Mandala Monday: blossoming …

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars … the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance.”   –  Rumi

Kwanzan Cherry Close up

joining in Dawn’s Mandala Monday again this week

Kwanzan Cherry Violet Lilac Mandala

our Kwanzan Cherry tree is doing its Spring dance in our front yard…

Cherry Violet Lilac Mandala

I used our  English wooden bread board as a platform building out from the cherry blossoms in the center…

Kwanzan Cherry Violet Lilac Mandala (2)the addition of some green Hyssop leaves seemed to be the finishing touch on my mandala…

Kwanzan Cherry Violet Lilac Mandala (3)

cherry blossoms … Crown Vetch that we did not plant … Rose Campion leaves with wild violets on top ringed with bits of fragrant lilacs all from our garden…

Kwanzan Cherry Violet Mandala (4)

sending very Happy Birthday Wishes to two special friends today … Margaret and Elizabeth of Altered Book Lover * Enjoy * Enjoy * you two Earth Day babes!

27 responses to “Mandala Monday: blossoming …

  1. Ah….this post is the essence of Spring! So beautiful Patty! Your tree is gorgeous!!!! xxoo

  2. Oh Patty your garden must be starting to look like a dream now that Spring has sprung! That Cherry tree is a sight to behold and your mandalas are so very creative.
    Sending many Springtime hugs,

  3. Pretty way to showcase what is flowering in the garden 🙂

  4. Oh Man this is beautiful, I love lilacs and we don’t get them till june.just beautiful It must be amazing in your garden, our trees are just budding, thank goodness for that:). I went to the mandala mon. and I see others have made them of flowers too, I love t. thanks for sharing sweetie and I’ll see you tomorrow have a wonderful day with the Mister..

  5. Happy Mandala Monday, earth sister! it’s funny how ours are similar in cycles of circles this morning, hahaha. I have that very same tree and made a mandala with the fallen blooms a few days ago. They are so delicate and love to fall apart. Our lilacs are just now coming on and I can’t wait for them to be beset with smell good blossoms!
    Have a wonderful Earth Day, I know you will get out and enjoy it, as will I.
    Much love,

  6. This is beautiful, Patty. I don’t think I’d every thought of making mandalas till I saw your posts. Now I’m very curious. Of course, I have to wait for something to grow first…

  7. So pretty. the colors are so “spring-y” perfect!!

  8. Happy EARTH DAY Patty!

    AMAZING post!
    Thank you!

  9. Oh behold that cherry blossom tree.
    I can well imagine how therapeutic it is selectitng the blossoms and greenery to be used in the Mandala and then creating the design.
    So enjoying the Mandala posts.

  10. Another wonderful mandala! Thank you for sharing the link to Dawn’s Mandala Monday blog. I definitely want to try making one but in the meantime I will enjoy your creations.

  11. Your Cherry tree is spectacular and your lovely mandala certainly captures the season Patty! xoxo

  12. So beautiful, Patty!

  13. Your tree is gorgeous!!! And what a creative way to make a mandala.

  14. A cheery tree in front!!!!…how gorgeous. Your English bread board is greatly enhanced by your mandala. A lovely tribute to spring.

  15. this is so beautiful, I love this new art form that you’ve been doing, using flowers for mandalas is an amazing idea and your tree is gorgeous! I’ve never had blooming trees. My boyfriend has a large “pimiento” on his house, but it doesn’t give any flower, it’s rather boring. But the sound of wind through the leaves is soothing anyway 🙂

  16. another lovely mandala.Your spring looks way ahead of ours 🙂

  17. A beautiful celebration of Earth Day Patty! xxx

  18. Oh I do like your flower mandala such lovely colours 🙂

  19. pretty pretty! happy day to you Patty, xo

  20. Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  21. your flower mandal is very beautiful patty 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. Spring has sprung. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  23. First, thank you for the lovely, lovely birthday gift. The mail person delivered it just about the time I was leaving for the restaurant, and this is the first time my feet have actually touched the ground since I got it. Talk about whirlwind!! Again, thank you beyond belief.

    Second, I truly believe you have made a believer of me. I am going to try one of these mandalas one of these Mondays. Just as soon as the flowers appear after being beaten down by hail last night. I love what you made and you make it look doable. Maybe nothing as awesome as what you make (after all, not everyone has one of those lovely cherry trees in their yard), because your mandala is incredible. Thanks for the inspiration, and of course, my birthday wishes.

  24. Another gorgeous mandala I love them with fresh flowers, it looks fabulous on that old bread board. Thanks again for sharing your lovely garden, have a wonderful day my dear..

  25. Patty your mandala is gorgeous-so very inspiring that I may have to try my hand at an organic mandala-once we get some blossoms to work with 🙂 I love this idea!

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