The Snow Queen

each year I treat myself to a special wall calendar

this year the cover art of all things a Witches’ Calendar with brilliant scratchboard artwork by Jennifer Hewitson really spoke to me…

I have known a few “witches” in my time but other than that have no real connection to the topic…

Scratchart by Jennifer Hewitson

that said the January Snow Queen surrounded by children touched my heart in so many ways…

Patty Szymkowicz Jan Art Journal pgs

before January 2013 slips away I thought I would post these simple pages I created using some of my black and white gelli monoprinting cardstock, black gesso, a little blue Lumiere paint and white poster pen 

Patty Szymkowicz Gelli Monoprints

it took great restraint to not use color when monoprinting these pages by the way…

Patty Szymkowicz Gelli Monoprint pg

Happy February as I know to some of my friends way around the globe it has already arrived…


38 responses to “The Snow Queen

  1. Patty, you NEVER cease to amaze me. NEVER.

  2. Wonderful, really wonderful. Your snow queen is great.

  3. Feb has dawned hot and bright and I have no clue where Jan disappeared to… hoping the year slows down a bit now… love the gelli monoprints… the textures are amazing… xx

  4. Restraining yourself was a wonderful approach as this is so striking and works in perfect harmony with the Snow Queen illustration.
    So beautiful Patty.

  5. your monoprinting is outstanding! Gorgeous work Patty.

  6. Restraint certainly worked here…so delicate and beautiful

  7. Exceptional. And I have found the art work for the Witches’ Calendar to be exceptional year after year as well.

  8. oh I am loving the gelli black and white, what a subtle result… and what a beautiful snow queen page…..

  9. SO beautiful, Patty…your Snow Queen truly speaks of January ~ your genius shines through!

  10. Beautiful pages Patty the mono-printing looks fantastic, I love anything fantasy you’ve done a great job they are simply elegant, thanks for sharing..

  11. Oh I love this spread! I can totally see why the image of the woman and children speaks to you, it is wonderful!! I like the easy way the images play with the eyes. Just the right touch of blue, no more no less.

  12. Soooooo pretty!!! I love how they look! And… I love the Snow Queen!

  13. Wow I love the illustration, so have you taken this from the calendar and started to make a book? this gelli printing you do is just so wonderful. I adore the pages Dxx

  14. The black and white mono printing is really fantastic Patty. It give it such depth. Pretty pages and I love the calander image. xoxo

  15. Really lovely designs! And especially like the limited color palette–very striking…

  16. stempelchaotin

    Patty my dear friend,

    this is very special.
    So beautiful snow queen.
    Wow wow wow wow wow !!!

    Have a lovely weekend Sweetie.

  17. A wonderful snow queen, dear Patty.

  18. Yes it has, dear Patty, and I just greeted the new month having a cup of morning tea, and reading your beautiful blog. A good and happy way of starting february.
    Your calender is gorgeous ,with the snow queen by Jennifer Hewitson, and your own amazing geli prints ,looking so transparent and beautifully wintery -like ice flowers on the windows.
    Thankyou for this lovely and inspirering way of “opening up the book” of february.
    Warm hug.

  19. I LOVE your work! A joy to take in.

  20. Oh my Patty more fabulous book pages. I see the tornado must have by passed you. Thank heavens. Have a fab weekend.

  21. Beautiful pages Patty , will you use them for collage with colour on them or keep them all black and white?

  22. I love your dramatic colr combination here, and how you accented the queen so well with your design and color restraint! It’s beautiful!

  23. Dear Patty, your snow queen is wonderful, so perfect for February…and your monoprinting is perfect to show her off!

  24. Beautiful! I love how you mixed your art with another’s art. The blue, black and white really pops!

  25. so beautiful Patty! your printing textures are so clear – great job!

  26. Ha-Ha! I actually work with one of those witches that we come across ever once in a while. Amazing art work! Your monoprinting is gorgeous! Best wishes for a month filled with sweetness and love. Tammy

  27. All so beautiful! Love your Snow Queen! Your printing patterns are incredible! xxoo

  28. really beautiful Patty.Love that snow queen with the children, and your gelli prints are fabulous!! Hmmm… I guess I should restrain myself too once in a while 🙂

  29. loving that black and white monoprinting! have a great week Patty. xo

  30. Wow – that’s gorgeous!

  31. outstanding work, love the printing!

  32. Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful and eyecatching!! I totally adore your snow queen with the little children arround her and all the contrast in your calenderpages! They are real magic !! are these covers? I think I have to give the gelliprint another try 😉 …

  33. i can understand why you like that calendar page so much, and it found a perfect embedding in your journal!

  34. Ma chère Patty cette reine des neiges est bouleversantes et que dire du monotype, de la dentelle, de la perfection.
    Je suis très admirative.

  35. Wow, Patty, I keep seeing these gorgeous uses of gelli plates. Yours are beautiful. I guess I’ll be ordering some myself soon. The first thought I had at seeing the picture of the woman was poor thing: seven children is a lot to keep up with. I had 2, five years apart, and they were quite a handful.
    Love your work.

  36. what a beautiful spread Patty! WOW!

  37. Stunning snow queen pages Patty…I am loving the gelli printing…x x

  38. Very interesting the black and white — I’ve been thinking about experimenting with that a bit more myself. These are wonderful.

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