riding out the perfect storm …

thinking of everyone in Hurricane Sandy‘s path…

 if you don’t hear from me for Tea on Tuesday tomorrow you’ll know we lost power…

hoping for the best as winds will pick up this evening…

thank you so much for all of your good wishes…

~*Take Care Dear Ones*~

26 responses to “riding out the perfect storm …

  1. I’ve been worried about you (and Pat and Marlynn, too). I have been glued to the weather channel, watching updates. It looks like the WORST will avoid you, but it also looks like you will still be hit badly. I’ll be thinking about you, and hope to join you for Tuesday Tea, even though you are one of few I can comment to. Have a safe ride through the storm, dear friend.

  2. Thanks for your beautiful Prayers for Protection post today. Let’s hope all are safe and sound! xxoo Jilly

  3. It really looks frightening! Good thoughts are send your way. Stay safe to all in ‘Sandy’s path’.


  5. If you aren’t able to POST about tea, I hope you are still able to BOIL WATER for it. I hope you miss the worst. Cheers! (raising tea mug)

  6. yes, I was thinking of you guys….we also have friends in Virginia Beach…they have since left for the time being. You all be safe!!!

  7. Beste wishes to you and yours, dear Patty. Be safe.
    I cross the fingers

  8. Thoughts and prayers are with you, Patty. God bless you and all our fellow Americans.

  9. Same to you dear Patty! Starting to get really windy now. Stay safe. xoxo

  10. Stay safe and whenever it is possible maybe you will let us know that all is well with you.
    I will keep positive thoughts for you

  11. Dear Patty,
    I hope for you ,when tomorrow sayes Hello, you will still have your power on,-and I hope ,most of all,you stay safe. As Lynne writes: please let us know that you are well.
    Hugs Dorthe

  12. Take care…be safe. Thinking of you all.

  13. All the best for tonight Patty, take care Mxx

  14. sending those prayers right back at you, take good care dear one… xox

  15. Take care! Be safe! I hope your power won’t be out long…. will try not to worry………….

  16. Thinking of you dear Patty… take care… be safe… and hope all is well…

    Jenny ♥

  17. Lights flickering this afternoon. I hope we don’t leave power this soon! But we can’t do much about it. Be safe dear Patty and JJJ

  18. Thoughts and prayers with you and all along the east coast. We have only had some bad wind but nothing to what some will experience. Please take care!

  19. Hello,
    je tenvoie des pensées positives.
    Donne des nouvelles.

  20. I’m praying for you Patty.

  21. You too Patty! I think we are almost done with the worst, although we are having quite the wind tonight. But hopefully you will be fine : )

  22. Good luck to you. Sending calming thoughts.

  23. Hello Patty
    I am not sure you even have power at the moment but I am hoping and praying that you are safe and that the worst is over bar the strong winds and not too much flooding where you.
    Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment on my recent French themed swap with Shane at Roses Lace and Brocante.
    Love you work Patty and have even used one of your tombstone images with a link and thanks back here.
    Stay safe!

  24. Praying for all of my friends and family (includes my online friends) – we moved from NY only 2 years ago to SC

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