a Japanese Journal…

my handmade journal has been finished since early last month but time moves so quickly I haven’t had a chance to share it with you until now…

a couple of years ago Carole of Madness and Mess offered a wonderful online journal making class…

 my Gypsy Journal was the first that I completed and I was very pleased with it…

(see my sweet cup pin cushion that I won in Nathalie’s giveaway in September and my ‘Born to be Wild’ traveling sewing kit)

this journal has been in the works for a couple of years now (oh my!) with my stained watercolor paper pages torn and ready to decorate and stitch …

a friend gave me the perfect piece of blue indigo for the cover that I accented with french knots

and another local friend Linda Yeatman gave me the perfect red bead for the cover

Jenxo in Australia had shared some beautiful pieces of old sari fabric with me last year which I knew I wanted to add to the pages of my journal…

(I have a serious correction to my description above…those gorgeous fabric pieces from Jen are KIMONO fabrics = doh!)

 I used various images and papers from my Asian collection along with a few rubber stamped highlights here and there…

my centerfold pages fold out on each side…

the pretty Japanese coin on the left is from my friend Susan and the coaster on the right was from my friend Margaret when we were visiting various Brocki’s (Swiss for thrift stores)  in Zurich last spring…

the image on the right is a favorite of a lady standing in a tea field from my now far away art friend Cheryl Novey…

this journal is an example of needing to make something with no real plans for what I’ll actually do with it…

(heart rocks from my Mr Magpie)

it also represents to me the thoughtful generosity of so many art friends some that I have never even met in person which makes this journal extra special to me…

for newcomers to my Magpie’s Nest you will notice there are underlined words throughout my post…

those are links for you to click if you’re interested in more details or photographs of things I have mentioned here…

they may also take you to some wonderful blogs … just sayin’

38 responses to “a Japanese Journal…





  2. It’s beautiful, Patty.

  3. oh what a gorgeous book, just love the watercolor pages, it must have been fun to make something without a goal, just for the pleasure of it… and it certainly shows… xoxo

  4. Stunning journal, Patty! It’s practically a collaborative work with so many contributing materials. haha. Love your teacup pincushion.
    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  5. Beautiful project Patty.
    Regards Florence x

  6. Your book is making me drool, oooohhh, it is so gorgeous! Every little detail is luscious! I am working on the same thing..it is taking years, but no rush,becuase it is just because I want it to be!

  7. Loved the blues in your journal cover and that dear pin cushion teacup.

  8. Rich and full of the most amazing textures, oh to be able to sit with this on my lap and savour the colours and textures up close.
    What makes it so heart touching are the gifts from friends and of course the gifts from your Mr Magpie.
    Thank you for sharing such a special journal with us.

  9. This IS amazing! And so touching with all your friends’ contributions! What a great post…….. and what a lot of time it must have taken to put together… great links, Patty! Have a wonderful day!!!

  10. A really wonderful journal book, dear Patty.

  11. I have missed you. I see at least one reference to tea today (grin). That is one lovely journal. I’m a big fan of Asian art, so this really speaks to me. Not sure where you’ve been, but glad you’re back!

  12. That journal is awesome Patty! So many beautiful bits put together so cleverly.

  13. What a fantastic journal dear ,
    So real in its Japanese style, I love the fabrics you used, and the beautiful images of Japanese women- (makes me remember my Madame Butterfly,-again.
    Love your MR. Magpie`s rock hearts. 🙂

  14. Such a wonderful book, great use of all the beautiful gifts. It’s a treasure.

  15. oh patty im drooling here, its just beautiful;) i can see some of the prayer book papers too and i just love that kimono fabric, it was just perfect for your journal 🙂

  16. I hope you will be bringing your beautiful book to share at our meeting next month. It is truly a book of treasures and Mr. Magpie’s hearts rock! Love the Gypsy Journal too. xoxo

  17. Jenxo ~ I cannot believe I typed SARI fabric instead of KIMONO…the prayer book papers are so delicate and lovely too…Thank you again! oxo

  18. Lovely journal, I am enamored with the combination of indigo and red~ Also, I find it quite beautiful that you put it together with bits and pieces that your friends have sent you, it’s really lovely of you to remember where it all came from 🙂

  19. stempelchaotin

    Oh Patty this is a dream of a journal.
    A wonderful color combination and all the little details are gorgeous.
    Absolutely wonderful Sweetie.

  20. A positively stunning book! I love Asian designs and images and this is beautiful, and of course I always love a bit of fabric!…this will be so much fun to fill up with art work….and thanks for stopping by my blog for the Give Away!

  21. I like how you say this journal is an example of needing to make something with no actual plans of what to do with it….I GET THAT!! The journal is wonderful.

  22. It is beautiful!! I love things Japanese- sashiko, kimono fabric, and the indigos so popular there- you did a wonder-full job, as always……

  23. A breathtaking journal, such precious and beautiful things and images inside and many, many memories to people you love. wonderful!

  24. Hello Patty,
    quelle merveille ce journal, une très belle création sous le signe de l’amitié et du talent.
    Avec mon admiration.

  25. Oh dear Patty… I am in love with your journal… it is absolutely stunning… I love that you have incorporated treasures from your friends… the pages are beautiful… magical…

    Jenny ♥

  26. oo patty, so full of wonder and awe, each page a de-light! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work, my friend! love the indigo blue & cinnabar button and what generosity you inspire!!! xo

  27. Patty this journal is absolutely stunning and sweetly filled with the kindness of friends….
    Your heart is so big. Thank you for sharing your talents and, especially, your SELF with us.

  28. Such a beautiful post Patty! Love your journal so much, the blue is wonderful and I reognise your brocki gal! totally fab! Mx

  29. wow-such a really beautiful post all around-your journal is breathtaking and so full of love! Gotta love the heart rocks 🙂

  30. These pages are fabulous! Makes me want to do some stitching and binding this weekend.

  31. Such a great journal book! I would like to make another one sometime too. I especially like this one because it’s blue (my favourite colour!).

  32. Fantastic journal, love it, great colours too

  33. Hi Patty!!! What a gorgeous journal!!! I’ve been wanting to make another one… need to get busy and do it! 😀

  34. I love those pages…really enjoyed looking at them (and being inspired as always :-))

  35. Patty, this is so very beautiful. I love all things Japan — what a stunning way to celebrate this wonderful place.

  36. this japan journal is a treasure!! love all the bits and pieces from friends you incorporated… something very very special & sooooo beautiful!!

  37. Oh this is so gorgeous Patty!!!! Love it!

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