first piece, and all the layers to be seen in the next one.
    Here I can only get beeswax without resin- is that what you used? or did you use the real one? I know I can get it from US,but it is too heavy to send…costs a lot in postage.

  10. That’s so creative.

  11. Beautiful rich depth to those art pieces. I am drawn to both for different reasons.
    You have me keen to fire up my Meltpot which has hardened beeswax in the pan already.
    I have an inkjet printer and it is definitely a downside when images smear.

  12. Beautiful Patty! Beeswax is one of my favorite mediums; very therapeutic. xxoo

  13. I almost bought some kippers at the store the other day…thinking of you. Went for the King Oscar sardines instead.
    Lovely use of your tins!!

  14. I love how the images blend with each other and the elements, it’s almost as if you used a graphic software to make your collage.

    I remember waaay back then, it was on one of your beeswax pieces that I first commented on your blog 🙂

  15. stempelchaotin

    Wow Patty these are a dream.
    So so beautiful tins.
    The Frida is my favorite.

    Have a wonderful weekend Sweetie.

  16. these look great Patty! I just love playing with beeswax! have a wonderful weekend, xo

  17. It is amazing how much goes into these fantastic works of art, you are amazing too, I might add.

  18. LOVE what you did here!

  19. Hello,
    ravissantes boites de sardines, du joli travail et une belle imagination.

  20. Ooo! Patty, these are lovely.
    Regards Florence x

  21. Yes I love how the beeswax looks! I’m glad the hurricane didn’t affect your area too badly!

    Sandy xox

  22. Having a bit of a catch up, I have missed so much! love these tins and every time I see the egg nests I think I must make some lol

  23. Patty, I love that you are still hooked on beeswax! The smell of melted beeswax invigorates me in art. Glad to hear the hurricane was not so bad in your area.

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