Mandala Monday: we are all connected

“The garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature.” ~Jeff Cox 


my husband’s parents were gardeners and shared plants with us over the years…

John and Lona Mandala

each year when this Kerria japonica blooms we think of them especially…

John and Lona Mandala (2)

nature connects us…

John and Lona Mandala (4)

and delights us again and again…

John and Lona Mandala (1)

“Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher.” ~William Wordsworth

Virginia Byway

… joining Dawn of Girl Unwinding for her Mandala Monday

21 responses to “Mandala Monday: we are all connected

  1. Just forwarded this post to both my write and visualize so well. Love the quote, as well.


  2. More glorious flowers. And a beautiful quote from Wordsworth 🙂 Dxx


  3. A beautiful marriage of your flower photos and words! Thank you! xxoo


  4. I love the pastoral scenes and the pathways in the bottom mosaic. Truly a lovely offering to your in laws and their passion.
    Happy Mandala Monday!!


  5. Another lovely one. The dishes with the flowers are so pretty.


  6. Oh so sweet. Really like the addition of the china to this one.


  7. Soooooo very pretty. Glad you had a good weekend…. lots of beautiful nature in your part of the country. I always enjoy seeing it! Happy Monday!


  8. Your Mandala is so beautiful, I absolutely adore the colours which so much represent Spring. take care, Petra.x


  9. Your mandalas have inspired me to make one as a centrepiece for my table, next time we have guests. They are beautiful Patty.


  10. Aw this one is special, the circle never ending, always keeping us connected. I don’t have much nature here, but I know I can become connected here wit it and its a wonderful place , thanks for sharing my dear friend, its always a pleasure to visit. Love the mosaic of pics, ahwww horses they are beautiful, I believe there is a white one, lucky lucky white horse, lucky lucky me, lucky lucky white horse, bring your luck to me, hehehe. As children riding in the car, the first one to sing the verse got the luck LOL such fun…. Hope you and the mister are haveing a wonderful day..


  11. As always, these dazzle and indeed take my breath away.


  12. so very beautiful and wonderful how you are reminded of so many


  13. You write such wonderful, inspiring posts Patty! Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers & words with us!
    Alison xxx


  14. This is superb. If I ever get any flowers that I can use in one, I am going to make one of these mandalas. This looks like so much fun and you do it SO well!!


  15. inanoctopusgarden

    these mandalas are wonderful Patty – I wonder if you could press one and save it? Wouldn’t that be gorgeous! Gardening and flowers runs in our family too and is so fun to talk about and pass along. That flower is just gorgeous and such a special shade – something to look forward too!


  16. Stunning beautiful colors. I love flowers but can’t grow any anymore. I seem to have lost my green thumb. So around here it’s all green and no colors.
    Thanks for bring it to my home again’
    Have an awesome day
    Hugz Tonniece


  17. I can see you have so many wonderful and interesting plants dear Patty,- now I know they came from your hubs parents,- how wonderful!
    Your photoes shows such nature beauty- I love your plate of flowers, so wonderfully decorated- and your green surroundings- I might have said it before 😉 but you live in such an amazing place my dear-
    Thankyou for taking me on a tour in your garden!
    Hugs ,Dorthe


  18. Your quotes always amazes me and they are all so special ♥ Your mandala is such an ode to nature… and the colorchoice is quite to my taste 🙂 the old porcelain is gorgeous too 🙂 ♥ Conny


  19. beee utiful!!! love the garden stories in my own yard as well…plant sharing is the best…your mandalas are so gorgeous! i can’t wait to play along! xo


  20. Another beautiful mandala. Wonderful photos too. 🙂


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