Cedric the Traveling Gnome

Cedric the Gnome lives in Canada with Sandy here and has been traveling since August…

Cedric travelswe were very excited that he arrived in Virginia just in time to fly with us to Denver, Colorado to visit our son…

Denver Skyline from hotel

I thought I would share some of our Thanksgiving Day adventures with you before they become a distant memory


it was about a four hour drive from Denver to Aspen with breathtaking scenery all along the way…

view from Aspen condo

the very cool uncle of our son’s friend invited us to stay at his gorgeous Aspen condo (we pinched ourselves a few times with this view looking up the slopes from the wall of windows)

Aspen Gondola

while the guys were skiing/snowboarding we decided to take theSilver Queen gondola ride up Aspen mountain which was a real thrill…

Cedric Thanksgiving Day

Mr Magpie and I do not ski but certainly do enjoy walking and wandering…

Cedric in Aspen

it was a nice sunny day with photo opportunities left and right…

Aspen Wildlife sceneback down the mountain we spotted some wildlife in town (see the gray Colorado jay and there were LOTS of Magpies too!)…Aspen reflectionsour Thanksgiving meal was hearty and casual at a local establishment that raises funds each year for the Buddy Program

Aspen Window Shopping

Aspen is a perfect walking town and a nice place to window shop…

Aspen Thrift next to fire department

for Black Friday we visited a great charity thrift shop and had delicious crepes in the kind of sweet spot you just want to sit and enjoy for a good long while…

cedric Continental Divide

heading back to Denver we stopped at the Continental Divide (Cedric was worried about blowing away in the photo above!)

Loveland Pass Continental Divide

the 360 degree views were breath taking…


next Tuesday I’ll share some photos of Cedric’s visit to an amazing tea house in Boulder, Colorado

hope you can see the “snow” on my blog…

thanks VERY much to WordPress it is an automatic feature this time of year…

I LOVE SNOW even though today is going to be in the low 70’s (21 celsius) which is quite lovely too…

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35 responses to “Cedric the Traveling Gnome

  1. What stunning photos! It looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing such moments with us.


  2. Patty..how can I forward this post to my son? He will be here Friday from Houston so I can just show him your Colorado photos. Can I just forward this?


  3. omg, such beautiful pics!! I loooove that tea house!! So glad you got to go there too! xoxox


  4. Your photos are out of this world. Of course that tea cup has been more places than I can even imagine. From the Rockies to the Alps, it has been on a long journey with you many Tuesdays. i love it when you take it on your travels.

    Hope today is as nice as it sounds for your Tea Tuesday. We hit an all time record high on Sunday, so I look forward to even more warm days. It’s SO unlike December, even though there’s snow on your blog (grin).

    Sure glad Cedric made it safely on his travels and happy you brought US along, too. Happy tea today.


  5. These pictures are wonderful. Beautiful places and scenery, dear Patty.


  6. Just read your “confession” on my blog. Just another one of those nasty glitches Blogger threw in my face. It is supposed to be a POP-UP window where you can see the post. But apparently Blogger has a better idea. I am SO ready to move my blog!


  7. What gorgeous pictures! I’ve always known I would love Aspen!!! hee hee! And I did NOT know Cedric was so petite! He’s visiting me soon…. not sure where I am on his itinerary! He had such a great adventure with you!!! But then…we all do!


  8. I’m so happy that you and yours had this time. What scenery – breath taking truly! Thank you SO much for sharing with us. xxoo


  9. Absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for the tour Patty.


  10. Beautiful pictures. Looks like Cedric is a pretty lucky gnome 🙂


  11. Patty, such lovely scenery! What a wonderful trip you must have had!!!! Cedric is just positively wonderful. Reminds me of Flat Stanley. Cedric with the traveling teacup against the mountain range for the backdrop–pure beauty!!! Please take care! – Amy


  12. OH Patty, so many fantastic views and places, –the photo where you stayed, showing the white house, is a gorgeous place, and all that snow so beautiful on the mountains and all around – and how wonderful to let Cedric join your trip- a most beautiful post filled with joy and happines.


  13. P.S. Yes I so enjoy your snow dear Patty!


  14. Too fun! Cedric!! I’m going to have to show my neighbor your post. She’s gnome crazy!
    Love all the pictures!!!!


  15. I am not a fan of snow, growing with bitter winters, but I do love to look at it, and especailly on your blog! Your photos take me far away, your blog helps me de-stress….I think you did also while there….so wonderful Patty!


  16. oh, cedric fits right in! beautiful pics! i can see the snow on your blog but we don’t have any here either! practically tropical here yesterday although today, there was a nip again…maybe we’ll get some snow for the holidays!


  17. Fabulous fotos!! I had to smile as I have a foto of the Loveland Pass sign too….it was years ago and I remember the wind….I have to see if I can find it cause it looks like we were holding onto to the sign:):)
    Crazy weather…all our snow melted withing one day and now the fields look like LAKES!! and you are in the 70s…..weird!!


  18. soo jealous of Cedric! what a wonderful trip your shots are amazing as always! and I do love that snow from the WordPress sky!!!!


  19. What gorgeous scenery Patty!! Just breathtaking! Like you I don’t ski and much prefer to walk 🙂 I’m sure Cedric appreciated your taking him along. I’m also happy to see the snowflakes falling on my screen rather than looking out a window. We had two glorious warm days in the 60’s and I relished every bit of it!
    and HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Patty!!! May your day be very special from beginning to end. Sending you a big birthday hug ( )!


  20. Cedric is one lucky little dude ! What a wonderful, beautiful trip. I have’t been to Colorado since I was about 12. My parents were supposed to retire to Estes Park but they wound up getting divorced and that was the end of that. Now my oldest son has begun the process of college of applications, and for some reason, has chosen several in Colorado that he is applying to. 🙂 Best wishes, Tammy


  21. Your photos of my home state are outstanding and I’m so happy that Cedric did NOT blow away! It’s kinda windy here all the time!!! Lovely views in Aspen (it’s been years since I’ve traveled there) and it sounds like ALL of you had a truly splendid time. Next time you’re here we are FOR SURE getting together!
    Love you!


  22. What a beautiful view you had. Sounds like a very nice Thanksgiving (and no cooking, woohoo!)


  23. Having problems commenting but will try once more Patty.
    The most incredible views you have shared with us, so impressive.
    It is a wonder that Cedric wanted to pack his suitcase and leave such a place, it would be tempting to stay a little longer.


  24. Cedric is adorable Patty… and your photos are stunning… oh my gosh the condo with its views are amazing… and yes… I see the snow… beautiful….

    Jenny ♥


  25. I am in awe of the gorgeous photos you took. what a lovely place. I can only hope as I said before to see it one day. fabulous trip!


  26. love your gnome, thanks for sharing all these wonderwonderful photos!
    i spied a “wolpertinger” (right to the pony) – so far i thought these fantasy creatures would *exist* in bavaria only;) fun!


  27. fantastic impressions Patty ! Thank you!


  28. Oh poor wee Cedric, how frightening to be all on his own on top of the Continental divide – he won’t let you forget that Patty – Gnomes have memories like the elephants!!!
    Wonderful scenery – what a magnificent planet we’re living on.
    I love the mountains too.
    Shane ♥


  29. Patty — wonderful pictures as usual! Love the snow. I’m so happy that you were able to spend time with your son…especially in such a beautiful setting.


  30. Wish I knew a Cedric! LOL!! Those are incredible pictures! Gorgeous!


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  32. So funny, I think that little gnome needs to fly to New Zealand!!
    So many lovely photos Patty!


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