You’ll probably never know…

my art journal pages were inspired by a couple of images from a wonderful card and special paper swap from the lovely and talented Madeleine Schineis in The Netherlands

(with special thanks to LaWendula for the many swaps she continues to organize … I believe there is still time to sign up for the December “Yummy Papers” swap here)…

the girl with her long tresses caught in the train door really spoke to me as I have had long hair for much of my life…

the delicate bird image on the right hand page was just perfect too…

(here is some of what went into my pages: a chocolate paper, black and white rub ons, cotton gauze, music fabric tape, metal button, acrylic paint, white Signo gel pen, black marker and black  Stabilo Woody)

29 responses to “You’ll probably never know…

  1. bee-autiful! i love the birdie paper and your lovely lady! so many sweet surprises in your pages!

  2. I can definitely see how that image spoke to you and I find the image to not only be captivating but also the words, I want to know where this story ends.
    Beautiful use of gel pen to highlight your flowers, in fact so many lovely details.

  3. These are so very beautiful pages with wonderful details, dear Patty.

  4. Your journal pages are always so luscious! I love the girl with the long hair!!! And……of course…the birds! Always love the birds! Have a great day, Patty!

  5. Such wonderful textures and images. Hope I get your ‘yummy’ papers in La Wendula’s swap.

  6. these pages have such a delicate feel *love*

  7. What a magical story dear Patty, and the pages are gorgeous with the different materials and beautiful images. Such fantastic swap, pieces!
    Hope your thursday is happy my friend.

  8. It’s like an excerpt from a great romance novel and I want more! =) Love the half of a heart in the window and the birdie paper is beautiful. Really wonderful Patty.

  9. Love the bold red! I noticed the chocolate paper…such a sacrifice for the sake of good art. 😉 Lovely!

  10. Long curly brown hair. Makes me smile because I know how hard it was to live with LONG curly brown hair! Love the cheesecloth look, too!

  11. This is wonderful Patty! This does take me to a romantic novel! Love the cheesecloth touch, too. xxoo Marilyn

  12. What a wonderful spread, I love it!! that red is too perfect. I am already signed up for the Yummy Paper swap and I have been ravenously tucking away foodie papers for weeks now! I partook of her quick swap back in the summer and was hooked!!

  13. Very nice, Patty. I was so intrigued by the gauze and your flowers that I didn’t even see the birds until I read below them. Nice work.


  14. Following you now, Patty. Hope you’ll follow on mine as well.
    Cheers, Coleen

  15. The two sides really do compliment each other so well!

  16. Hello Patty,
    quel beau travail de couleurs et de matière.
    Bonne journée.

  17. I am really in love with this wonderful pages Patty!
    xxx Susi

  18. Your pages are fabulous, love the colors and all the details. Especially the use of the cheesecloth.

  19. Sorry I’ve not been around much lately. I finally got my head out of my basement so I could stop by! These two pages are incredible. I love them. That image of the woman with her hair caught gave me chills. I’ve had long hair only once in my life, and would never do it again. I applaud you for keeping your hair long. I can see why you were drawn to the image.

    Of course, the cheesecloth caught my eye and I was very impressed with the way you used it, including capturing that button. Lovely and brilliant.

  20. I have enjoyed some of those papers from those swaps….and you have used yours so well! I always love your art Patty, so fresh and inspring!

  21. beautiful pages patty, and im loving the red too……

  22. wonderful altered book pages, patty! i love the variety of papers, and gauze always gives it a kick!

  23. Great pages Patty, tnkx for sharing.

  24. Oh she is beautiful I love the long hair too stunning pages and I love the red colours ;0) xx

  25. Stunning picture Patty, the girl with the long hair… reminds me of myself when I was studying and every weekend I catched the train to ‘go home’…

  26. Gorgeous pages Patty… I love the pic of the girl with the long tresses too…. and the red background is beautiful…

    Jenny ♥

  27. These pages are fabulous! You have incorporated such wonderful detail to create pages that tell a compelling visual story! xo

  28. stempelchaotin

    Sweetie what can I say ??
    So wonderful new pages.
    Wow wow wow wow wow. I´ve missed my words.
    Very inspiring.

  29. Patty, thanks for the vicarious trip thru Colorado. Been to some of those places, tho’ long ago. I can see Cedric had a good time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouraging words. So appreciated.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    Coleen, back in Ukraine

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