nesting …

Wren nest and eggsa recent Cloth Paper Scissors fiber art nest tutorial got me excited about making a nest out of bits of this and that…

Nest underneaththe view above shows what went into my first handmade nest

(Warning: this is the kind of project where it may be hard to make just one as there are so many possibilities!)

Robin's eggsin the spring Mr Magpie and I keep an eye out for abandoned nests … some eggs even mysteriously appear on the ground unbroken leaving us to wonder HOW that happened exactly…

Robin in Marchwe have had Robin Redbreasts in the garden every year for many years and they sometimes build their nests too early and give up and regroup …

Robin's eggs (1)

those eggs will dry out over time ending up rattly and perfect…

Nest top

broken egg shells are also something we collect and you can see here how I used some of those in my art journal pages…


I do have a thing for nests and birds and eggs and would also like to try making one of  Claudine Hellmuth’s paper birds nests…

31 responses to “nesting …

  1. Such beautiful blue eggs. The nest is exquisite and they look so perfect.

  2. I saw that tutorial, too and thought of you, being a nesty sort of person! I think they’re beautiful and this is one on the list to give a shot to at some point in the game. I just think they are lovely! Yours especially!

  3. I love this Patty!


    we feed the birds here since we are here countryside .. my husband is a wonderful birdfeeder .. and they are so thankful..
    mearly 50 birds were there some days(all kinds – amazing).. they come mostly on very snowy days..

    i didn´t expect that there will come so much because we are near the main street .. but there are dozens and dozens..and this makes me really happy.. als happy as your fantastic post it does!

    xxx Susi
    loving birds is really economical. It saves going to heaven.

  4. What a sweet little nest. Thank you….now I have another project to make next month! I have tons of bits and bobs to use and plenty of time!!!

  5. Oh, how fun! I love seeing your creations. Sweet and perfectly springy!

  6. That tutorial caught my eye too. Your nest is so lovely and it’s the perfect spot for it cozy on the teapot! xoxo

  7. Beautiful nest Patty!!! It’s so delicate and has such a wonderful vintage feel to it. I love the blue eggs too!!! ~Sophia

  8. There is such sweetness to the nests and a sense of wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature and Patty combined.

  9. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos, great spring feeling.

  10. Ohhhh…. I saw the bird nest tutorial in CPS! And I do plan to make those…. guess I need to do it NOW!!!! My houseguests left today….. maybe I can spend time creating shortly!!! Love that you did this! Your nest is soooo sweeeeeeet! I’m soooo ready for spring!

  11. So sweet, I love to see the birds gathering things for their nests. I help all I can with dryer lint,string ,ect.
    I just wish I could see a sign of Spring here ! Hugs

  12. That’s super cute! I saw that email as well. Looked like a lot of fun…as I’m sure it was! May have to try one myself.

  13. What a beautiful post Patty!! I, too, have a love for birds, eggs, and nests. There is something very heart-warming about their habits and simplicity and challenges regarding life. xxoo Marilyn

  14. A stunning little nest Patty! Birds have always fascinated me too, I could watch them flit about all day long! I was watching a couple of doves flirting on a telephone wire the other day, so sweet, Spring must be on its way!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Alison xxx

  15. We ‘ARE ‘birds of a feather’ girls. Thanks for the ideas.

  16. Beautiful work! and I love the color of Robins eggs. Nothing goes to waste for an artist.
    Have a super weekend!

  17. What a ,lovely way to recycle 🙂 and get some added beauty around the home in the bargain Dxx

  18. It is always a pleasure for me to come here to your blog. Your pictures and artwork are so brilliant, dear Patty.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  19. Carmen Dyson

    These are so pretty. You inspire me, always.

  20. your nests are so romantic! I love the bits of this and that! I saw Claudine’s tut too…alas, not enough time in the day! Happy weekend!

  21. Birds you guessed it my favorite too:):), I had a Canary that used to sing to me all day, it was beautiful… These nest or just lovely,, I could make the nest but make a bird, that looks a lot harder,lol..It would be interesting to do..Thanks for sharing from a Girl who live in an apartment. I can hear some bird out my window, there is a little bush out there..So thanks for sharing your. The eggs are gorgeous….Your art page is fabulous a mosaic made of eggs so kool…

  22. Absolutely fantastic. Impressive, as usual, and I love the nest you made. I think I can make one like Claudine’s easier than one like you made, though. I adore all that lace, tulle, and scrap bits. It’s a wonderful recycling project, too.

  23. Your handmade bird nest is adorable dear Patty… and the photos so sweet… just love the Robin Redbreast… your talent never ceases to amaze me 🙂

    Jenny ♥

  24. Oh, Patty, the bird’s nest is simply gorgeous!I hope that spring is already here. Here again the winter has returned. Yesterday it snowed again:-(
    Have a nice sunday, my friend.

  25. What a gorgeous nest you made! xox

  26. Magnifique ma chère Patty, j’adore ces oeufs bleus.

  27. I saw the nest tutorial and it does look like a fun project. You have created such a beautiful nest with the lovely fibers you chose! I finally have seen a few robins here but as I’m typing this,it’s dark and snowing out :(. At least it’s only supposed to be a few inches…are you getting more snow too?

  28. oh that first image, all that green and flowers… sigh… just beautiful!! xox

  29. Dear Patty, how did I miss this beautiful post,-that I found when wanting to comment on the one on top!
    Your nests are so beautiful, how lovely to make one, nearly, only of laces, …and those 2 blue eggs that will dry up, is a treasure to find, I have never found left eggs- only shells…
    But a few left nests I have in my collection and love them!
    Hugs to you dear, you alwayes inspire me, you know!

  30. Okay, I definitely need to hang out over here more often!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!

  31. I once placed a found bird’s egg in a little dish on top of my refrigerator – and to my dismay found that it exploded when it turned rotten. To dry them safely, just put them in a cup in the fridge – somewhere in a corner where it won’t be disturbed – and in time (to be safe wait about 6 months) they’ll dry perfectly.

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