do what you must do…

Pixlr is such a fun photo altering tool and so easy even I can use it…

my photo above was transformed with a couple of clicks…

28 responses to “do what you must do…

  1. Which clicks? =) Really love this soft dreamy effect Patty.

  2. I love your work!!! I am definitely going to try pixlr this weekend! hugs xo

  3. Patty, we only recently purchased Samsung Android mobile phones. Still learning! I put free “Pixlr” on it — LOVE it. It’s so much fun. Can’t wait til I learn more how to use the phone!

  4. I do love Pixlr!!! Have a great fall weekend!!! It’s in the 50’s here this morning in southeast Texas!!!! woo hoo!

  5. for my photo I used the “border” and “text” features … there is SO much more to play with too!

  6. I love this autumny looking foto and the green sheeeeen…..
    have a good weekend!! I hope “Sandy” does not come and get you!!!

  7. Just wonderful, dear Patty

  8. I love them. too. Easy peasy photo tricks!
    It DOES help to have an awesome photo, like yours!
    Love it, missy!

  9. Clever…love the distressed text.

  10. Dear Patty, I do not know Pixlr-but will surely try after seing your photo like this,- looking so beautiful and and dreamy!
    Hope you are safe?- Hugs,Dorthe

  11. Oh I love Pixlr… it is probably my fave editing program… so easy and so many possibilities…. your stunning photo is gorgeous dear Patty… and the quote is beautiful….

    Jenny ♥

  12. Very cool; I’ll definitely check this out.

  13. Your image is wonderful Patty.
    That’s a real lesson for me.
    I’ve used Pixlr twice – the borders and text too just like you.
    I want to be more adventurous next time after seeing your piece – the colours are amazing!
    Shane ♥

  14. Très bel effet, merci pour le renseignement.

  15. Awesome Patty! now you just get those printed out, open your Etsy store and start selling, really!! Mx

  16. There is a beautiful wholesomeness to this photograph.
    I love the play of light.

  17. Wonderful autumn feeling give this photo with decorative pumpkins . Wonderful quote too, like how you’ve distressed the words.
    Wish you a happy sunday, dear Patty,
    xox Anja

  18. beautiful! I love the dangling down tea tags too 🙂

  19. I hope I can leave this comment, because I can’t leave one on any blogger blog. This is a gorgeous way to show your lovely photos. I’m off to see what else I have missed, then try to figure out why I can’t leave a message on Blogger blogs.

  20. YES!! It’s just blogger that is the pain!!

  21. i will have to try it! happy sunday! xo

  22. Your photo-editing is wonderful Patty!

    Stay safe with Sandy coming your way, hope that hurricane will slow down a little (a lot, that’s better said)

  23. Very pretty. Picmonkey has lots of choices too. So nice when you can create something different with just a few clicks. I’m not a tech junkie so it is good when things like this do get easier with every update. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Tammy

  24. I love all the tea tags spilling off the plate!!

  25. Great piece and a wonderful saying.

  26. Beautiful photo! Those pumpkins are so pretty!

  27. gorgeous photo and quote Patty. I love the effects with the gourds. You are correct – reorganizing is very unsettling. I am on two weeks of it and still not complete. But, I have purged so much! 🙂 Have a great week!

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