Welcome March …

February was a month of ups and downs for me both physically and emotionally and from what I can tell there are other people who share my relief that the month has ended…

15 Feb 13 Heart Tree Trunk (2)

  one lovely and memorable thing that happened in February was getting to go to the theater with Mr Magpie

Arena Stage Wash DC (1) a

thanks to my sister sharing some gift coupons we decided to take in a show…

Arena Stage Wash DC a

 Arena Stage in Washington, DC was founded in 1950 and this is the first time either of us had been there…

Metamorphoses Patrick Lee

we enjoyed all ninety minutes with no intermission watching ten talented actors brilliantly perform Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses painted pgsI was inspired to create some journal pages beginning with the artwork on the advertising card by graphic artist Patrick Lee

Metamorphoses painted pg right

it was great fun blending colors to try and compliment the card…

Metamorphoses journal pg right

it was hard to cover most of my painted page with photos from the internet depicting some of our favorite scenes (photography in the theater was strictly forbidden)…

Metamorphoses pgs

on the left hand page I attached and painted an envelope to hold our tickets along with the advertisement for the play…

Metamorphoses journal pg left

 there are no bad seats in the 680 seat Fichandler Theater at Arena Stage but we were happy that we were not in range of getting splashed from all of the frolicking in the heated 30,000 pound pool…

Metamorphoses journal pg tickets

there were moments when people in the first few rows would raise big black towels provided by the theater for protection…

Metamorphoses finished

we laughed and cried and did not want this unforgettable performance to end (it would definitely be worth seeing again!)…

if you are interested there are a couple of short video clips and photos to enjoy here

“There is a line in the show from Jung (I believe) that says “Dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams” which is an idea I like very much. Whenever and wherever we have done this show, audiences immediately connect to the stories because metamorphoses — change, unlooked for and often unwanted – is an inescapable fact of our lives; it binds us together. These myths give a kind of comfort in that they assert that it was ever thus — that change is the only constant – and yet, out of any destruction, something new is born. And aside from all this, the stories are also gripping because they have a kind of wit, an unexpected humor in their staging that is born from both their strangeness and their familiarity.”  — Mary Zimmerman, playwright/director

Art Journal Journeys has a theme of “Besondere Momente/Special Moments for March … be sure and stop by for a visit this month to see all of the wonderful and inspiring creativity AND you are most welcome to join in by creating your own art journal pages!

40 responses to “Welcome March …

  1. Glad you’re looking forward to a better month. Lovely backgrounds for your pages.

  2. I too like to remember great experiences/trips/visits in a journal so it’s lovely to see others doing the same. A great way to keep those memories:) Here’s hoping March is a GOOD month:)

  3. Mmmm…I now have an idea for a page, thanks for your inspiration Patty. Your pages are lovely, a perfect setting for those happy memories.
    I wish you a happy March…Spring is nearly here!
    Alison xxx

  4. I will keep positive thoughts, for you, that March will be a much better month for you. One of good health and peace of mind and heart.

    I’m so happy you had the opportunity to attend the show with your sister! It looks and sounds like it would be right up my alley. You have captured the essence of journaling through your gorgeous journal pages and will have fond memories of your day.

    Love, Marilyn xxoo

  5. The show looks glorious and moving, and so inspirational! I love the pages you have done! I hope March is a better time for you, sending warm wishes and hugs!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful special moment that you shared with hubby & us thank you lovely work xx

  7. You certainly did catch the feeling of the post card colors. Love how you did that! Beautiful layout – inspirational, girlfriend! Love it.

  8. What an awesome way to remember a wonderful time with Mr. Magpie. Love the colors!!!

  9. Now that’s a beautiful journal photo. Beth (Be Yourself) and I were writing that we want to put January and February back in 2012 and call March 1 the start of a new year! Join us!

  10. You have merged Art Journaling with Memory Art in such a beautiful manner and what a wonderful source of inspiration. You captured the colours to perfection.
    So special for you to have those pages for you both to always refer to when you wish to stop and remember your wonderrful outing to the theatre.

  11. I definitely agree with you about February….I am very glad to see the back of it!
    Your theatre trip sounds very special; what a lovely treat for you and Mr Magpie 😉 And a great journal page to treasure the memory…. xxx

  12. This is so wonderful, dear Patty.
    Happy March and have a wonderful weekend

  13. that looks like great memories to keep… love that background color (i know that feeling to hesitate to cover the most of it;))
    lets look forward to a great month of march… i´m so fed up with that cloudy and unhealthy weather of this winter! but sun will come soon!!!

  14. Well Mrs Magpie sis thanks so much for sharing your special evening with your Honey, I was mesmerized watching on you tube so I can just imagine your evening. Its magical, so is your journal pages, the colors gorgeous really doing justice to the plays. I love the pocket for the tickets.The advertising blends in perfectly with your page and look how pretty the pics looks with it too. Brilliant job and thanks for sharing it , have a great weekend….

  15. Great pages Patty! The theater show looks very intriguing.
    Happy March!

  16. That certainly looks like it was a very interesting show. The music in the mini-clips almost had an Arabic or Indian sound to it. Your journal pages are always so lovely to see. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. I would love to experience this play myself…we are all evolving and the months seem to be melting away…I wish us all a great March! Be at peace sweet friend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. You were very lucky to have such a great sis to share tickets with you. And lucky your seats were far enough back as not to get wet. But the best thing was the artwork that came out of this inspiring show. Your pages are simply divine.

  19. Your entry in Art Journal Journey took me to your wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing your impressive art journal and the moments that led to this piece of art! I love the colours!
    I hope that the ups and downs you experienced during February will come to a more balanced well being in March!
    All the best, Manu

  20. Patty I really envy you about this great event! wow!
    seems to be fantastic!
    The spread is a wonderful keepsake and I absolut adore this colors and wonderful arrangement of all parts !

    marvelous entry for AJJ and
    great to see all this in your post!
    You make me happy once again dear Patty and I intrinsically wish for mental and physical health for you dear friend!
    God bless you!

  21. Glad you got to go to the theatre! Fantasy is always inspiring!! Love those backgrounds!!! I would not have been able to cover them…. thus I accomplish nothing! You always inspire me!

  22. Theater always takes me away and impresses me with the “live” preformance….this one sounds like a really impressive one. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Love the tree hearts too<3

  23. Patty, you made a beutiful memory of this really special moment.
    …and yes I know, it’s very hard to cover an awesome background with pics.
    Wish you a wonderful march, Birgit

  24. oops, beautiful of course.

  25. Do hope March is a little kinder dear Patty… the show sounds magical…. and I smiled at the thought of being splashed and towels being raised whilst in the audience… your journal pages are gorgeous… as always…. and I just love the artwork from the show advertising…

    Jenny ♥

  26. Oh Patty what a gorgeous rememberance of your fab evening. Love it.
    The building is wonderful too.

    Hope all is better and spring is peeking out.

  27. Your journal pages are so beautiful, looks and sounds like a wonderful show!

  28. Dear Patty, what a wonderful spread, telling about you and your husbonds fantastic experience in theatre! I love your coloured background pages,,and so understand how difficult it must have been covering one of them with the photoes from the play- but you created a beautiful spread to remember this amazing evening!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  29. I’m glad you managed to do something fun -through dreary February- and your lovely journal will be a wonderful reminder of it 🙂

  30. Beautiful page, and a beautiful reminder of a gorgeous evening.

    Have a nice start of week, Patty.

  31. Wow that looks very monumental and fun the same time! Wonderful reminder of such a special moment…thank you for sharing with us! The background is my thing too..,love it and the picture fits so well to it! xox Conny

  32. Lovely journal pages, and sounds like a good evening. Hope this month will be better for you! Valerie

  33. looks very interesting! your pages are lovely reminders

  34. it sounds as you had a special evening! The spread looks fabulous!

  35. that production sounds fantastic and something to cheer you up too..roll on warm weather days in Spring eh..great page

  36. I love how you journaled your experience. The pages are beautiful!!! Glad to hear you had a nice time 🙂 ~Sophia

  37. What an inspiring post Patty!
    A visit to your blog never disappoints and there is so much to take in today.
    Metamorphoses…sounds fascinating I will watch out for it here.
    I love the graphics that sparked your journal pages – perfect Imagery.
    I save all my tickets too and I’m inspired to add a similar page to my journal – thank you Patty!
    Shane ♥

  38. This is a beautiful memory page! Reminds me of when I used to scrap book as a teenager.

  39. Lovely pages, and what a great idea!

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