Seize the day …

when I heard that Dawn’s Journal Journey’s May challenge was “Birds” I had a couple of images I knew I wanted to use (sorry I could not find who to give credit to for the images)…

Seize the day ... (2)

the girl with the basket on her head is from a 3×5 skinny that I created on cereal box cardboard some time ago…

Seize the day ... (3)

I increased the size which is unusual for me as I seem to most often reduce the size of images…

Seize the day ... (1)

adding a little texture with some sari threads for the nest and a wooden inchie frame that I glued text onto sanding and inking the edges…

Seize the day ...

I began working in this 1958 encyclopedia back in 2009

Seize the day ... (5)

excitement is building for me as there are only two more sections to complete in my visual journal and I’ll be ready to put a cover on it and call it done…

Seize the day ... (4)

 I am also sharing this with Susi’s Art Journal Journey Challenge Yourself” for May as I did challenge myself in several ways (i.e. use of images and only using stamp inks along with limiting my color palette)…

♥Happy Weekend All♥

42 responses to “Seize the day …

  1. oh i love that bluebird blue! and your images are just wonderful…happy weekend, dearest…xo

  2. Nothing says HAPPY like a bird! Love these spreads, Missy!

  3. This is a beautiful journal spread Patty! the color pallete is stunning, so vivid! I adore birds, this has taken my breath away, thank you for jump starting my weekend with this gorgeous inspring piece!

  4. I think I have so many bird images that I could do a whole bird journal! LOL! I love that first quote and it is a dynamite image.

  5. Thank you for sharing this blog post with your followers! How cool are your pages and the soon to be finished product!

  6. Great image of the girl with the basket on her head! Lovely work, Patty!

  7. Well, I wrote a comment, then I hit something on my keyboard and it disappeared. I hate when that happens! Okay…back to you….. I so love this book….. and you know I love the birds! that bird with the body descriptions is an old image that I’m sure has no credit attached to it anywhere. I have books with it in there…. it’s such a great image! And I love the girl with hat! Have a great weekend…. I hope the birds in your yard find good nesting places!

  8. A perfect quote and lovely journal. Did you alter a real book to make it?

  9. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS this also Patty!
    It seems like you are in an ART FLOW!



    xxx Susi

  10. had to see it close up!! bella!! xoxo

  11. I LOVE all your blue pages dear Patty,- you have inspired me to make a tag in blue, 🙂
    Those wonderful ones of yours are amazing,-you have such a wonderful touch with colours and toning them so beautifully. I love the little frame, and your images….It surely must be a fairy with the bird on her head ,lol,- and the qoute is lovely.
    Hope your day is bright and happy , sweet !!!

  12. Seize the day is something I try to do and will have to make greater efforts but I think they’ll pay off more. This is a wonderful reminder!

  13. you have been creating the most beautiful pages dear Patty. What an inspiration you are-you’ve been much more prolific than I that’s for sure. I’ve been spending too much time soaking up the sunshine and warm weather 🙂

  14. maybe that girl can give you a hand with the grden works? She has a basket ready 🙂
    Lovely pages again Patty, wonderful put-togeteher colors and images. Love the bulky journal!

  15. more beautiful pages …I can see you are having fun 🙂

  16. Patty….wonderful journal pages! Love the images. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  17. Beautiful pages!!! Love the birds!!! ~Sophia

  18. What a charming image of the girl with basket! The inchie plays back to her and creates a feeling if unity. Love the bird image as well! xoxo

  19. Sorry. “Of unity” ; )

  20. Love the bird page. How satisfying to be reaching the stage where you can add a cover and it’s complete. Presumably then on to the next.

  21. THAT Spring bonnet is adorable Patty!!!
    The birdie looks very happy with her nest too!
    Love your pages, as always.
    You should be very proud of your visual art journal – I always love the side-on images!
    Wet AND cold here today…oh dear Winter is on her way.
    Shane ♥

  22. A most delightful and lovely page, dear Patty! Love the blue and the bird. So beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend my friend (here
    it’s been raining since last night without a break :-()
    Hugs MARTINA xxx

  23. BEAUTIFUL, love all the birds, the background is gorgeous, you always amaze me with each pages just fabulous work my dear sweet bird. hope your having a wonderful weekend..

  24. I like your page a lot. The bird’s nest made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Brilliant pages Patty and I adore the shades of blue. How clever that they are all in an old dictionary as well! You sure make gorgeous art! Hope you are enjoying your weekend – been working like dogs on flower beds and new landscape garden.

  26. Beautiful pages Patty. Your book will be a treasure when it is done! Valerie

  27. Just love this spread and the image is wonderful! I clicked on 3×5 skinny since I had not heard that before but it just opens to the same page? Can’t wait to see your beautiful journal when it’s all finished! xoxo

  28. Susan ~
    when you click on 3×5 skinny just keep scrolling down and all of the posts with that same identification will come up, there may be more on another page too 🙂

  29. I haven’t seen my comp all wkend so catching up on my phone, all very technical for me. Loving yr pagesPatty I really like the images particularly the bird on the right. Thanks for joining journal journey’s again this month. Dxx

  30. Sensational spread. I love the blue!

  31. Beautiful blue pages Patty, I’m inspired! xxx

  32. wow gorgeous spread!

  33. Wow…this is realy beautiful, I love it!!

  34. Wow, two wondeful pages, love all the details and the colors.

  35. this is beautiful Patty!

  36. Lady Catfern

    Hi Patty!

    I love this page. The image of the bird is fab. I can see why you love it and the girl is gorgeous!


    Jill xx

  37. Love the bird image…and how you pulled it all together. The nesting material on the basket adds a lot!!

  38. Wonderful pages, Patty!

  39. This looks amazing, beautifully done.

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  41. wow it´s so beautiful – absolutely fantastic!!!!

  42. Wowwww, sehr schön!
    LG Carola

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