* JoY *

thanks to my special Queen Bee friends (QB5) I made my first prayer flags back in August for a swap that not everyone has completed yet (good things are worth waiting for)

Prayer Flag making collage sitting out on our back porch stitching away on pieces of cotton that I monoprinted using a gelatin plate (must admit I didn’t want to cover up much of my printed fabric on the first ones I made)

Magpies Nest SurfaceDesign (5)

off one end of the porch are prayer flags my son gave me last year for my birthday from the Tibetan Prayer Flag company…

if you would like to purchase prayers flags I cannot recommend this company highly enough…Tibetan Prayer Flags thru the curtain

the new flags already a year old now strung with the previous flags to help keep the prayers going…LInda Richter

 here is a lovely flag from my friend Linda in Texas

Margaret Wernerand another beauty from Margaret in Switzerland

Carol Brungar

Carole in New Zealand sent me this special Indian mirror fabric banner that she made which was a little tricky to photograph as it is hanging over our kitchen window…

Linda Kunsman

and another talented and generous artist Linda Kunsman of heARTfully inspired surprised me with this beautiful and uplifting flag a while ago…

Prayer Flags Assorted

left to right: Margaret W, Linda R , mine,  Linda K and mine

there are two very special prayer flag projects going on presently by Jane DeFazio here and Leighanna Light who has a Facebook group that will be sending prayer flags to the Sandy Hook Elementary School families early in January 2013…

*footnote to clarify that Jane DeFazio’s prayer flags are not meant to be mailed…rather anyone can make a prayer flag or flags full of intention and prayers and fly them at home…you can share photos and such by going to Jane’s link above…

Also the deadline for mailing your flags to Leighanna Light is before 3 January 2013 as that is when she will be putting the flags in the mail to Newtown, CT … hope I haven’t confused anyone…

guess I got excited…

if you are not on Facebook and need her mailing address just ask me and I will send it to you*

My Sandy Hook flags

with no small children in the house and very little Christmas madness going on here I have been stitching into the wee hours to add my prayers to those of so many others…

Patty S a Work in Progress

with several more in progress…Patty S My Flag Sampler

and some already at their destinations…

I wanted to share a sweet song called “JOY”  with you that I stumbled upon never having heard of the artist Tracey Thorn before here

be sure to answer when JOY knocks at your door dear ones…

26 responses to “* JoY *

  1. They are gorgeous Patty….hope they work. Those Gelli prints are definitely too lovely to cover. tho’ you’ve done it well. Blessings to you.


  2. they are all so beautiful…


  3. beautiful… the emotions here are so Real. they go straight to our hearts.
    and yes – JOY. this year I decided to really focus this Christmas. there is some running around but I’m focusing on really important things. like hugging my son a little tighter than always (like I heard your President say). like appreciating my parents still here. like calling my friends. like…saying thank you to Patty for sharing her heART with us. 🙂


  4. I am sure they will be much appreciated Patty. All so sweet and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing the link. xoxo


  5. your stitching is lovely! i have to say my favourite is JOY with the button for the O.


  6. Patty, each one is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. Take care!


  7. I love the prayer flags! I love the one you made for me! And I adore the backgrounds you made. This was a great post…… I’m so pleased to think of you stitching more of these with prayers for the families…


  8. These are beautiful. I started thinking about prayer flags last year but haven’t played with them for a while . . . maybe I should! Thanks for the inspiration.


  9. These are soooo beautiful. That is a great idea, dear Patty.


  10. Beautiful flags…every one. The teal blues.


  11. Artbeliever@gmail.com

    So special are these prayer flags! They are beautiful! xxoo


  12. My dear Patty, your flags are so beautiful, -also the ones you recieved from friends. The projects going on are from the hearts and so beautifully thought. and OH your flags in progress so very lovely.
    I would love to exchange a flag with you in the new year, dear friend?
    That would be joy knocking on my door and so happily answered 🙂
    Much love ,Dorthe


  13. Patty, your flags make my heart palpitate with excitemnet, all so beautiful….I can feel it.


  14. Dear Patty,
    thanks for all your beautiful creative art works and inspiration this year. I wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
    Hugs Anja


  15. All of the flags, made, given and received are so very beautiful! Wishing you and yours happy holidays! Tammy


  16. Wonderful project Patty. So beautiful and meaningful.


  17. what beautiful,beautiful flags Patty. I just love how your gelli plate printed fabric turned out-gorgeous!! Thank you for exchanging a prayer flag with me. It is a sweet reminder of the power of long distance friendship. I’m going to check your links now-the song is first 🙂


  18. Lovely prayer flags Patty – each a little piece of special. Hoping that you and yours have a very happy Christmas.


  19. these are so pretty and I’m so happy to have one from you! It has a special place in my studio! Hope you are enjoying these final days before Christmas! xo


  20. The flags are simply breathtaking! Enjoy these days before Christmas, dear Patty!


  21. Beautiful flags Patty!!! I love your stitching and colorful fabrics. They’re gorgeous!!!This is such a wonderful idea. Thanks for the inspiration!!! ~Sophia


  22. These are so beautiful and precious!

    Wishing you and yours happy holidays, Patty!


  23. your flags are divine, patty! and they reminded me just in time that i wanted to make some with my pupils at school this year… i hope to make some samples over the vacation time.
    enjoy the holidays,
    oxoxox, johanna


  24. I wondered when I would get to see your flags. They are wonderful. I wish I had more time to make a few, but maybe after the holiday, I’ll be able to make some to send. If so, I’ll ask for the address then.

    Your flags are beautiful. I wish I’d known a bit more about flags before I made my first ones. I’m so glad you told me how to make them the right way. Now I can make them right. I’m really in awe of yours. They are as lovely as your monoprinted cards.


  25. Catching up, of course, and so delighted to see your beautiful flags! They are heavenly and so lovely! What a grand swap!


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