Light a candle…

it’s that time of year again, the second Sunday in December, 7pm in your time zone to light a candle to honor all of the children who have died creating a wave of light in their memory…

1 Light a Candle 2

more information here

this will be the thirteenth year that we have participated in this worldwide candle lighting in memory of our precious son Alex

and thank you to my sweet friend Jean for a special candle that has this quote on it: “There are some who bring a light So great to the world that even after they have Gone, the light remains”

23 responses to “Light a candle…


    I will definitely be lighting a candle, Patty, for your Alex. Thoughts of you always. xxoo

  2. Beautiful Patty dear ~ Lighting a candle with you today and thinking of you, Alex, and all beloved. Blessings my sweet friend ~ ❤

  3. We will certainly light a candle. Thoughts are with you…

  4. I will be lighting my candle and thinking of you and all the lost children dear Patti. Pen xxx

  5. I will light a candle too, dear Patty, and thinking of you and all the children that have gone much too early. A very sad day, isn`’t it??

  6. There’ll be a candle here for your son Patty, and all the others who went too soon.

  7. My dear Patty,-
    Warm thoughts and a light candle for your son, and my tiny one ,too.
    Love from Dorthe

  8. That is a lovely thought. Sending hugs and blessings your way, Tammy

  9. Hello my dear Patty,
    my thoughts are with you at this sad anniversary.
    I light a candle.

  10. my thoughts are with you too patty, what a beautiful tribute to all those precious children….

  11. This is so beautiful dear Patty… I had mine alight here last night here in Oz… sending big hugs…

    Jenny ♥

  12. Patty, you are in my thoughts and my prayers at this most tender time. Yes, there will be a candle here that is lit in memory and in honor of all children taken much too soon especially precious Alex. Please take care and what a wonderful saying is on the candle…. Angel moments…

  13. I am going in to light my kitchen candel right now and send a little prayer up…hoping all these children feel the love and see the glow…peace.

  14. Inge Parastschenko

    Sending all of our love.

  15. I have about 12 minutes to find and light a candle in my time zone. Thanks for the heads up, since I know you do this every year. Blessings to you in this time of remembrance.

  16. My candle is lit….

  17. Oh dear Patty
    Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.
    I have a lovely candle lit for Alex tonight.
    It is a wonderful world wide tribute to all the beautiful children taken too early.
    Sending love and hugs
    Shane x

  18. Patty, I’m sorry for your loss x What a lovely way to commemorate him:)

  19. Dear Patty
    I wish I had visited on the day of this post so I am sorry I am a day late in reading and sending you my thoughts.
    When I next light a candle I will pause and think of your Alex.
    If you feel in need of it then I am sending a hug your way.

  20. although I didn’t get to comment yesterday I lit a special candle dear one and spent a few minutes of quiet time saying prayers for you and your loved ones, and Alex. Then I sent prayer out to the many others worlwide. Love and hugs to you.

  21. I’m saying a prayer for peace for you Patty. And for joy.

  22. sending hugs your way dear Patty,
    xox Dymphie

  23. I’m sending you a big hug.

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