Flieder…bzy …liliowy …lilas …seringen …lillà …syrener …lilacs

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” ~John Burroughs

Lilac Tea Time

it’s lilac time again in northern Virginia…

Lilac Tea Time (4)

seemingly overnight the leaves are back on the trees and blooms are bursting everywhere…

Magpie's Nest Lilac Tea (1)

for friends who still have snow or cold temperatures

Magpie's Nest Lilac Teathere’s hope and

Decaf Earl Grey Supreme

I look forward to your Spring when it arrives for you…

Lilac Tea Time (3)

the talented artist Jan D’esopo‘s sculpted face that we brought back from Old San Juan last year was begging for some lilac tresses…

Lilac Tea Time (5)

 *** Special wishes go out to my dear friend Lennie for a very Happy and Healthy Birthday  *** OXO

31 responses to “Flieder…bzy …liliowy …lilas …seringen …lillà …syrener …lilacs

  1. My washing is billowing out side, windy but nice to have the tempreture to do washing. Loving your flowers fab colour and lovely quote Dxx

  2. What can I say…….just beautiful! We have a while yet before we get to this point:)

  3. As soon as I saw the first photo I could smell the perfume. Beautiful photos.

  4. So beautiful Patty! I can smell the lilacs just looking at your pictures! Happy and Healthy Spring to you and yours! We’re getting there here….slowly. xxoo

  5. I love all the shades of purple in one bunch of lilac blooms! Cant wait till my bush/tree begins to fill out. I noticed over the weekend that I have a few open clusters at the tippy top where I cant reach. Love the sculpted face and flower tresses. What a great image!
    Have a great day dear Patty!

  6. Here’s to an awesome birthday for Lennie.

    It’s been forever since I’ve smelled lilacs. They don’t bloom well in Wichita, but they used to grow with no help whatsoever in southern Missouri. Odd what difference a few hundred miles make.

    Your tresses made me laugh. Those blossoms truly WERE a perfect addition to that plaster face.

    Thanks for mentioning those of us still caught in that cycle of winter. Hope to see you for tea soon: http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.com/2013/04/not-your-average-tuesday-tea.html

  7. THANK YOU!!!! I love those lilacs I think I can smell them oh heavenly ..
    The look beautiful in your fabulous sculptured head, perfect settin for them. your a doll to share hope your having a wonderful day…Say hi to Mr Magpie will ya, big hugs…..

  8. The lilac tresses are my favorite!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!

  9. Sooo beautiful pictures, dear Patty.

  10. thank you for sharing your spring…beautiful compositions and vignettes…we have had 6 more inches of snow overnight but it’s supposed to be 65 and sunny on Friday…i have to admit, it is really beautiful outside right now…the snow stuck on everything, sunny and sparkling

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! You put a smile on my face with these 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!! ~Sophia

  12. Lanise Coats

    Composition art requires organization, balance (in the composition AND the mindset of the artist), timeliness of subject and a purpose…Patty, you have brought all to the table on this one and have given freshness to the presentations as well…Lilac Love and Patty’s Serenity…I feel lucky to share in both!

  13. We are soooo cold and behind here! I look forward to our lilacs!

  14. Ohhhhhh ~ one of my favorite flowers, I can almost smell the fragrance! Your photos are lovely and capture the beauty of this blossom. Thank you for the cheerfulness you’ve added to my day, sweet Patty!

  15. wow your lilacs are really far along…ours are only budding now. I love your shots of this beautiful color…..now I will be watching mine everyday. Happy spring to you!!

  16. Thanks for these wonderful photos. I love lilac and I love the smell 🙂 Cannot wait for their blooming in our garden.

  17. Wonderful, wonderful SPRING.Your Lilacs are stunning.
    Thanks for the touch of spring. We are still waiting for it here.
    Hugz Tonniece

  18. i know i often say i love this or this flower… but lilac definitely is my favorite of all!! the smell!!! oh, i can´t wait… you captured the blossoms so wonderfully, i esp love the contrast of the green background in one photo!

  19. You have a knack for arranging beautiful pictures Patty…and obviously a stunning garden, and teacup collection.

  20. The lilac tresses are perfect on your sculpture. Oh, I live for lilac day here – -my neighbor has a bush right by the family room window and is gracious both sharing its fragrance and a few blooms!

  21. What a beautiful still life you created in your birdcage and the Lilacs could not be more perfect in Jan’s wonderful sculpture. Thank you for sharing and bringing beauty into our lives every week!

  22. Dear Patty,
    Oh the Lilacs, they smell heawenly, and looks so beautiful- we have them in our garden ,but will have to wait many months untill they are in bloom! so thankyou for making me almost feel their smell, with your beautiful photoes!

  23. mmmm I can just smell their sweet fragrance! I have two lilac bushes-they’re double whites, but as of today I have only found a few peeks of white barely beginning to open. Thank you for sharing yours in such creative ways.

  24. Carmen Dyson

    I saw a RED lilac today in Lex . It was in a highway median and a rege of color. New favorite.

  25. oh! I can’t wait to smell lilacs. reminds me of the prom i went to for a boys catholic school when i was a junior in high school…i wore lilac perfume that smelled exactly like the flowers! xo

  26. Once again your color are inspiring and opening my senses and my mind is whirling with new ideas of art and jewelry….I better go make some notes…ha! Love your photos here Patty,, so pretty, our smells will be here soon, they are on their way!

  27. It must smell terrific where you are!

  28. You certainly are ahead of Michigan! It will be several weeks before we even see lilacs. They are all gorgeous – and my favorite of flowering trees/shrubs…beautiful!

  29. inanoctopusgarden

    ahhhh – I can smell them through the post! What a beautiful shade and both your ladies are stunning the one hosting the Love sign and the lovely woman from San Juan…she does take to a flower wreath very well!
    thanks for scenting my morning!

  30. Beautiful! I was taking photos of my lilacs today, but they don’t look this good! I love the scent of lilacs. Takes me right back in time.

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