all you need is Love…

Patty Szymkowicz Fabric Love

assorted fabrics, lace  and velvet rickrack sewn onto watercolor paper, Paper Whimsy girl, scuffed up beads that Mr Magpie found in the road, Dutch postage stamp with silk ribbon for hanging…

“Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by the heart.” ~Unknown

27 responses to “all you need is Love…

  1. Hello,
    oui ma chère Patty, tout le monde a besoin d’amour, quelle jolie façon de le montrer. Jolie perle trouvée par M. Magpie.

  2. Sew beautiful!!! Maybe I will sew on my watercolor paper seeing as how much of it I have!!!! Thinking of you today!

  3. A very sweet collage Patty!
    I think ‘LOVe’ is when your Mr Magpie finds treasures for you on the road – he knows where your heart lies.
    Shane ♥

  4. It’s beautiful Patty! And, I love using found items in my art, clever Mr Magpie!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Alison x

  5. This is lovely! I just adore the wings with the pink heart! xxoo

  6. Dear Patty,
    This is so lovely ,with all the colours you used, I alwayes have a “fear” using many colours, so I admire you doing a piece like this,
    And likeminded souls….se my blog 🙂
    The wings, with heart are beautiful, too ,my friend.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  7. So sweet. Makes me think of spring on this cold, dreary winter day. =)

  8. This is soooo lovely, dear Patty.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. That’s sweet Patty…and I agree with the sentiment.

  10. love this sweet hanger you made Patty (and that postage stamp much be a really vintage one :))

  11. So beautiful dear Patty…. gorgeous art piece…. love the image of the girl… and the quote… perfect… wishing you a fabulous weekend…

    Jenny ♥

  12. juts beautiful and very springified considering the lousy weather you are having….:) lovet he wings too ..xxxx

  13. This pairs so well with those wings!

  14. froebelsternchen

    Patty this is gorgeous… it represents love through the colors and materials brought together to such a heartwarming artset!

  15. Love both pieces. Stay safe…

  16. Dear Patty
    I’ve missed my friends’ art so much with being absent due to ill health.
    This is so charming but there is also something so thoughtful, is it from the look in her eyes I wonder.

  17. Patty, this is so beautiful! I really love this.
    Have a nice sunday, my friend.
    Hugs MARTINA oxo

  18. Such a beautiful piece of art.

  19. sweet sweet sweet…love everything about it…thinking of you xo

  20. been thinking of you and wondering how you are… sending you hugs and your piece makes me smile… : D xoxo

  21. Oh Patty…this is ever so sweet…beautiful image..and fabrics…Love those wings!! Jan x

  22. Love the little spoon handle in the heart!!! Imagine- your JJJ picks up beads in the road for you!!!<3

  23. absolutely sweet and lovely, these beads are wonderful!

  24. Oooo like a hanging lol

  25. Simply precious, Patty.

  26. I love this piece. It has good design written all over it. However, I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for those scuffed beads. DUH!!

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