put a bird on it …

or in this case create a Christmas ornament with a bird theme…

Wrapped Altered Spoon

our local Mixed Media Collaborative group meets twice a month and has such a wonderful creative time together with lots of sharing and laughs…

Mixed Media Collaborative Art Group VA

our recent December meeting had a one for one exchange of handmade ornaments randomly traded…

each so very unique and special…

my quickly snapped photos don’t really do them full justice…

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor created a wool felt bird with sparkling eyes and real peacock feather tail…

Leiann Quesnel

Leiann Quesnel created a beaded paper cube with a curved wire hook at the top that is just out of view in the photo…

Fran Podlesney

Fran Podlesney created a bird using die cuts and lots of layers of dictionary pages colored with a special blend of inks…

Linda Scimeca Linda Scimeca altered a vintage green ceramic cup by decorating it inside (too bad you can’t really see the cup from this angle)

Linda Yeatman

Linda Yeatman has a real eye for treasure and altered a squished drink can decorating it with great details on both sides “Imagine” and “Dream”

Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy created a bird made with punched out and decorated metal from recycled cans with a precious round crown and more…

Susan Godby

Susan Godby wool felted her bird head and body giving it layers of glitter edged vintage map paper for wings and a frill collar “Joy to the World”

Magpies Nest Altered Spoon Ornament

I had taken a photo of the back of my spoon before our get together and it shows a bit of the pretty silver pattern on the folded over handle…

Patty Szymkowicz

the spoon was flattened and bent by Mr Magpie …

I added a favorite Graphics Fairy Bobolink bird image and several different kinds of glitter along with one of my handmade wire birds nests with some found golden trim for the hanger (the trim shown better in the first photo at the top of this post was something I found on the ground outside a craft store and knew our group of altered artists would appreciate that I rescued it and gave it a new life)…

wish you could hear the details of what all went into each creation from the artists themselves as there is so much more to tell…

we enjoyed some delicious food and friendship and have an exciting line up of things planned for the new year

*I joined in on Karen of the the Graphics Fairy Brag Monday today hereI am #38*

22 responses to “put a bird on it …

  1. Heck yeah! everything is better with a bird on it! 🙂
    What a great gathering of creative expression! who couldn’t help but have the best time!


  2. Artbeliever@gmail.com

    I love birds and I adore all of these ornaments! xxoo


  3. These are all so lovely. I think it is fabulous that you have a mixed media group that gets together regularly. I wish I had something like that here. I don’t even know anyone who does that sort of thing (or anything like I do) – so I am thankful for the internet!

    God bless!


  4. and of course who is not fan of birds?! they are look great! have a happy Monday Patty, xo


  5. I love birdies too and these ornaments are adorable, dear Patty. Thank you for sharing


  6. These are all fabulous creations. You can’t go wrong if you put a bird on it!


  7. Oh, Patty. They are all so lovely. Everything is better with a bird on it…
    Thanks for sharing these exquisite creations. Hope you have a great week. Take care.


  8. Such a vast array of styles, really fabulous.
    Wonderful idea to use a spoon as your base and that precious little nest you created.
    It all looks the most fun.


  9. They are really beautiful! And the spoon, hmm is looking great!


  10. how fun to be part of such a wonderful group, love all the birdie ornaments. Your spoon is so cool, bravo!


  11. Such differing birds…a wealth of creativity……and your spoon is a terrific concept beautifully resolved.


  12. I love these beautiful birds…each one is more lovely than the next…Merry Merry Merry!!! Thank you for sharing your delightful circle of friends. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  13. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow what a gorgeous swap and so lovely birds from great artists.
    Your bird is wonderful my sweet Patty.
    Absolutely wonderful work.


  14. oh my gosh Patty ..there are tears in my eyes..what beautiful little things are here! GORGEOUS..I love this all so much!


  15. It must be wonderful with such a get together, ,creating,planning, and exchanging beautiful pieces. So many wonderful creations from your friends,my dear Patty, The spoon you created is a gorgeous art piece- and such a beautiful ornament.
    Happy december dear friend.


  16. oh how fun! they are all so special & lovely…do you happen to watch portlandia? put a bird on it!!


  17. Patty, these are wonderful creations.


  18. So much talent! I love the one you made for Nat’s swap too 🙂

    Sandy xox


  19. Oh WOW. Any of these would be welcome in my main floor bath. Birds hold a very special spot in my heart.

    For some reason, I originally thought each person made the same/similar gift for everyone. For this exchange, I would certainly have a hard time choosing!!


  20. Such Holiday fun and amazing talent!!!


  21. I love birdies and these ornaments are GOREOUS!! I couldn’t pick a favorite-they are all so beautiful and unique. Love your creative approach to the spoon-really lovely.


  22. what a great mixed media group…love the bird theme ornaments, so beautiful,…..


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