STRETCH in 2013 …

new year’s resolutions are not something I really get into but I have chosen a word for the last several years…

in 2011 my word was AUTHENTIC and

in 2012 I chose BALANCE

Balance Rock altered

I could easily have had that as my word again this year but I decided to go with

2013 Word of the Year STRETCH A

(most of the heart rocks are from my Mr Magpie who knows I enjoy a pretty rock as much as a bouquet of flowers)

a reminder to stretch my spiritual body…

 my physical body…


to continue stretching my wings trying new things

Swan Wings from Susan

(thank you Susan for the beautiful wings…they fit perfectly with my new AVAM swan)

here are my latest art journal pages for two different monthly journal challenges Susi’s with the theme of “Crowns” and Dawn’s with the theme of “New” using colors that I don’t often go to…

my old friend (3) A

my encyclopedia pages (each measuring 4×6″/postcard size) began with some found poetry that eerily and unintentionally lined up with words showing thru my painted and collaged backgrounds on page 213 and 214…

my old friend A

did you pick a word to inspire you this year?

A BIG thank you once again to my sweet and talented friend Estivalia in Chile for creating the code for my Word of the Year to appear on my sidebar…she’s the best!!!

52 responses to “STRETCH in 2013 …

  1. my word, and my resolution is always the same… happy… xoxox

  2. No, I didn’t…..that is hard for me and I truly admire you for making the leap to do so. Not a maker of resolutions (which to me feels like coloring INSIDE the lines), picking a word seems so daunting. So, I’ll watch you STRETCH your wings and talents this year, Patty dear. Your first journal page is luscious with reds and golds….very regal and tasty. You are off to a good start!

  3. You have given me food for thought (once again!) with this post as I will need to ponder upon which word to focus on for 2013, like yourself resolutions are not my cup of tea.
    Captivating pages. I found them to have a touch of the Middle East to them, maybe it is the image or the hot colours.

  4. Hmmmm….something to think about. Perhaps ‘believe’….in yourself, magic, the innate kindness of your fellow (wo)man, and that everything will turn out for the best.

  5. I love your gorgeous pages Patty! I hope you had a Happy New Year! Looking forward to more of your art in 2013!

  6. Loving your heart rocks and your word! So many meanings to that one — it’s a goodie! Lovely pages. Happy New Year, my friend!

  7. Love your work!!
    Happy new year!


    Your pages and beautiful words are so inspiring, here, Patty! Thank you!

    I think my word for this new year will be adjust.

    Love ya – Marilyn

  9. Happy New Year, Patty! What a great visual for your 2013 Word! I also love your latest journal pages ~ so vibrant! My 2012 Word was “shine” and I am happy to say that I did my best to live up to that word. My 2013 Word is Faith and I’ve written about my choice on my latest blog post. When I reflected on this choice, I realized just how deep it goes….

  10. This is beautiful, Patty. I have chosen the word “devotion” but I haven’t done a page or posted it any where. Took a while to put my finger on it, but finally God clarified it for me. More devotion to God, to my husband and my family – even myself – to take care of myself better in 2013. God bless.


  11. Beautiful pages! They sparkle in a special way! Love the look of embroidery stitches with the drawn leaves…. and the real/fake? gold leaves, too! No, I don’t do the “word” thing or “resolutions”. I’m a member of the “No Fun League” ya know! hee hee!

  12. I am dedicating this year’s word to “shine”…as a tribute to my friend Lisa who died suddenly on 12/12/12 in a car wreck ….I will introduce her latest photography on 1/25/13 in an exhibit with 6 other artists. I miss her …and yet I know she is going to shine in this exhibit. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Love Love your word for this year dear Patty… and how awesome to have it in your sidebar… the perfect visual reminder… your art journal pages are beautiful… adore the red…. and your wonderful heart rocks….

    Jenny ♥

  14. Thank you for the inspiration dear Patty… I just put my word in the sidebar too… I would not have thought of that…. love it…

    Jenny ♥

  15. I love these colorful soulful journal pages Patty!! And ‘stretch’ seems so appropriate for you, you seem to do this all the time… ❤
    I have many thoughts and dreams rumbling around here in my head. Now that my work life is a bit more settled I plan to devote myself anew to these.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Love your word Patti, and your pages! I enjoy seeing those vibrant colors , I too struggle with them. The words are incredible…..
    I hadn’t picked a word yet, there seems to be a lot of talk about that, but one just occured to me, ………TRY!

  17. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow Patty what a great word.
    I will look forward all your new pages.
    The first ones are wonderful. Love the red color.
    Fantastic work my dear.

    Thanks for your lovely mail and comment.
    So wonderful words to me. This made my day.

  18. I love your word! And I love that you have it on your side bar. I might try to do that as well. The heart shaped stones are gorgeous! My word goes live on Friday.

  19. Happy New Year dear Patty!
    Stretch is a great word for 2013 and Mr M is such a good rock gatherer!
    Another beautiful button for your sidebar.
    Your journal pages always amaze me and i loved the previous post of the 2012 tea cup journeys!
    Here’s to a great year blogging!

  20. Thank ypu sp much for this wonderful page for the Challenge and thank you for this beautiful post! I enjoyed reading it.. I love rocks too… hihi ..
    and you new year resolution words are perfect! I take the word LOVE .. it´s one of the best things on world I think!

    a healthy and sucessfull new year and a big hug from Susi —-

    very happy to have you on board this month again

  21. i´m not going with a single word, but trying to make some prayer flags these days i will start with the word “confidence”. i´m worrying too much…

    your spread is so much speaking to me… one of your best, i think. love the colors, everything about it.
    wishing you all the best for your stretching goal… i´m sure you will go well with it!

  22. Hello dear Patty
    A wonderful new word to live with for you, this year, it has so many meanings, and possibilities!!
    Your pages are stunning again,-and like Lynne I feel something Middle East,seing them- the beautiful strong colours mixed with the gold, but also your image– a beautiful start to a fresh new year, sweet friend.
    Hugs from me.

  23. OH my this is so cool, how you put all your inspiration together!! Love to read across a page and pick words that inspires…wonderful Idea…thank you ♥…love your page so much…it looks so magic and mystical..greeeez from Conny

  24. Your heart rocks image is very cool. So sweet how Mr. Magpie brings you unique bits of this and that. Flowers bought at a store are very unimaginative…anyone can do that…but thinking outside the “bigbox” takes a special thoughtfulness.

  25. Happy New Year and all the very best wishes to you and your family! I have not chosen a special word but if I had to it would be ‘courage’. To be brave enough to change, corageous enough to live my dreams ….. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful heart rock collection, this is so sweet of Mr Magpie …

  26. Wow, this journal pages are amazing, dear Patty. These are a great inspiration for everyone. Thank you for sharing

  27. Hallo Patty, vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar bei mir, ich habe mich sehr gefreut! Leider geht es mir mit englisch wie dir mit deutsch, ich hoffe trotzdem das wir uns verstehen. Deine Seite finde ich ganz großartig, die Farben sind so wundervoll!
    Alles Gute für das neue Jahr!
    lg Uli

  28. Your journal page is touching Patty and I think these new colors suit you! I too collect heart shaped rocks and love seeing them every day. I wonder how many others out there have a bowl of them? My word for 2013 would have to be Love since I have a wedding to plan! =)

  29. I wish you all the best for 2013!
    Your journalpage is just fabulous, the color combination is gorgeous and the words from the poem fit perfect on the page. The heart shaped stones/rocks are looking beautiful with your word for 2013 on it!
    Greetings Karin

  30. I love your journal pages…they are so inspiring, colorful, meaningful…they touch heart and soul. Happy New Year!

  31. What a thoughtful but beautiful start into the new year. I never choose a word or make a resolution. I think “Do your best and be yourself” always is the right way.
    A happy, creativly and healthy new year to you dear Patty.
    xox Birgit

  32. that is a great word to focus on for the year! wishing you all good things in 2013~ xo

  33. Happy NY Patty

    As always your pages are inspiring, I have a little catching up to do as I have missed a few of yours over the holidays. I adore the journal pages the colours are indeed different for you, but such a fantastic change very bright and NEW thanks for joining Journal Journeys in Jan 2013. Dxx

  34. Happy New 2013, Patty!!

    My word is Challenge.Challenge myself, challenge to face the change, challenge to new adventure ( thinking about life in general, but it can apply to my creative side , too)

  35. Fantastic word for this year Patty, and look at those pages stretching your colour creativity already! gorgeous! Mxx

  36. Happy New Year Patty! You are quite a limber girl and stretching will only keep you that way 😉

  37. A fabulous word for this year 🙂 Your pages are breathtaking, really love them.

  38. Those book pages are unbelievable. Those are not the colors I’m used to seeing coming from you, so that makes them so exciting. You are really starting the year off right by stretching outside your normal color box. I look forward to new and exciting things from you this year. I swear I’m so in need of inspiration right now.

    Also, I don’t think I told you Happy New Year, so I’m hoping this belated wish finds you still in a festive mood.

    And of course, you saw my word on my blog. Not as artistically created as yours, though. And of course, I love the feathers, too.

  39. Such an exciting page, Patty. Your crown is so real and regal. Beautiful start to the new year. And I do like your word for 2013. Wishing you the best.

  40. Maybe I should choose a word of the year – or maybe I should make at least one resolution, but I know me – it would only last a week or two and I’d forget all about it. Attention span of a gnat!! I guess I’ll just keep plodding away at the never-ending joy of trying to stash reduce.

  41. Love all your inspirations, thanks for sharing the last year, dear Patty.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the art works of this year. The crown pages
    are amazing, love the colorful look.
    xox Anja

  42. I love your word Patty and mr. Magpie is the best, to bring you heartshaped stones! I’d prefer that over flowers too! (I get none of these, but yet other things that make ME happy… it’s good to love a guy who knows exactly what his misses likes!)
    Anyway, yes, I too have a word for 2013, it’s ‘persevere’

  43. Oh my, I would have sworn I was here already… Happy New Year dear Patty, to you and yours. I love your word, and those heart shaped stones. Your book pages are really fabulous-very striking!! (and ok, I admit, the red did me in) My TWO words are empowerment and action. Hope I can live up to them 🙂
    Thanks as always for your ever so thoughtful comments on my blog. XO

  44. Wonderful idea and fabulous peak at your inspiration for the year. thanks. Kim

  45. I like your idea of choosing a word for the year. Very inspiring! Your journal pages are gorgeous!!! I love the bold red with the gold. It looks fantastic!!! All the best ~Sophia

  46. Hi Patty, Still thinking/praying about my word for this year. Sure like your crown page and the colors there…..and your found poetry. I kind of have a think about crowns myself. You might like to see my board on Pinterest called “Crowns and Masks”
    Blessings to you from Ukraine

  47. Fantastic choice of word, Patty….something we could all live by. You’ve made it look beautiful too 🙂 (Well done Mr M for finding the gorgeous stones… thoughtful)
    Love the journal pages…you do them SO well!

  48. Lovely, lovely! As always stunning pages to be seen and admired here on your blog! I still haven’t chosen a word for this year – would you please, recommend me word to inspire me in 2013? Exciting! Wish you the very best!

  49. i saw yoor page at dawn’s journal journeys. it is wonderful. and “stretch” is a perfect word and concept to guide your year. happy new year! xo

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