hjerter… cœurs… harten… Herzen… cuori… kiery… corazones… hjärtan


back in November I found a pretty Liberty wool scarf at an Aspen Thrift Shop for a song…

Liberty Wool Scarf

after sending it to the cleaners I was very disappointed to discover that it itched like crazy around my neck…

then I had a thought

why not felt the scarf!

Felted Scarf

as you can see a hot water wash matted the fibers together beautifully so I got busy cutting hearts…

Heart Cards Closeup

embroidering different stitches and such onto them…

First Wool Heart Valentine Cards

 using some of my hand dyed silk ribbons and some old (thank you Carmen Dyson) and new music papers that I stitched onto folded card stock along with a scribbled black pen border…

Ya Gotta Have Heart

an easy and fun process with a few more in the works…

14heARTSicon Nancy SUgar Lump

the lovely and talented Nancy of Sugar Lump Studios is having a very special event beginning 1 February that you will not want to miss …

Confucius Snow Heart


52 responses to “hjerter… cœurs… harten… Herzen… cuori… kiery… corazones… hjärtan

  1. I am SO outta the loop. First, your felted scarf ala hearts is wonderful….look how cute they came out! Second, I had NO idea Nancy was doing a heart swap. Is it too late? Mayhaps I need to contact her!
    Missed you, girlie. I’ve been gone WAY too long and missed the Mr terribly!

  2. What better way to recycle that itchy scarf, than by making these stunning cards! xxx

  3. i just popped out today and bought some thrifty clothes to felt…and some silks to try some nuno felting…LOVE your pink scarf hearts!!! what wonderful valentines!

  4. Just found your page searching for zentangles and doodling and opened to these beautiful photos 🙂 inspired here to get back to card making and explore more mixed media work 🙂

  5. Waste not, want not, Patty…and what a great result. The net is full of hearts at present, but your take the prize in my book.

  6. What a wonderful way to wear your heart on the outside…simply gorgeous and I envy the people who will own and treasure your heart works. Stay warm and be still in your moments. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. oh what pretty, pretty cards Patty!! I’ll see you at Nancy’s :):)

  8. What a great idea for an old scarf! The cards look great too…and ohhhh the pink heart…love it!! Hope you are doing well….have a good weekend!

  9. Oh these are lovely! Good use of that scarf! I have an OLD pink blanket I use for pink hearts….. beautiful!

  10. Just brilliant Patty, with such wonderful results! I adore your little hearts, they are perfect, and so happy!

  11. oh patty, how lovely and its such a pretty shade of pink…no wonder it was in the op shop 🙂

  12. Wow – what a perfectly crazy and creative idea! I love it.

  13. Love your gorgeous felted hearts dear Patty… perfect against the backdrop of music paper… and so so pretty in pink…

    Jenny ♥

  14. Your felted scarf hearts look absolutely great. love them.

  15. Patty, beautiful, beautiful!!

  16. When I viewed the first photograph of a pink Liberty scarf I was so excited for you (as I knew I would have been excited myself) BUT then I saw the mohair label – yikes is that scratchy and itchy to say the very least!
    However your creative mind ensured your purchase did not go to waste and I absolutely adore the cards, they are so special in the simplicity of the sentiment of love.
    Such winners!

  17. wow-ing me again you are! wow-ing me again! xo

  18. Was für eine fantastische Idee den Schal so zu verarbeiten, wunderschön!

  19. Such beauty for all of us heart lovers , love the pink against the sheet music, and the added embellishments . I can’t wear mohair , wool either nothing worse than that itch..

  20. inanoctopusgarden

    How sweet Patty – it is hard to resist Valentines isn’t it! What a engaging shade of pink that scarf is too – lucious. I love the go with all your hear photo too – making the most of a snowy day:) Hearts and hugs to you!

  21. Wow, your hearts are amazing, dear Patty. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.

  22. Dear Patty,
    Oh that shawl came to such beautiful use here, I love your pink heart cards- they are filled with the sentiment of Valentine Day… and sweetness.
    They are LOVELY !
    Wish you a wonderful and healthy weekend…mine is filled with coughing !!!

  23. They ar so lovely ! Difficult when you can and like so much. have a great weekend! xoxo

  24. Hello Patty,
    Sweetness, loveliness…what a perfect way to re-purpose your pretty itchy scarf!

  25. Terri is right ,great revamp idea, happy Friday to you…

  26. A fabulous idea, the felted hearts are gorgeous.

  27. Patty, I love what you did with the scarf! Hope everything is going well! Take care! – Amy

  28. Oh Patty I love these! So much better than enduring an itchy neck … And your loved recipients will agree!

  29. You are brilliant! I love your felted hearts! xxoo Marilyn

  30. We can see Art everywhere, don’t we?:-) The loveliest card I’ve ever see!

    Have a nice and not too cold Sunday, Patty!

  31. What a fantastic idea, dear Patty ! I love your felted hearts. So lovely!

    Have a nice weekend my friend.
    Hugs and smile
    MARTINA xox

  32. Super cute!!! Love that you made hearts from wool…instead of the old lemonade from lemons. LOL

  33. Hello ma chère Patty,
    quelle bonne idée de feutrer une écharpe qui gratte autour du cou et d’en faire de mignons petits coeurs. So adorable.

  34. I can´t tell you how fantastic this looks to me.. I love the combination you choosed with the felt on the paper..and what genius colorcombination…
    makes me really happy again Patty! WOW!
    have a good sunday!

  35. What a fantastic idea, Patty! Your cards look gorgeous.

    Have a lovely day!

  36. Patty your heart cards are wonderful!!!
    Hugs Alexandra

  37. Those are super sweet. and I am not a pink loving girl but there is a certain dusty rose color that is acceptable to me and this one falls in that hue. You are a creative creature, Patty.

  38. Oooh, ahhh! So pretty in pink! I love your sweet valentines Patty and your border and quote are the perfect finishing touches. =)

  39. Perfect use for a scratchy scarf – brilliant of you to think of it. Gives me fodder for thought – instead of creating felted bags perhaps I should think of things I could make with flat pieces. Hmmmm……

  40. I love your hearts and music.

  41. I always feel so happy, when I found a way to find a beautiful artsy place for all the things that passes my way and so you make me happy with showing your scarf-accicent coming to such a beautiful end..thank you so much!

  42. beautiful hearts Patty!

  43. How pretty they are!

  44. LOVE that color of pink, and the way you combined the hearts with music…just lovely!

  45. Ohh Patty your Hearts are fantastic. Love the new scarf hearts. Great idea.

  46. I have a child’s sweater in a similar shade of pink and didn’t know what to do with it. I guess I had to see this post! Thanks for the lovely idea. So simple, yet so beautiful! 🙂

  47. I just love what you did with the scarf mohair really itches glad you solved yr problem those cards look so classy Dxx

  48. I adore felted anything, Patty, and your hearts are soooooo lovely! (not to mention your beautiful cards). I can only imagine your disappointment being able to wear the Liberty scarf (I love all things Liberty, especially their Lawn fabric) but your hearts will be enjoyed by many!

  49. this is….being unable to wear the Liberty scarf…

  50. so clever to hot wash the scarf! the results with the hearts are adorable!

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