Apricot Passionfruit Tea … Oh My

thanks to a dear friend for surprising me recently with some gorgeous exotic fruit tea

the taste and smell are divine and the color was so lovely too that I didn’t want any of it to go to waste…

it seemed the perfect chance to dip into my stash of white bits of fabric and such…

so I got busy soaking some of the used tea bags squeezing out every drop of color…

you can see how differently each piece took the tea dye…

I will need to try this out on some of my bleached Christmas trees too I think…

good to the last drop…

tea grounds for the garden and tea bag papers and tags for collage…

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” ~Marcus Aurelius

I am headed out to vote…

34 responses to “Apricot Passionfruit Tea … Oh My

  1. The colour is amazing and the dyed fabric and lace look gorgeous.

  2. Such beautiful tea projects- colorful, imaginative and inspiring! Love the quote that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. I always love the brilliance of your thoughts!! xo hugs Jilly

  3. What beautiful colors. Also, what great imagination. Ann

  4. You’ve inspired me!! I’ll be dyeing soon, too. I should have bought some better tea (for dyeing, that is) when I was at the Spice Merchant recently. The colors and variations in your passion fruit tea are quite impressive and inspirational. Hope you didn’t have to stand in the voting line too long.

  5. Gorgeous colors and the aroma must be amazing!

  6. Gorgeous colors indeed! Using on the trees will be awesome!!! Can’t wait to see!

  7. love the dyed lace..you could stamp on the dried used teabags too;)

  8. Thank you all for visiting
    Lorraine stamping is a great idea, I have also used the printer to print on tea bags here: https://bitze.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/the-life-of-a-teabag/
    Such fun using bits of this and that to create with.

    Voting went smoothly as I chose doing a paper ballot instead of computer voting with hardly any wait at all. 🙂

  9. Such a rejuvinating color to pick me up with the gray winter skies here. I can almost smell it! Your little paper bits will show up beautifully somewhere!

  10. Pink heaven! Those are very cool graphic tea envelopes as well. =)

  11. I love the color and it all looks heavenly! I bet your trees would look great! Take care!

  12. O you have been a busy girl!! I bet it smelled great.
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. We voted by mail. Easy peasy and no lines! Now, to see the results.

    Love the color you got out of that tea. It’s really more vibrant than you’d think it would be.

    It’s going to be 65 here today and I WAS going to clean my studio and move stuff around. Ok, won’t be doing THAT! Who wants to be inside when it’s so beautiful OUTSIDE? Maybe next week……….

    Hugs my friend, who is most creative!

  14. An extraordinary colour for tea Patty. I love that you use everything and look forward to seeing some work including your dyed bits.

  15. Dear Patty, your dyed laces and ribbons have gotten the most gorgeous pinkish colours- they are wonderfully different, and in the same time, allike, and beautiful to use, for many hours ahed , with your creative hands.
    Love you dyed all the papers and bags ,too.
    Yes it is a very exiting day for all of you over there,-but also for us, -so I will be watching the television on and of tonight, and early morning,tomorrow.
    Hugs and kiss -Dorthe

  16. A fantastic idea. Great colors.

  17. Beautiful dear Patty… the color is divine… and just love the gorgeous results… and the bags… tags… and leaves… every piece is used… can’t wait to see what you create with this deliciousness…

    Jenny ♥

  18. Wow I didn’t know that tea could produce such lovely pinks!

  19. My dear Patty,
    what a great idea, thank you for sharing, tea has extraordinary powers and even laces.
    I hope your country will make the right choice.
    From here it’s a little scary.
    Good luck.
    Big Kisses.

  20. My dear Patty,
    I just saw the election results.
    I do not know what was your choice, but I’m happy for the French and for women, Obama is the best choice.

  21. Divine!
    Isn’t it so addictive? You just don’t want to waste one little drop of that gorgeous colour.

  22. lucious color and the tags are worth digging into seeing where we can get that tea too!

  23. You amaze me with this upcycling idea. And that shade you got it…so lovely!

  24. Your dyed fabric and lace look great, Patty!

    Have a lovely day!
    Gaby xo

  25. Oh how gorgeous!!! I don’t really like apricot but this color is so awesome I might have to buy some just to do this!!! 😀

  26. I love the gorgeous tones of these pinks! Hard to believe you got that much color from a teabag-I must remember this 🙂

  27. I love passionfruit flavoured anything, but passionfruit tea is one of my favourites… I am drinking passionfruit and pear green tea this morning… it is simply divine but now I am thinking I should hunt this one down…xx

  28. The lace is just gorgeous. I hadn’t thought of using the flavored tea for this project. I have some ginger peach tea that I’m going to try. Thank you for sharing such a neat project. Love the tea tags, too! (says that 3 times fast)

  29. What a delicious colour! And you have such great ideas….. 🙂
    And I too have been bleaching bottle brush trees this year; pink ones would be fab! xx

  30. Did you drink any of the tea as well, or did you just use it for dyeing? The colours turned out really well … I am now looking at my favourite rose and fench vanilla tea with a thoughtful eye! =D

  31. Oops – I just checked, and you said ‘used teabags’ … off to try it out right now! =D

  32. looks like you had so much fun! xx

  33. Amazing! And this is permanent? The color is so rich.

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