tea dye

my collection of used tea bags continues to grow…

Tea Quote

so it seemed like a good time to give some a last whirl and do a little dyeing…

Tea Bags

I like to keep a stash of white fabric pieces, old doilies, ribbons and other fibers at the ready…

Patty Szymkowicz collage 2

because once you get a dye pot going one thing has a way of leading to many others…

Patty Szymkowicz dyed fibers collage

now I have lots of great tea papers and tags to play with too…

Trader Joes Daffodils

thanks to Trader Joe’s for a touch of spring on our window sill in the chill of winter here in Northern Virginia…


36 responses to “tea dye

  1. Lovely dyed fabrics! I really need to make it a habit to collect mine – normally they go on the compost, I can now clearly see that this is a waste (lol)

  2. I so enjoyed viewing your tea dyeing – how beautiful everything comes out! Yummy! And; so glorious to see the daffodils! There is hope of spring! Thank you! xxoo Marilyn

  3. Amazing. Even though I have been drinking tea all my life, I have never really thought about using tea bags and the beautiful soothing color of tea this way. You are so creative

  4. Dear Miss Magpie,
    I am one of your silent followers. Today I felt like I must let you know how much I appreciate your posts. They are like dessert, I open them last, when my ‘have-to’ work has been taken care of, and enjoy your world. Sending you a cyber bouquet of joy today,
    Miss S

  5. Brilliant idea! Want to try it as well, especially with a paper – it creates such an amazing vintage feeling….

  6. what a cool batch of teabags and dyed fabric. There will be lovely work in progress soon 🙂

  7. Don’t know why this went to Spam with blocked photos. Would love to see the results of your dyeing.

  8. Hello Patty,
    une technique qui a fait ses preuves, teindre des tags en lin ou de la dentelle, elle sont si belles les vôtres.

  9. What a beautiful variety! I clicked on your “papers and tag” link and got two posts for the price of one. 😉 I am *trying* not to collect anything new, although I envy your ready “art” stash. You are always an inspiration, Patty and make hoarding a positive thing. heehee 😉

  10. Dearest Patty,
    OH I had to see your photoes in big- to see all those tea-bags closer 🙂 what a wonderful collection you have- I save all the time, too- from each cup I drink.
    Your coloured white stash is much more pretty now, -and love the spring feeling from your : påskeliljer-The danish word, meaning : Easter Lillies.
    How are you dear Patty? I am just now starting to feel a bit better and started in my studio, today-just a few hours though.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  11. Instant aging…a wonderful result Patty.

  12. Hey Patty I thought it was just me who had a collection of tea bags tea tags ect. ect…. Us silly magpies LOL….

  13. oh pretty aren’t they patty ? I love how the serendipity of it too, you never know what you get depending on the tea and the fabric 🙂

  14. You got great results, so very pretty. I’ve been saving tea bags to print on one day. Saw that in another of your posts.

  15. One might think that you would have already tea dyed everything you possess! Apparently NOT! rofl Love it!

  16. That is lovely dyeing Patty!
    Today I found paper doilies for the first time here, and I gotta say I snatched them before you could say “distress” lol. I’ve seen you doing so many lovely things with those I wanted to jump in too 🙂

  17. holy lot of tea bags! great results! xo

  18. Such beautiful results….I think I might have to try this exercise. Lovely results. Stay warm and safe, Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. Clever you to keep your teabags at the ready to do some dyeing. I’m not that organized and always end up using new bags and muttering about the waste. Duh – why didn’t I think to keep old ones!!

  20. Oh your dyeing results are so soft and pretty with those tea bags – no harsh colours here!
    Your daffodils really are giving all in the northern hemisphere a hint of Spring as we in Australia are approaching Autumn with a gentle soft change in the light – subtle but noticeable.
    Enjoy your laces,

  21. Thankyou for your lovely words on my blog – sory my english is so bad!!
    I have as well enjoyed all your beautiful things – so fantastic!!! lots of good thoughts Bettina

  22. I love the tea dyed colors. So many shades from one pot. Smart to keep the old tea bags…now you’ve got me thinking again.

  23. It’s always fun to see what others save and how they use them again! I save the tags but now you’ve got me thinking….a little kitchen chemistry!
    Daffadil smiles back to you! Thanks for the bouquet you brought to our email boxs! xo

  24. Hi, Patty. It is so much fun playing with tea bags and dying things. Your lace looks wonderful. I hope you are well. Please take care! 😀

  25. those laces are gorgeous with their tea dyed color!!! Nothing like a beautiful flower to brighten the day. Hope you’re feeling better my friend.

  26. Pure loveliness 🙂
    Collecting teabags here as well …. They have a sneaky way of piling up!

  27. oooh! this is good to see.. some of my crafters friends laughed at me as I showed them my little box with tried teabags.. but now I am satisfied when I see ..I am not alone with my collection-LOL! Yours is much larger than mine!

    Have a good week my dear Patty!

    xxx Susi

  28. What a great post. It makes me want to join you in your kitchen (or wherever you’re doing your dying)

  29. Your tea dyed linens and your photography are both exquisite Patty.

  30. Love the soft, vintage shade you get with tea dye. Wating for pieces from you with these.

    Spring is just around thh corner, Can’t wait 🙂

  31. I am desperately low on my tea/coffee dyed supplies and eager to work on batches, even moreso after viewing this wonderful post.
    I hope if anyone hasn’t tried tea dying that you will have inspired them today to go and boil the kettle and have a bundle of fun.

  32. I wish I had a TJoe closer to me! I think I might have that same pile of teabags and I do have a good pile of lace ready to bloom. Thanks for the reminder!

  33. Yum. I adore that lace. I wish I knew where to find some like it. And I really MUST get back into dyeing with tea. It is so addictive, I have forgotten how much fun it can be. Thanks for reminding me.

  34. I forgot to mention how lovely those jonquils look.

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