beeswax tins…

do you find some packaging impossible to resist?

I admit I have purchased items for their containers…

Magpie's Nest Beeswax

my mint tins have been grilled (there is a link on my sidebar on how I do that) to remove the paint and labeling…

Home Sweet Home

ready for melted beeswax which smells wonderful and is very forgiving…

Love and Healing

like a good friend…


if you make a mistake you have a chance to go back and start over…

Midnight Ride

for my altered tins I used assorted papers, fabric, lace, vintage millinery, beads, charms, buttons and images that I had on my art table (the horses are from Dover Publications while the others are a mystery to me)…

Beeswax JOY tin

 if you would like to see more of my beeswax creations from the last five years you can go to the LOOKING FOR SOMETHING space on my sidebar and type “Beeswax” in the Search line OR click on the word “Beeswax” on the same line as Comments below …

be sure to visit Dorthe who has shared some of her really beautiful wax creations here

special thanks to local mixed media art friends for a recent play date that got me going with wax again…

35 responses to “beeswax tins…

  1. Oh Patty, this is one of the many things that you do that I wish that I could do…..such beautiful results!

  2. I always look in amazement at your little treasures, Patty!

    Have a nice weekend ( is comiiiiiing :-))

  3. Love the tins. I’m going to have to go check out the “grilling technique”

  4. Oooooh, these are soooo beautiful, dear Patty. What a wonderful idea. Lovely little pieces

  5. Such beautiful, beautiful little treasure boxes! Each one is another ooh or ahhh with such sweet and delicate embellishments beckoning you to peek inside… xoxo

  6. oh my gosh! This is ingenious – I love this vintage and waxy feeling on your tins..and I have to check out the griling progress …wow …LOL!
    Have a good rest of the week… we will read us!
    xxx Susi

  7. That’s amazing Patty….you have such a variety of skills. The tins would make wonderful keepsakes.



  9. the times I bought items just because the package appealed to me are mere countless 🙂
    Love your waxed tins Patty!

  10. wonderful patty, I love the joy when you open it too. lifted my heart 🙂

  11. As I was viewing your post I said to myself that not once but twice I’ve been inspired by beeswax this week and then I reach the end of your post and you mention dear Dorthe.
    Both so different but equally inspiring of awe.
    The way you took everyday tins, created that amazing patina by grilling them and then marrying them up with lace and beautiful imagery is sensational.
    I have a melt pot and it is calling me to fire it up!!!

  12. you have a beautiful way with wax PattY…these are gorgeous!

  13. Well, now I have another Patty Link I must explore! I really need a better system of cleaning my tins. Not that the finished product, once collaged, would ever be so lovely as yours — but at least I’d be starting with a good substrate!

  14. I would love to play with beeswax! It smells so wonderful and I really like what it does in pieces of art. Your tins are lovely!!!

  15. stempelchaotin

    Oh my sweet Miss Patty,

    Your little Tins are darling. So wonderful play with beeswax.
    A dream. Perrfect design.
    Love them all.

    I wish you a lovely weekend my dear friend.

  16. I love the smell of beeswax

  17. Gorgeous and beautiful dear Patty… LOVE your altered tins… especially the horses… and the beeswax is just the fabulous icing on the cake…

    Jenny ♥

  18. Patty, your beeswax covered tins are exquisite, and each is a wonderful piece of art. I think my favorite of this bunch is the swan, so delicate and beautiful. Be careful in the snow today.

  19. These are wonderful, Patty! Yes, I’ve bought tons of stuff for it’s packaging! hee hee! Some marketing people are aware of us I suspect! I have an old crockpot full of beeswax…… need to plug it in soon! It’s been awhile! Have a great day!

  20. I’m glad you have friends to create with. It must be inspirational and your tins are lovely!

  21. tins + beeswax = swoon!! Your artistry is beautiful and inspiring, dear Patty. You’ve been busy! Thank you for sharing…xoxo Karen

  22. oh dear Patty you have outdone yourself. These tins are so gorgeous!!! I bought a pot and beeswax a few years ago and still haven’t tried it 🙂

  23. Wow, your altered tins are wonderful. Just read your grilling-post – very interesting.

  24. Wonderful collection of tins, really awesome works.
    Warm greetings from the wintery snowy germany,
    xox Anja

  25. Oh you know how I love this! Beautiful tins Patty! And the beeswax fragrance is a lovely thing on a winter’s day!

  26. Your creations are wonderful. I’ve been looking at my tub of beeswax and wondering what do. Now I have the answer 🙂

  27. fantastic results on your boxes. love the horses one especially!
    wish i could smell the beeswax through the pc, love that!

  28. They all look gorgeous!

  29. AWESOME! each one is a masterpiece! Sounds like great fun to do when the weather is cold too! Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  30. This is wonderful! and yes, I love packaging!! for sure

  31. Wonderful transformations Patty! You create such beautiful, inspiring art!
    Alison xxx

  32. Dearest Patty,
    Here I can ,again, see your so most beautiful wax creations, from which I was so inspired ,that I tryed my hand, on some myself.
    Thankyou dear friend, it was such a lovely post on Facebook, that I already the next day had to try heat up the beeswax!
    I love your boxes with the tulle and flowers, being so special and softened with the beeswax-they are WONDERFUL.
    And thankyou so much for mentioning me with a link Patty, so kind of you!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  33. Beautiful tins Patty!!! I love the look of the beeswax. It gives it a nice soft look. I’m going to look for one of these melting pots and give it a try. Thanks for sharing!!! ~Sophia

  34. They are gorgeous, I love beeswax I tried it with te iron thing but it was not my thing. Ik am trying to do it like you again with no colour that is looking so good, Like everything you make;o) xox

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