Blessings on the breeze …

our local Mixed Media Collaborative arts group exchanged prayer flags at a recent meeting

Magpie's Nest Prayer Flags (2)

several of us were inspired to use some of our handmade fabrics from previous gelli monoprinting sessions we had together…

Magpie's Nest Prayer Flags (3)

the only guidelines for the swap were to make our flags approximately 5 x 8 inches with a 3 inch or so sleeve for stringing (for my flags above I used monoprinted cotton, bits of lace, ribbons and trim, buttons, beads, charms, some funky old plastic flowers and bits of paper, needle, thread and even some glue)…

Flag Swap

I hope you can feel the blessings and good wishes wafting their way out into the universe from our creations…




Lisa has a nice prayer flag post at inanoctopusgarden 


Susan at rosieinspirations …

Magpie's Nest Prayer Flags (1)

it is always a delight to spend time with these talented friends…

stitches making marks

speaking of talented friends be sure and stop by and visit Linda Kunsman of heARTfully Inspired who is having a wonderful giveaway with five chances to win some of her beautiful artwork…

30 responses to “Blessings on the breeze …

  1. I love the idea of prayer flags but I know I couldn’t bring myself to actually hang them outside where they would get weathered. These are beautiful.

  2. A beautiful way of using your monoprints which actually look like speciality fabric (which of course, when I think of it, that is what they are). The addition of words, imagery and lace make for astonishing prayer flags.

  3. These are beautiful, Patty, and so inspirational! xxoo

  4. These are awfully pretty — a talented group! We are getting a small but enthusiastic group of mixed media folks started here in Lansing. This might be a good exchange!

  5. You are blessed to have such wonderful art friends within “playing” distance!! All the flags are lovely!

  6. They’re absolutely beautiful Patty! Sending love & peace your way too! xxx

  7. what a wonderful exchange! these are so individual and so pretty …. and inspiring besides!

  8. These are soooo beautiful, love every detail.

  9. what beautiful prayer flags Patty. I need to take some time and play with gelli printing on fabric..your results are fantastic!
    Thnak you so much for mentioning the giveaway at my blog.You’re always so thoughtful and supportive.XO

  10. If those flags can’t attract good vibes, nothing can. Beautiful work Patti.

  11. These are sooooooo beautiful! Great blessings indeed!!!!!!!

  12. wow such inspirational pieces all Patty! AMAZING..and my favourite colors too..
    I am in live with this!


  13. How promising and beautiful your prayer flags are both dear Patty.
    I love those blue -green colours with the lace and words of importence-
    And exchanging flags of prayers is a beautiful thing!
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  14. Yes Patty, I felt your beautiful blessings waft in through my window – thank you!!!
    Love all the prayer flags and they look so pretty strung together!
    That’s a very special quote on your green flag, it’s the one you so kindly left on Barbara’s blog too… you must have a wonderful book of sayings and quotes!
    I love ‘playing’ with scissors, paper and glue, it’s something I missed out on in my childhood as there was no kindergarten in the small town where I was raised!!! Making up for it now – especially with my gluebook!!
    Shane ♥

  15. oh patty…they are ALL stunning, I love your blue and greens but the one I adore is the love one with lace hearts …just beautiful….

  16. Oh Patty the Prayer flags are wonderful. Everybody did a fabulous job. We are absolutely feeling the love.
    Your pictures are getting fancyer (is that a word) all the time.
    Love them.

  17. love your monoprinted fabric Patty. Such wonderful flags, all of them!

  18. These are impressive, Patty. I’m SO glad you set me straight on not just the dimensions, but the fact I don’t need strings on the flags. Yours are gorgeous. I have no idea where you find your lace, but I know there is NONE at the thrift stores. I was especially impressed with the green on about the sun. I liked the way you ruffled a piece of fabric (I assume muslin) and turned it into a great embellishment. Simply stunning.

  19. Good grief. That should have read the green ONE, not ON!! My fingers type faster than my brain assimilates, I guess.

  20. I think these are so beautiful in more than one way. Wonderful heartfelt msgs sent to each other to make a wonderful banner/bunting just lovely Dxx

  21. Beautiful idea!

  22. Your exchange looks wonderful, the flags are so beautiful and inspiring and wonderful reminders of the beauty in life! Your pieces are gorgeous, I love the blue and green together!

  23. Inspiring! The gelatine printed fabrics makes THE perfect bases!!!

  24. Gorgeous makes. What a talented group of ladies. TFS Patty.
    Regards Florence x

  25. Oh these Prayer Flags are so pretty in every way – colours, technique used, words and embellishments with trims and lace. They certainly have a special meaning especially when exchanged with friends like this.
    So sweet of you to mention Linda’s Giveaway too.
    Hugs from here,

  26. what a great way to use your gelli-printed fabrics! love the colors and all the details here. and i´m especially drawn to the swan…

  27. Hello my sweet friend, I know there is nothing better then sharing art made with love. These flags are wonderful and could only spread goodness out in the universe, thanks for sharing all this love with us, have a great day my dear Mrs Magpie…

  28. So lovely to create such beautiful things with friends. Certainly you are all blessed in the process in many ways. Thanks for sharing the beauty and blessings with us. Tammy

  29. These are really so neat! It’s wonderful that you have a local group to create with!

  30. Wow…they are all absolutely fantastic Patty!…I’ve been addicted to making these little Prayer flags…and I just love to see what others create out of fabric and the wonderful sentiments added x

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