Love to you and you and …

PW girl Valentine Wishes

“Love is the medicine that accelerates healing.

Pixlr Heart

Love yourself,

Cupid Rhinestone Love

love your neighbor,

BlueTheColorOfHope PSzymkowicz

love your enemies,

1MagpiesNest RakuHeart LOVE

but begin with self-love.

My Paper Heart

You cannot love others until you love yourself.

Fabric Stitched Heart Ian's Barbwire Heart

You cannot share what you do not have.

Pinecone Heart for Alex

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either.”   ~Don Miguel Ruiz

* you are Loved * oxo *

36 responses to “Love to you and you and …

  1. I certainly feel the love and I am willing to share my love with you!
    From my heart to yours,
    xox Suzy

  2. That’s so sweet dear Patty. At this very moment my gorgeous hubby is cooking me a special dinner, with roses on the table, while I ‘play’. Hope you are expecting similar care and attention.

  3. Beautiful post Patty!
    So true!
    ..and I just LOVE all those sweet pics!
    Lots of Love coming back at ya! Jan x

  4. Thank you Patty!

    I ….LOVE …. YOUR …. PIECES and thoughts!

    heart warming and

    blessings – HAPPY Valentines Day!

  5. and that´s my fav from this post Patty:

  6. ohhhh all that love!!! Lovely pieces of love! Wishing you and yours lots of love this V day……..oxox


  8. Dear Patty,
    So many wonderful hearts, I love the collaged one and the Valentine on top- but also your nature hearts and beautiful vignette- a heart is alwayes a beautiful tresure!
    Happy Valentines to you my dear friend- with love, Dorthe
    The words of Mr. Ruiz are so true!

  9. Happy Valentines Day, Patty!! I love you, cyber friend!

  10. All meine Liebe zu dir, Liebling … für immer und ewig ❤

  11. happy love day, dearest, you montages are beautiful

  12. Happy Valentine day, Patty. Full of love 🙂

  13. Love that lasts beyond Valentine’s Day.
    Such a warm and lovling post from a warm and loving lady.
    Have a beautiful day brimming with love.

  14. Love is all around us. Beautiful post. Wishing you a happy heart this Valentine’s Day and always sweet Patty! xoxo

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love all the images. I REALLY love the LOVE rhinestone pin!!! And your little celluloid girl is adorable!

  16. and you and you……lovely hearty collection:)

  17. love to you xo
    (and, wow, look at all the wonderful hearts!)

  18. Lovely pics and saying and so true, sending love and big hugs to you my fellow magpie:):) Your a sweet HEART your self, always spreading the love around, thanks for that……

  19. Too good to be true!

  20. you have a lovely heart patty….very sweet post xoxoxoxo

  21. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Valentine’s day. All of these creations are fabulous.

  22. Merci ma chère Patty de partager ton amour avec nous, tu es si gentille qu’on ne peut que t’aimer, l’amour appelle l’amour.

  23. Patty what a wonderful post for Valentines day…it reminds me of the quote we saw in France this summer by daVinci “love triumphs all” of course in French it looks even more vibrant! Thank you for sharing your love!

  24. Aww I love this post 🙂


  25. absolutely… don miguel is right… and what a lovely post! xoxox

  26. Oh that little darling with the butterfly wings – who couldn’t feel ♥ love ♥ she is so sweet!
    A delightful Valentine message Patty – I always enjoy ‘your take’ on things!
    Sending ♥♥♥ful hugs to YOU my special blogging friend!

    Shane ♥

  27. So true, dear Patty. We were with friends last nite talking about this same subject. The guy was saying we first had to love ourselves before we could give love to anyone else. My husband would never say anything like that out loud. Ha! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  28. There is a ton of love in this post — so many true things. And you nailed it spot-on. As always, your images dazzle and tell the story of your loving heart. Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to you.

  29. and you are loved-by me. Such a beautiful post-words and pics…hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  30. Patty deine Herzen sind wunderbar !
    Hugs Alexandra

  31. I love your posting, dear Patty, it is soooo very beautiful and full of love.

    Thank you for sharing

  32. A gorgeous LOVE post dear Patty… tender words… beautiful pictures…

    Jenny ♥

  33. albeit late….oodles of love to you and your family, dear Patty!

  34. I feel so good being here with you, feeling your love spread the world ♥♥♥ and I am with you when you say love yourself first…sometimes it is the trickiest thing 😉 be blessed Conny PS Love the taps-heart in the wood!

  35. You know how I always love your beautiful photos, and your art is exceptional. All those little vignettes are perfect, but the fabric heart with barbed wire, and the heart made from pine cones were the two that really popped my cookies!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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