Medieval Thymes

to find out how my little velvet book began it’s journey around the world last February you can visit this post… 

Patty Szymkowicz Cover

  first stop was with Carole in New Zealand…

Carole B

her vintage layered tea stained papers and delicate fabrics feature a copy of a Globe Theater play announcement from 1623…

Nathalie T

then it traveled to Nathalie in Missouri and went on vacation with her to Michigan…

Nathalie T 2

her pages were inspired by Eastern Orthodox Prayer Cards that she made a fancy pocket for after painting the pages (both she and I have Russian heritage in our backgrounds)…

Linda Richter 1

then it was on to Linda in Texas who focused on Medieval Embroidery (see her pretty thistle stitched on linen to the left)…

Linda Richter 2

she created a delicate little folded book made of my favorite map tissue which tells a bit about the history of medieval embroidery…

Margaret W

Margaret in Switzerland was the next stop and she created delicate layered pages covered in fine netting with gold leaf accents…

Patty Szymkowicz Knight Swan Lady

I added the knight in shining armor to the front inside cover using metal mesh intended for drains (?) from the hardware store…

Patty Szymkowicz Swan Lady

the swan lady is a NYPL digital image that I printed onto cotton fabric…

Patty Szymkowicz velvet pgs

at the end of my canvas book I added more velvet (thanks to Sue Graham for thinking of me with some lovely bits of cutwork velvet)

the pages I added are still waiting for some finishing touches…

you can see some of the work I did in the other players books here, here and here

37 responses to “Medieval Thymes

  1. A long project…but what a result!

  2. How wonderful! The pages are all so different! xxx

  3. Your canvas book is stunning dear Patty… beautiful pages…. and such gorgeous images… there is something so special about a book that includes artwork and joy from friends… old and new… a fabulous keepsake to treasure…

    Jenny ♥

  4. How fabulous is that? Each page a beauty to behold….a treasure to look at over and over.

  5. oh wow patty, what a treasure !!! loving the different ideas too about your theme….

  6. I just love everyone’s interpretation of your theme! Each and every one is so beautiful! xxoo

  7. What a beautiful little book you ended up with Patty! Collaborations such as this are so much fun!

  8. I enjoyed seeing this so much. It’s wonderful, Patty!

  9. Such an awesome finished book from you & your friends…so much talent!!!

  10. What a beautiful book to treasure dear Patty. Must be special to gather dear friends art work like this, and they all added wonderful pages.
    I so love your own adds,too-especially the last page in blue and brown -the lady,- the velvet ,everything is so beautifully done, in such lovely tones, and keeping to the overall theme of the book.-but also your pages with the knight and swanlady are so amazing beautiful.
    A fantastic keepsake,sweet friend.

  11. WOW!!! Your canvas book is gorgeous, dear Patty!!!
    Hugs Oxana

  12. Each artist has her own unique style yet brought together in your book there is an amazing sense of harmony.
    Incredible use of the metal mesh! The page with the metal is wonderful juxtaposed to your page with the image printed onto fabric.
    Thank you for sharing something that is so very special.

  13. This is such a treasure – had you seen any of it before it arrived back to you? What a wonderful delivery to pour over! Everyone was so thoughtful and perfectly toned for the the book…hoping to see this one up close;) That velevet cover just invites viewers on its own!

  14. Wow, this book has so different pages, it is gorgeous. So wonderful.

    Have a lovely week, dear Patty

  15. Aaahhh… what a precious little treasure you hold now Patty. Every page is delicate, personal and wonderful! P.S. I started blogging again last week, forgot to notify you before but now you know 😉

  16. Your zine is truly wonderful Patty. Your pages and those of your talented friends are each so unique and special. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed each and every page! xoxo

  17. What a treasure. Must be incredible in person to flip through page by page.

  18. so rich in texture, color, graphics! You are so fortunate to share your talent with a group of talented artists, as well. Thank you for sharing this with us, dear Patty!

  19. What a wonderful idea for a book challenge Patty.
    I love what the others have added too, especially Linda’s embroidery as this was such an important craft in medieval times.
    Shane ♥

  20. Everyone did such a lovely job! What a keepsake!

    Sandy xox

  21. Just lovely work all together shared & created with wonderful friends xx

  22. How incredible and amazing to have something like this x

  23. Patty your book turned out fabulous. Each artist has done a wonderful piece and your finishing touches are amasing. Love the Knight.

  24. This is beautiful. The purple is such a rich color.

  25. I do love your round robins and how each artist brings her own unique spin to the pages. These are all beautiful — I’m glad you didn’t try to pick a favorite because I bet you can’t!

  26. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…The thing I loved when I ran the art group was exchanging our work, I think there is nothing better then receiving and collaborating in our art, you lucky girl, fantastic book thanks so much for sharing………….

  27. Oh, wow! It turned out so great! I love how you finished it. That lady with the swans picture…….. did you just have a fainting spell over it?!!! haha It’s so perfect! Love it, love it, love it!

  28. Wow, that’s such a fantastic project. Really a treasure.

  29. Oh my gosh! Your collaborative ARTWORK is A*M*AZ*I*N*G

  30. Lovely to see the finished book! It’s gorgeous! x

  31. Hello Patty,
    quel beau projet de talents et d’amitié. Un livre précieux et unique. Merci pour ce partage.

  32. Patty what a wonderful projekt all around the world! Now you have this very special treasure 🙂 you lucky one! I totally enjoy looking through those pages mades with so much love! Thank you for showing us…big hugs Conny

  33. What a wonderful book – a treasure filled with such great art from your friends. Wonder how many miles it actually has traveled?

  34. the book is stunning…every lovely detail! the colors are amazing too. I could so get lost in it for hours. thank you for sharing your glorious piece!

  35. What a joyous book. I know it will be a favorite that will stay close to your heart.

    I’ve never heard of metal mesh before. I’ll have to check it out at the hardware store.

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