April Tea …


Afternoon sun (1)already…

Beet Dye Egg Ready to Eat

this beet dyed egg was the first we broke into curious if the natural plant dyes soaked into the shellBeet Dye Egg Ready to Eat (1)

 the papers in the background were part of the egg dyeing cleanup and will be nice to use for collage…

Beet Dye Egg Ready to Eat (2)

our blue eggs dyed with red cabbage will be the last to be cracked into I think…

Beet Dye Egg Ready to Eat (3)a favorite condiment of ours is a Sesame seed mix called Gomasio which is a delicious way to cut down on salt consumption and flavor food…

Contorted Filbert Catkins

“April is a promise that May is bound to keep.” ~Hal Borland

28 responses to “April Tea …

  1. some gorgeous still life settings. I love your natural dyed eggs…just gorgeous. Have a beautiful Tuesday dear Patty,,,,

  2. Oh; how I love these settings! Your natural-dyed eggs are so beautiful; I think I’d have trouble cracking them open 🙂 Any way to use the shells in your art? I used to use cracked egg shells as mosaics for frames; washing them then when dry – coloring with Diamond Glaze and acrylics.

    It’s so wonderful to see the daffodils – so hopeful for Spring. I woke up, this morning, to snow on the ground. ????? Oh well; we are to warm up a bit this weekend.

    Thoughts of you always…………….Love ya – Marilyn xxoo

  3. yammie yammie yammie!
    great images!
    eggbeauty post!

    Have a good week dear Patty!
    xxx Susi

    did you see?
    new theme over on

    hope to meet you this month again dear friend!

  4. SO love your natural dyed eggs dear Patty…. your photos are stunning… and the colors so beautiful… lovely with the sesame seed mix too… hope you had a very happy Easter…

    Jenny ♥

  5. Not sure which is more beautiful- the plate or the eggs. All so lovely! =)

  6. Sooo pretty. I do love that plate!!! Love the bunny, too! And the daffodils…

  7. Lovely..anxious to try your sesame seasoning.

  8. such lovely Easter/ Spring photos! I love that gorgeous plate too! Nice quote choice-I used that for my April calendar spread 🙂

  9. your beet dyed eggs are simply swoon worthy.. dear Patty… oh my… xox

  10. Love the colorful deviled eggs — the dyes were so vivid! We got bits of Paas coming through ours, but not nearly so much as you — they look great.

    Mentioning your papers reminds me I need to pick mine up from Rick’s laundry sink where I hung them to dry after doing my clean-up — for the same reason; I can USE that!

  11. You were up early this morning. So good to see you also celebrating tea today, too.

    I’ve never heard of Gomasio, but I love sesame seeds. I use dill the same. Cuts down on the desire to add salt to food.

    Those papers in the background are stunning. I especially like the mottled one under the egg. Truly lush!

    Happy Tea today. I also hope you had a lovely Easter.

  12. Thank you for brightening my day with your beautiful photographs Patty! Not sure I could have broken that lovely decorated shell myself, but your egg looks very tasty with the sesame seed garnish.
    Happy April,
    Alison xxx

  13. A wonderful post – hoe you’ve had beautiful days.

  14. Beautiful Patty! Your Easter setting looks lovely. The eggs especially are sweet! The colors are so beautiful. My daughter and I made natural dyed eggs too. We used red cabbage, and turmeric in another. We had mixed success, but plan to give it another go next year. It was so fun. Oh, and I love your bucket of flowers!

  15. What a beautiful tableau. When we were little, we always used to like to eat the “blue” egg salad which resulted from turning the dyed eggs into sandwich filling. Thanks for the memory.

  16. How beautiful they are , -a wonderful colour that went all the way… it looks fantastic dear Patty, and served on that lovely plate, it is the most wonderful “painting”. The paper will be amazing in your art ,wow, it is great and so gorgeously coloured!
    Can`t wait to see your next broken eggs.
    Thankyou for those beautiful photoes- and a warm hug from Dorthe

  17. Your colored eggs look fantastic Patty. Happy April!

  18. I wondered if the colour was in the actual eggs….now I know. Eggalicious!

  19. Mr Rabbit sits guard – how wonderfully cheerful this post is with thsoe joyful colours and images of Springtime and the eggs look so pretty on that sweet china plate.
    Thank You for bringing Springtime indoors and sharing with us.

  20. I love how your egg turned out!!! Beautiful post!!! ~Sophia

  21. Oh wow! I don’t think any of my natural dye eggs ever colored the inside egg. WOW! Pretty eggs. I’m going to look up that seasoning. Always looking for a low salt, high flavor seasoning.

  22. I’m surprised it did dye the egg inside, My DS used to put cooked eggs in a large jar of beet juice, they did turn purple after a long time, they were vinegar tasting LOL, these look lovely and I’m sure taste just fine, I’m going to try dyeing them soon. Thanks for the info on Gomasio great to know.. Hope you and the mR have a wonderful day.. big higs..

  23. Beautiful Patti! I love every bit! So springy and wonderful photos!

  24. so interesting–and such pretty eggs! Hope you had a nice Easter!

  25. I lov e how the eggs turned out. TFS
    Hugz Tonniece

  26. The insides of your eggs look as yummy as the outsides!

  27. Carmen Dyson

    That is so pretty. Hard cooked eggs will never be the same!

  28. The eggs look very tasty. Love the catkins with the daffodils.

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