… go in Peace …

the Art Journal Journey challenge for February isPeace“…

Omis Wood Heart and rock

this month marks the second anniversary of my Mother’s passing and I am still trying to make peace with not having her here to hug…

8 Feb 2013 Point Lookout MD

it was a really wet, windy and chilly day when we found the wooden heart and amber colored rock as we spread the remainder of her ashes…Point Lookout Wildlife

the cold and rainy weather was okay because we had her special spot almost all to ourselves…

Magpie's Nest My Sweet Mutti

a childhood image of my Mutti inspired my journal pages …

her wings were made by tearing a heart in two and covering the pieces with embossed napkin that I rubbed  gold gouache on … 

Magpie's Nest My Mutti Peace journal pages

her skirt is part of one of the many origami dresses I made last summer (my mother was a very fine seamstress which was just one of her many talents)

I cut the top of the dress off and the pieces made a perfect border for the left hand page (waste not want not as I was raised)

I added a strip of cigar box paper trim on the bottom right that says “Homemade”

Patty Szymkowicz PEACE supplies

a piece of my pressed Queen Anne’s Lace flower tissue paper helped fill in the painted left hand page of this spread…

Magpie's Nest Peace Quote

”[If you] go in Peace it makes the flowers sweeter along the path.” ~Mike Dolan

Magpie's Nest Yogi T

the saffron colored crocus are always the first to bloom in our sunny front garden which is a sign that spring is drawing near … 

my tea today is Yogi Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut 

“richly luscious and soothing”

think I’ll have another cup …

49 responses to “… go in Peace …

  1. Beautiful way to mark the anniversary of your Mums passing……I still have my Mum and this reminds me to be thankful for that:)

  2. Such a beautiful post – remembering your Mutti in your journal pages this month.
    It’s so hard to hang on to the memories as the years pass.
    I love that quote by Mike Dolan – it ties in so well Patty.
    My dear mother has been gone nearly 13 years and I still miss her every day and wish she was here to hug too…

    Thank you Patty – you’ve reminded me to press some Queen Anne’s Lace, I’ve seen it here before and loved it!!
    Warm hugs
    Shane ♥

  3. Two beautiful reminders of your dear mother Patty! Wonderful techniques!
    Alison xxx

  4. your blog is such a special place in our virtual world. I know EVERY time I visit I will find some visual beauty but also some food for thought and some thoughts to warm my heart. it goes without saying you are a very special person. so glad we’ve “met”.

  5. What a beautiful and meaningful post remembering your Mutti. I can feel the love and wonderful memories with your gorgeous artwork and words. I love the Queen Anne’s Lace inclusion.

    Sending hugs……..Love, Marilyn xxoo

  6. You are so thoughtful and creative…Mutti would have been proud of her girl.
    Purple crocus bloom first at Bleak Hill..then saffron and white.

  7. Oh my…what a hearfelt creation…simply stunning..love the wings made from a heart…a beautiful tribute to your dear Mutti ….Big hugs! x

  8. oops….sorry …. that should read Heartfelt !

  9. Oh Patty what a wonderful journal page to your beautiful Mutti! I love every bit!! It is hard sometimes, wanting that physical contact when all you can get is the spiritual connection. But it was wonderful while it lasted, wasn’t it. I have never seen a crocus that color! what a beauty! Spring is knocking and I can’t wait for it to come in!!
    Much love to you~

  10. 🙂 Thanks for the hug and here is one back to you. Patty, this is such a wonderful tribute! It helps today…mine will be 20 years tomorrow…still miss her so much. Please take care! 😀

  11. Really love the heart that marks your moms passing and such a gorgeous spread.

  12. Dearest Patty…what a great way to honor your Mom’s life….very beautiful tribute to her……time helps….our memories are what we have to be thankful for when our love ones move on. My Dad has been gone over 30 years and my Mom 13 years this year and I still miss them both but know that they are still with me in so many ways. Each day I thank God for blessing me with them.

  13. This is an incredibly beautiful tribute to your Mutti. The love, creativity and care you put into it is clearly represents all the love, creativity and care she gave you. My heart aches as I know that you will long feel this grief of a life ended too soon. Know we are with you — and so is she.

  14. So, there is the page you were working on. Simply wonderful and heartfelt, Patty. Your Mom was a cute little girl…I can see YOU in her smile!
    It seems that the day you scattered her ashes was to be just for you…..no other people there to disturb your thoughts. Peaceful, indeed. Watched by nature’s animals.
    Sending my love,

  15. Oh my gosh Patty! This is awesome!
    Thanks so much!!!
    I am sorry now .. and sad, because just this moment I ended up with a little slide show for the Art Journal Journey blog and now I have this wonderful peace not in my show…and can´t put it in …grrrr

    wonderful post as always my dear friend!!!!

    xxx Susi

  16. what a beautiful page in honour of your special mum who still looks over you

  17. A very beautiful page and a great tribute to your Mum! Hugs, Valerie

  18. you’ve been on my mind and sending you big hugs, nothing sets it right but you created a beautiful tribute… xoxo

  19. What a poignantly beautiful post to honor your mom. You can feel the love you have for her- and of course, the love she had for you. Your artwork just ruminates with her soul! Sweet, and exquisitely beautiful as a salute to your mom. My mom passed away eight years ago and I think of her and miss her every day. Hugs, xooo Jill

  20. a warm, beautiful and wonderful tribute to your Mutti, take care

  21. Your journal pages are filled with beautiful memories of your Mutti, so lovingly put together. You seem to find the best hearts…the wooden one is a beauty.

  22. Dear Patty,
    so many goodbyes,in this time of year,-(for me too-but my mother is still here) Such a beautiful piece to honour your mother, it is gorgeous -so love it and the nature piece,there, and the way you made her a lovely angel,with shiny beautiful wings. Also love you found the heart and amber, as you spread her ashes, that is pieces to hold close to your heart, when wanting to hug her !
    Dearest Patty , I so follow you, in wishing to let go of February in piece-
    —What a very beautiful post.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  23. Beautiful tribute to your Mutti. Time does help as you know but I still find myself thinking, “I should ask dad about….” and then I it hits me that he’s gone.

  24. Oh Patty, that’s a wonderful tribute to your Mutti. Sending you a big hug 🙂

  25. Oh my, look how she lives on in you! Your art expresses so much love and pieces of her. That is truly a gift.

  26. Oh Dear Patty I truely understand and feel the true feelings of the words you have spoken about your darling mother. My mother, my best friend ,
    passed over when I was only 18 and this beautiful post bought those tears of grief right back to me! How moving it is!
    I love how you have captivated some of her precious things into this lovely and precious journal. May you share some peace of heart with this.
    Sending a big warm soulful hug,

  27. so sweet in so many ways Patty …. your Mutti was such a cute little girl! I’m glad February is drawing to a close – it must sometimes feel like the longest month of the year

  28. oh, my friend, this post is so beautiful, it made me tear up…your love is evident…your photos, sublime…your pages, perfect…your devotion, divine…and you had an eagle visit…heaven was speaking to you…xo

  29. What a lovely photo of your Mutti when she was young. This was a very painful, yet poignant tribute to her. I was moved by this post.

    Sorry I was late getting here. More problems today, but this time with my internet. I’m sure it has something to do with the phone lines when they get wet. I’ve noticed it before, too. Ah, to have cable (grin).

  30. Such a peaceful and beautiful post to honor your Mutti, dear Patty.

  31. Well my Dear Magpie, love the pics, I could feel the love singing off the page, never fear, because She is always around you, listenig and watching you live your life fully, BIG HUGS, Dianne “-“

  32. I have chills from this post Patty as I read it. I feel the love you have poured into this piece, as well the love you feel for your mom, you have honored her so beautifully, and I can’t express how gorgeous this is. The link you have to your past piece with your mom in her wedding dress….sigh, again, such beauty.

  33. Patty, throughout this day, I’ve thought of something you wrote here….
    “trying to make peace with not having her here to hug”. We are walking this road together. xoxox

  34. Wow, Patty, what a wonderful peace. So beautiful pictures and Journalpages.

  35. Dear Patty
    Such an authentic and heartwarming post and the most special way in which to honour your dear beloved Mutti.
    Once again you opened your dear heart to us with your beautiful words and photography and your art.
    The sweet dress is a wonderful nod to your Mother’s talent as a seamstress and pairing the page with one of nature is the sweetest touch.
    This post, I know, has touched us all for our own personal reasons and we also deeply feel for you at this marking of your Mother’s passing.
    Sending a wee hug to you.

  36. inanoctopusgarden

    Just beautiful and the smile on that cute face is priceless! Those are the things you carry in your heart forever! I am sure she is hugging you back right now – you can feel the love beaming off those pages!

  37. must of missed this post (just seen it on FB) what work and I so wish that I felt this way for ny mother. But sadly although she is still here and I love her we have NO connection. Sad, it has to be a two way street I long for a mothers love so I have to be the best mother I can instead. wonderful pages xx

  38. My dear Patty, such a poignant and loving post. There is a special beauty in the pages you created in your mother’s memory and your love for her is truly felt in them. XO

  39. Everyone said such really nice comments. Your pages are lovely. Two years already? That’s so hard to believe. It will be ten years in October since I lost my mom, I cannot believe it’s been that long.

  40. Patty, You find all the best things in heart shape. I could look for a hundred years and never find one. Pages are georgeous and your Mutti’s picture is priceless. What a cutie. xx00xx

  41. Awwwww so heartmoving and lovely! I love you heart out of wood and also your adorable journalpage! I am sure your mother can see and feel what your are doing here 🙂 …your teamug looks really beautiful…I have some old cups from my grandma too 😉 xox Conny

  42. Wonderful and peaceful page!

  43. Such a beautiful tribute to your mother, Patty. I enjoyed seeing the different techniques you use. The wings are wonderful.

  44. Oh, Patty, my heart goes out to you. Sending lots of healing hugs your way. I love the use of flowers on that page.

  45. Beautiful words and images…… a lovely post Patty. We can all feel the love… xxx

  46. oh patty what beautiful poignant pages and I love all your photos…a beautiful way to honor your mutti….hugs xxxx jen

  47. Stunning page dear Patty… the wings are gorgeous… and the photo is adorable… love all your fabulous and heartfelt images… and the wooden heart… a perfect find on such a special day… truly a loving tribute to your dear Mother… hugs…

    Jenny ♥

  48. So much preciousness! Love, love, love your beautiful journal pages. You are so inspiring! xoxo

  49. It amazes me how you stay so inspired day after day, year after year! Your blog is such a joy to visit!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’ll have to try and get back to mine…

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