spice of life …

Chai or Yogi Tea as it is also known is delicious and beneficial any time of year but I find it especially pleasant on a chilly winter’s day…

Steaming Hot Yogi Tea

the fragrance in the house after simmering the spices is an added bonus…

and speaking of spices…

many years before I started drinking yogi tea I created necklaces by threading whole star anise, allspice, cloves, white cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon onto strings of dental floss …

Spice Necklace T Collage

the secret of stringing most of the spices is to soak them in warm water for about 12 hours making it easier for the needle to go through them and using a small drill to make holes in the nutmeg and cinnamon sticks…

with thanks to my Mr Magpie…

keeping the necklace in a covered jar when it is not being worn has helped retain the lovely fragrance over time

Spice Necklace Jar

the pretty painted daisy lid in the photo above was bought at a craft fair years and years ago

artist of daisy painted lidif you would like to make yourself some Yogi Tea you can visit my 2008 blog post here for the recipe

Maple Syrup Bear

  Maple Syrup Bear and I wish you a Happy Day oxo


29 responses to “spice of life …

  1. Love the spice necklace!

  2. Oh Patty… those necklaces look divine… can only imagine how wonderful their fragrance must be… and thank you for the yogi tea recipe… I have copied it down… and intend to make some… I LOVE chai… so will be lovely to make my own… wishing you a happy week dear Patty…

    Jenny ♥

  3. Artbeliever@gmail.com

    Love this post Patty! I can just smell that tea and your necklace. Thanks for sharing how to soak the spices, first, I wondered how you got the needle through comfortably. Wonderful! xxoo

  4. Yummie! I can smell it Patty! Love this all!

  5. fun “chai necklace”! and of course I love drinking chai too! have a happy day Patty..xo nat

  6. The necklaces and the tea look so exquisite … and i am absolutely sure the smell is wonderful!

  7. Such a sweet post Patty. The necklace is really pretty and I love Maples’ hat! Thanks for my morning smile. =)

  8. A great post. The necklace looks wonderful and is perfect for the Chai. I love Chai, too 🙂

  9. What a lovely idea to make a necklace from spices…it must smell divine. And thank you for the recipe…I have taken a copy and will definitely try.
    PS Lovely photos!!

  10. Oh yummy yummy on so many fronts. Love the suggestion to keep the spice necklace in a covered container. From first hand experience, I love the fact that they stay fresher as the time goes by. Love your post, girlfriend.

  11. A great Tuesday Tea with so much aroma–spices are so invigorating. I hope your year is off to a great start!!! Take care! 😀

  12. Looks yummy! And I love Mr. Bear’s hat!!!

  13. I almost need to go have my chai tee, now, but have no milk in the house, and I prefer it with milk:-)
    How sweet and beautiful are your necklaces dear Patty, what a big work making holes in all those little “pearls” – a wonderful post.
    I have missed you !

  14. The necklace is a great idea, but I want to thank you for the link to the tea recipe. I’m off to gather the ingredients.

  15. What a fabulous idea! I love the idea of the spice necklace — it would probably drive you nuts to make a tree garland with this, but maybe for a small kitchen tree. Imagine how lovely it would smell! Thanks for the recipe!

  16. happy tea day back to you!! I think I can smell your tea all the way over here!! xoxox

  17. It is so lovely to have seen this in my in-box.
    Never before have I seen a necklace made from spices, such a creative piece of jewellery but also so beautiful and I can imagine the gorgeous scent wafting from it.
    Your bear makes me smile!

  18. Love those necklaces. Did you do the drilling? I am such a chicken when is comes to drilling. I think my Dremel is still in the wrapper.
    I am going to look at your recipe…yum!

  19. love your necklaces patty and so good to use all that stuff up……I love my chais too and will have look at your recipe too…..

  20. Gotta love the hat on Maple Syrup Bear!!

  21. A beautiful spice necklace Patti with the star anise as the focal point. Your Mr M is a great asset!
    I think I’ll try and make one for my 7y granddaughter who appreciates hand made and loves jewellery!
    Makes me think of those flower power days.

  22. I contemplated making one of those necklaces a long time ago, back when I could actually wear jewelry. I never considered soaking the spices, or if I did, I don’t remember it. After all, that WAS the 80s (grin). Next I’m going to have to call you a jewelry artist.

    I love the look of your tea today. And that bear is simply adorable. Never saw maple syrup come dressed up so nicely (and cute).

  23. Thank you so much for your generous offering, dear Patty. I can’t wait to try this amazing tea ~ perfect to follow “taking down Christmas!”
    You’ve been holding out on me ~ you ARE a jewelry artist!! Lovely, just lovely!

  24. Spice necklaces?! that’s a new one to me and I bet it smells wonderful!

  25. Your necklaces are amazing and it sounds like Yogi tea is also! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post!

  26. Chai is one of the most lovely teas. There is the ceremony of preparation tied to the exhilarating smells of the spices that connects and grounds one to the experience.
    I so love your spice mala!! what a superb way to save and savor the properties of these exquisite gems from mother nature.
    Your an inspiration as always my dear sweet Patty!!
    Love you!

  27. I’ve never actually heard it called Yogi Tea before. Chai is actually the Arabic and Indian word for tea. And masala chai is the yummy spice-filled milky tea from India that I love so much. Right now I’m just having regular ol’ green tea. Those spice necklaces are amazing! How creative you are! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

  28. What a neat idea to make fragrant necklaces out of the anise stars etc!!

    Sandy xox

  29. what a delicious idea! and oh, maple syrup bear with his little hat.. totally made me smile!

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