Natalea of Kandeland hosted a handmade ornament swap and I was lucky enough to be able to join in…

here are the lovely ornaments I received with some of their pretty wrappings in the background…


Joy to the World stuffed heart from Natalea


 JOY stocking from Vivian


fabric tree and framed Rousing Rudolphe from Sandy


 a baker “REJOICE” shaker from Linda


   an altered doll leg from Kimberly


and a French jam jar snow globe from Jeanne

each ornament is inspiring and adds so much charm to our tree…

thank you all!!!

Patty S Altered Spoons

here are the altered spoons that I really had a great time creating for the swap using spoons bent by Mr Magpie…feather wings…golden German Flimmers and some rhinestone bling along with several kinds of glitter and a favorite word of mine…

Patty S Spoon Wrappings

thanks to my art pal Fran Podlesney for sharing her die cut machine I just happened to have the perfect frills to use as tags on my tuille wrapped ornaments…

Magpies Nest Altered Spoon Ornie Swap

I admit I’ve gone a little glitter crazy this season…more on that in another post

18 responses to “*Twinkle*

  1. Wow, so wonderful gifts for you, dear Patty


  2. Artbeliever@gmail.com

    These are all so beautiful! What a fabulous exchange! xxoo


  3. They are all so lovely, Patty. I can understand the glitter… ’tis the season! 😀


  4. oh love the ones you recieved patty all so varied…. and yours a beautiful too with the tinsel star [forgotten the long name ]. we had our mixed media meet up yesterday and made fabric paper…jenny [mrs. anti glitter] is the new glitter queen…;)!! I love bit of bling at Christmas time….


  5. They are all gorgeous…particularly your Patty…Happy Christmas.


  6. Patty your altered spoons are such a delight, honestly I love the idea so much and all the perfect touches you added.
    What a wonderful swap to be part of. Your home must be looking so amazing decked out with those ornaments.


  7. I gasped when I saw your altered spoons dear Patty… they are absolutely magical… I adore them… and wrapped in tulle with the pinwheel tags… how beautiful… and gorgeous little treasures you received in return… and I love that you gone glitter crazy…lol

    Jenny ♥


  8. Each one is unique and so lovely! Your spoons are the most gorgeous I have ever seen! Do you put the image on the front or back and are they flattened? So many questions! We need a spoon ornament class on the schedule for art group!! xoxo


  9. darling spoons and lovely swap treasures ~ lucky Patty!


  10. your ornaments are so cute and look so full of detail and thoughts. Those swappers were very lucky! 🙂


  11. They are beautiful! Mine haven’t arrived yet!!!!!


  12. such unique and beautiful ornaments Patty! I LOVE your vintage and sparkly spoons-really gorgeous!!


  13. Seems to be a wonderful swap, great pieces of art.


  14. love your spoons and swapped ornaments, such a fun exchange. The Christmas banner is lovely too, very festive.


  15. Yeah your orni rocked! Thanks for the sweet birth day wishes 🙂

    Sandy xox


  16. Hello Patty,
    quel bel échange pour Noël. Tes cuillères modifiées sont vraiment uniques, quelle créativité, je suis fan.


  17. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow what a wonderful swap.
    Your ornaments are a fest my sweet Patty.
    So gorgeous designs.
    Love them.


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