Wisteria Wishes …

Pan pointing to Lover's Lane

“If your eyes are open, you’ll see the things worth seeing.” ~ Rumi

Pebble Garden Dumbarton Oaks

for some time I have wanted to see Wisteria in bloom up close and personal…

Dumbarton Traveling T Cup stone wall

this year my wish came true…


thanks to our glorious spring weather the traveling tea cup got out…

Wisteria with a view

to enjoy the splendor of some blooming Wisteria at our favorite city garden

Crystal Cloud Panorama

which also gave us the chance to enjoy the sparkling Crystal Cloud Terrace before it leaves the gardens this May (we still have our fingers crossed that it will become a permanent fixture there)

Traveling T Cup Crystal Cloud Terrace

we could not believe our eyes…

Wisteria Umbrella

and noses…

Wisteria Perfume

with so much beauty and fragrance wafting on the breeze…

Crystal Terrace Wisteria Arbor

several varieties are growing so bloom time would be extended…

variety of Wisteria Jim S

in every stage of unfurling…

Dumbarton Oaks more blooms to come

with lots more blooms to come…

Wisteria Cornerhelped by our cooler temperatures…

Dumbarton Oaks Wisteria Chains

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.” ~Ruth Stout

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36 responses to “Wisteria Wishes …

  1. Hi my dear , what a fantastic view-and sight,,- oh my goodness- such colours and beauty, and such fun having tea with Pan and his flute 🙂 a wonderful figure he is!
    The chrystal cloud is so very beautiful, I so understand you would love it to stay in your city!
    I send you hugs and weekend greetings.


  2. Hello chère Patty,
    le printemps est là c’est merveilleux, la glycine envoûte, la mienne est fleurie depuis quelque temps déjà, on ne s’en lasse pas.
    Gros bisoux.


  3. Wisteria is just gorgeous, but we can’t grow it here…too hot. We don’t get autumn colours either, so I have to travel south to enjoy both.


  4. To me Wisteria is like a mystical magical plant. It is here and then gone but in its wake it leaves a purple trail of heady dreams and hypnotic movement. I am so glad you got to visit this wonderful place and then to share it with us.


  5. Beautiful……I can almost smell it from here:-) Liked Pan too:-)


  6. Mrs Magpie, these photos are gorgeous, I too looooove the wisteria, it is a wonder to the eyes. We can see them in some homes, but a garden full that must be amazing, thanks so much for sharing your fabulous adventure. My favorite is that beautiful Magpie sniffing the aroma of the tree.
    Thank for stopping by, well I finally figured how to move my post to the top of my page. I’m having a giveaway to my followers,if you want to come over a have a go if not thats okay too. Have a wonderful weekend..


  7. I love your photos. especially the Blauregen. A wonderful flower.

    Have a nice weekend, dear Patty


  8. I have seen wisteria before; never like this. What a glorious assault on the senses! This is my image of heaven. Thanks for so many wonderful images — what a perfect start to the morning!


  9. I would love to visit. Did you show the crystal cloud in a previous post? I have seen it in blogland somewhere and I just adore it, What a lovely day out Dxx


  10. Since we cannot grow these here, you photos and descriptions were most appreciated! And there you were, with your nose in the blooms! Such a beautiful place to spend the day with Mr Magpie!
    Love those crystals, but will settle for prayer flags as they won’t shatter in our winds!


  11. Yes Dawn you can click on Crystal Cloud Terrace above and it will take you to several posts I’ve done on that beautiful spot! Underlined words in my posts are usually clickable for more info ♥


  12. I would pack a picnic and stay all day there!!


  13. AMAZING impressions Patty – and I reall ylove your green pages below!



  14. Wisteria is one of my favourites but, although I have tried to grow it , it just would not flower, even after many years. Just the wrong conditions. It looks like lavender water cascading down.


  15. Thanx for taking us on this magical journey with you. How amazing, I can almost smell them. I don’t know how you tore yourself away from there.
    Hugz Tonniece


  16. So wonderful, thanks for sharing all these photos.


  17. Hello dear Patty
    Oh you’ve brought the joys of Spring to me this morning!
    That wisteria is breath-taking in every image.
    Little travelling teacup found some good spots to rest today, sitting in the shade of the perfumed bracts of lavender flowers and on the lap of Pan … oh my what a life your cup has and the tales he can tell his cup friends!!
    A beautiful post thank you dear Patty.
    Shane ♥


  18. I love Wisteria! Stunning photos Patty – thank you!!! xxoo


  19. You know I LOVE your photos. Wisteria is another old time favorite flower for me. Thanks for the link too! I recognize some names here as visitors.


  20. i envy you… wish i had i something like that nearby.

    have a great weekend, patty!


  21. Thanks for sahring this beauty with us, Patty!
    I love love this flowers, we call it Glicine, and here you can see it all around.

    Have a creative and flowery weekend 🙂


  22. Dear Patty,
    thank you so much for the lot of beautiful photos with the lavender dream.
    Really a fabulously beautiful landscape gardening
    I wish you a nice sunny weekend,
    xox Anja


  23. Soooooooo beautiful! And I love the scent of Wisteria!


  24. Wow! What an incredible sight to see. We actually grew a wisteria in our backyard here but it never bloomed….we were told that they were impossible to grow in our climate so it was quite a feat to get the growth we did. How I wish it had beaten the odds and actually bloomed!


  25. I just love wisteria. I have some growing on the deck but had a cold snap so it barely bloomed this year. Wonderful photos!


  26. Wisteria is so beautiful. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it in person. I seems like a softer, more beautiful version of lilacs.


  27. Wow…soooooo wonderful.. you’ve captured the wisteria in bloom so beautifully 🙂


  28. I SO love that cloud terrace…and the wisteria…mmmmmm… gorgeous photos Patty!!


  29. So many great photos. Love the crystal clouds and the wisteria is a beauty.
    Would like to spend a day in this beautiful garden.


  30. I confess, I’ve never seen wisteria except in photos. And your photos do make these flowers come to life. Beautiful.


  31. What a beautiful garden! Looks like a wonderful day and a perfect time to visit.


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