rainy day tea …

candle lit tea

it is a drippy gray day today but we do need the rain…

first daffodils

the kettle is on and the first daddofils of the season are inside to enjoy…

pixlr stardust crocus

my usual go to photo editing program for adding names and borders to my photographs would not cooperate for some reason so I tried another program here that is also pretty easy to use but with different options (you can see the difference a nice ‘frame’ makes)…

23 responses to “rainy day tea …

  1. It is a beautiful thing when we can create our OWN light!
    Have a wonderful spring day in your heart my dear Patty!!

  2. oh lucky you! beautiful vignette, thank you for bringing some spring my way!! xo

  3. I just poked out in the garden and the daffys are up! Rained all day yesterday and yes we do need the rain! Always lovely stopping by your place for tea! xoxo

  4. So wonderful photos, dear Patty. We have snow here and it is very cold. The Winter is back.

  5. Thanks for the springtime arrangement. Early daffodils up here, too. They are helping the bees as well as ‘stinking helliborus’ spring green blossoms.

  6. Those daffs are so cheery, they really make me smile. The crocus, too! Spring. Yes, it’s doing its best!

  7. Love the vignette. Happy rainy Tuesday Patty. See you tomorrow!

  8. What an inspirational post! Beautiful flowers for hope of spring. Have a lovely day! xxoo

  9. You sure know how to brighten a dreary day, my friend! I think Spring flowers are the happiest ones of all, and your’s are no exception….thank you for the links for photo editing!

  10. Bringing the outdoors indoors – how beautiful. You have certainly brought colour to our lives Patty.
    I adore the hand with the nest nestled in its palm.

  11. ah flowers!! We are getting flurries today. I think we have another month of two before we have flowers. Although I am starting my seedlings inside this week. 🙂

  12. So good to see you again,here, dear Patty.
    I have missed you! What a sweet decorated table, the little cup is so adorable with the tea light in, and the naked vergins in lillac looks so spring like, I hope they will soon show in my garden, where it is nasty cold STILL !
    Have a lovely afternoon and evening-

  13. Lovely and cheering…thank you Patty! We are having snow AGAIN :-/. Oh roll on Spring……

  14. It might be a rainy day, but your photos are sooooo cheerful.

  15. It may be rainy outside but you definitely brought the sunshine in with the bright yellow daffodils and tea light!!! Beautiful pictures!!! ~Sophia

  16. I looooooooove rainy days and tea, love the flowers, have a great day inside warm as a bug in a rug, big hugs to you…

  17. Daffodils already! I envy you 🙂
    Cold weather here, we were lucky not to have new snow, other parts of the country are white again and traffic came to a halt. I opt for spring soon 🙂

  18. I can practically smell the rain and flowers 🙂

  19. This looks so inviting… I am hoping spring for you means autumn is on the way for us… love the tea cup light… a great idea…xx

  20. You have really lit up my evening. I always love your tea posts and this one is certainly no exception. I’m glad you have embraced the rain. It may be partly what is causing Bleubeard and me to sneeze and cough all the time.

    Thanks again for dropping by for Tea Tuesday. I sure hope to keep this going. It’s probably the one day of the week I actually look forward to. And it appears you also still love it, because your vignettes never fail to impress!! I really MUST check to see if I have any flowers coming up out of the snow.

  21. What a lovely display. The sun has not been here enough to bring my little beauties this far along. Enjoy the tea Dxx

  22. I rushed off too quickly lol. I also wanted to say how I love the gingham curtains as well, very Spring! oh and thanks for the link for the edit thing Dxx

  23. Oh Patty your dafodils are awesome and love your vignettes. I can see how you love creating them! Now thanks for sharing those editing programs – both are new to me but enjoyed my little experimenting. Which frame did you use for the last image of crocus!
    Spring coming hugs to you,

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