more than one kind of Bluebell Tea …

we have a few patches of these delicately fragrant and pretty Spanish Bluebells in our garden…

Spanish Bluebellsshared from my mother’s garden many years ago which are all together different from the Virginia Bluebells I have shown you in the past…

Spanish Bluebells 2

a dream of mine is to visit an English Bluebell forest one day (when we visit the UK next month the Bluebells will already be finished for the season so I will look forward to other blooming delights)…

Spanish Bluebell T

nature is a constant reminder of how quickly things change…

Nothing endures but change

that is one reason I am so grateful to be able to snap photographs of nature’s parade of blooms…

Cutter Quilts

there was some conversation last week on my Tea Tuesday post about cutting old quilts…

I really appreciated your forthcoming reactions as there are so many different ways to look at things…

tattered well loved quilt

what you couldn’t see in my photos was some of the wear and tear these well loved quilts have (just a small sampling of some rips and holes above) which down the road will make it a bit easier to use them for assorted art projects…

Bluebell Pixlr Play 2

thank you as always for stopping by and making Tuesdays extra special oxo

23 responses to “more than one kind of Bluebell Tea …

  1. so much beauty in these delicate blue sprigs! That’s a lovely teapot set too. The quilts are so filled with love and warmth that no matter whether you may have to eventually cut them in pieces to reuse , all that same love and warmth will still be felt. A happy Tuesday to you!


  2. Love the blues and the close-up you got showing the delicate details of the blossoms. Loving my quilt piece too. I posted a note about your sweet b-day gift today at the end of my post. ❤


  3. This lilac post is just GORGEOUS.. and in point of the quilts I can lay on Linda K´s words … this quilts will always be HEART-ART ..and I am sure if you cut them and use them in a new piece of art.. is the most wonderful kind of appreciation what the origin artists can wish for!

    xxx Susi


  4. What glorious Bluebells. I love your teapot and I love the quilts too, cut up or not. Your posts are always filled to the brim with colour.
    Sometimes, Patty you send me an email and that is lovely but I seldom go to the email that starts…silkcottonpaper…I have to use that one when I comment on wordpress blogs. if you wish to email me, better to use…
    Sue /Zue


  5. My little comment has disappeared, probably put it under the wrong post…never mind
    have a greet day, Patty


  6. Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers Patty. There’s a wonderful garden owned by the National Trust here in the UK, that I love to visit in May, to see the carpets of bluebells. Everything is flowering late this year though, so who knows when I should go?!
    I love your beautiful teapot & cup!
    Alison xxx


  7. Smiles. Yes, sometimes you just will never use the quilt (nor will anyone) if it is too damaged; or you do till it’s WAY too damaged. And you will honor the original maker with what you create, which will certainly be lovely!

    Lovely flowers. How beautiful.


  8. I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen a bluebell, except in photos. And yours are especially beautiful.

    Your teapot is gorgeous. I would share tea with you any day if it was served in that lovely pot.

    Those quilts will be far better loved once you have cut them up and used them some way in your art. Personally, I think these will make awesome additions to any fabric art you create. I think you are lucky to own them.


  9. I forgot to mention how sweet you were to send Halle such a lovely gift. You are always so thoughtful. She and I know we both run especially late with our gifts each year. I think I’ve only been on time once. But YOU are always right on time.


  10. Your photographic artistry really brings the bluebells to life for those of us who don’t have such beauties in our garden. Love the lace doilies, too. I can never pass up old quilts or doilies either and sometimes cutting them up and using them in a new way is the most loving thing to do in order to give them an extended life.


  11. Those blue flowers are so pretty!

    I just popped over from the comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. 🙂


  12. I do love all the bluebells…… I’m quite sure I’ve never seen any in person…. They are pure beauty! I love a good cutter quilt!! As a quilter, I love seeing the old tattered quilts find new life!


  13. It’s so lovely that you have some bluebells from your mother’s garden. I’m enjoying your Monday Mandala posts too.


  14. Dear Patty , those Bluebells I love, and we have them here, too! Such amazing colour, and so lovely!! Where in UK are you visiting ? I only once was there, and that was London!
    I so admire your old quilts – they have been giving so much comfort- and warmth, -they are beautiful art works, and most surely also showing the life of a family,- being made from worn out clothes, and fabric pieces.
    I would love to find such here too-(impossibly) to use in new art pieces ,where they will be admired and cared for once again, just as they will in your new creations!
    Wish you, my dear friend, a lovely tuesday- Thankyou for the beautiful photoes!


  15. Beautiful blue!!! It is sad to cut those quilts, but consider that you are giving each carefully chosen patch a whole new life.


  16. these flowers are divine Patty as is you lovely tea set.
    happy tuesday xo


  17. Beautiful bluebells – and you are bringing new life and love to the tattered quilts. That is the gift of giving. xxoo


  18. We have an early spring flower here that my mom calls a French hyacinth – it looks so much like your bluebells – I wonder if it’s the same thing?

    You cutter quilts are definitely cutters – I’m certain they have fallen into the right hands with you my dear 🙂


  19. We also missed the bluebelles in a lovely place I like to visit it’s a lovely house and they have a fairy bluebell trail so sweet. However, we are lucky enough to have a lot that grow near us I am no longer able to go on the walk due to ill health but hubby tells me when he comes back with the dogs how well it looks and I remember them from past walks, What a lovely teacup set you have there.

    So lovely that you are travelling to the UK What are your plans? Are you coming anywhere near the North West? Would love to meet up but only if you have the time, I imagine you have a packed schedule 🙂


  20. What a sweet person you are , so generous to others. I think reusing the blankets and breathing new life into them was brilliant. I didn’t realize there were so may different bluebells, would love to smell them but will settle for the visual… Oh I so excited for you going to England, fantastic, it certainly holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for the lovely tea and sharing your lovely flowers..Hope you and Mister Magpie have a wonderful weekend…


  21. delicate is the perfect word to describe these flowers as it is a perfect word to describe life. Each moment is presented once. Delicate thing, really. I hope you make it to your field of blue in England one day soon.


  22. Such gorgeous little flowers. The color is so vibrant. Best wishes, Tammy


  23. You know we share a love of bluebells ( you should see my mum’s pink and white ones ;-)) we are going to visit a bluebell wood this weekend in Charnwood Forest……can’t wait. I will be thinking of you!
    Hoping to show you some blooming delights very soon, though 🙂
    Hugs xx
    PS wonderful photos!


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