Lily of the valley tea…

“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”  ~Hanna Rion

Lona's Teacups

one whiff of deliciously fragrant Lily of the Valley and you are instantly reminded of just how amazing nature can be…

Convallaria majalis

each flower is so distinctive…

Convallaria majalis 'Rosea'

it seems that every one that blooms in our garden is my favorite…

Lona's Teacups (1)

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell.  One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.” ~Diane Ackerman

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for Tea on Tuesday

33 responses to “Lily of the valley tea…



  2. Just in time, it’s my BF birthday ans the Lilly of the valley is her favorite flower so I just had to share this wonderful post with her, I too love the Lilies there aroma is intoxicating, thanks for sharing your garden with us also the 2 gorgeous cups, have a wonderful day my dear, off to the pool, I’m out the door, great timing for the post:):)….

  3. dotferrero

    What a lovely tribute to my favorite and only scent I can wear. I have one tiny Lily blooming. Thanks for the memory.

  4. What cracking photos 🙂 loving Lilly of the valley i have a TC&S as well with these on. Dxx

  5. I love your compositions! They are beautiful! In Germany we call those flowers “little bells of May”.

  6. Definitely one of my favorite flowers. So sweet and delicate. Everything is just beautiful Patty!

  7. I love lily of the valley! I’ve just brought some in to my dining room table and their smell is heavenly. Beautiful photos!

  8. You’ve done it again – so many beautiful images. The doilies are the perfect backdrop to showcase your lilies. And the teacups are lovely, too.

  9. Again, your photos bring back memories of lilies of the valley I grew somewhere, but I cannot place where????, but I know that they are a favorite of my mothers, and I always remember the lovely smell, and the delicate flower! So pretty!

  10. Wonderful photos Patty……the flowers are even more beautiful in close up! X

  11. What beautiful photos again. I love the perfume of the lily of the valley. Your cups and saucers are so beautiful. Having been brought up in The Potteries I can’t resist the urge to turn a piece upside down to see where it was made. I would love to do that with yours, especially as the one on the left is a very familiar English shape.

  12. What a lovely display of one of my favorite flowers. I always picked them in my grandma’s garden.

  13. Mine are just starting to be out — another few days and they’ll be all over the house in sweet vases, making it smell divine. Lovely cup, Patty!

  14. Those are gorgeous.

  15. Tea, flowers and lace, nothing better.

  16. Pretty cups and, as always, gorgeous flowers. You take such delight in your garden Patty…it must be just perfect.

  17. Beautiful tea cups!!! I’m drinking a berry green tea right now…..

  18. I love this so much Patty. My Nana shared her love of lily of the valley with me. Brings up sweet memories.

  19. i love the delicate Lily-of-the-valley fowers. We spotted some on our hike last weekend, so nice.

  20. Ah Lily of the Valley…May’s flower. I had some at the old house…left them along with so many other perennials that I now wish I had. Oh well…moving with an infant and a preschooler was enough headache at the time. 🙂

  21. those flowers are just so stunning… a great garden is such a joy, though our jungle is in need of some serious post summer culling so lacking the joy factor at the moment… I live vicariously through your pretty flower filled garden… and those tea cups are perfect as well… a delight to visit and catch up on your posts… xx

  22. Hello Patty you are so blessed to have the beauty and the fragrance of these most gorgeous Lilly-of-the-Valley plants growing in your garden – I have in the past but they need just that special place to grow. Your beautiful table setting and cups and saucers are such a complementary addition to those special flowers – enjoy!
    Sending warm fragrant hugs,

  23. I used to have a few of these early spring beauties, but they got smothered out by my vinca vine ground cover. I love the delicate flowers. These cups are adorable, and both so different, yet both show the beauty of these flowers. Of course, the lacy assemblage was the BEST.

    Thanks for joining me today, although I’m really late getting here.

  24. What a lovely Birthday present. Dianne said to not miss todays post if at all possible. Thank you and Dinne. How wonderful to have these in your garden. Thanks for another beautiful post.
    Big Hugz Tonniece

  25. I never had Lily of the Valley in my garden until recently – I had read when the kids were small that it can be poisonous. I know have a few pips here and there – but it sure is taking a long time for them to establish and spread like I want them to. Yours are absolutely beautiful – I didn’t realize there was so much variety!

  26. How very beautiful, are those two cups of yours, dear Patty!! I love the Lily of the Valley- the smell, and sweet flowers.
    My mother had a lot in her garden when I was a kid, and young girl ( thankyou for the memories!) Love you have different kinds in your beautiful garden.
    Hugs to you sweet friend-
    Dorthe, xx

  27. Thank you for thanking me with you in your gorgeous blooming garden and let me smell the lily of the valley 😀 I have some lilly o.t.v. cup from my mom too and a tablecloth too 🙂 time to use it again! I am a big “nose-typ-being” and smelling for me is the most important thing xox ♥ Conny

  28. Hi, Patty. The teacups are gorgeous and look as delicate as the flowers they exhibit. My dad planted some Lily of the Valley for my mom in one of the flower gardens. I used to play there when they bloomed and called them bell flowers 😀 . Beautiful post as usual 😉 . Take care! 😀 – Amy

  29. Beautiful photographs Patty!!! I love Lily of the Valley flowers. They are so delicate. Now if only some one could come up with an idea of how to send the scent of the flowers over internet. Wouldn’t that be something? I guess I’ll just have to imagine how wonderful their fragrance must be 🙂 ~Sophia

  30. my goodness, lily of the valley. i love the smell of it, but just the other day, i was becoming quite irate. this stuff KNOWS how to grow! lol i have some in our garden and it has crept its way so that there are shoots popping out of my lawn now. i can’t figure out how to deal with this, as the roots are so deep and spread out. maybe i’ll just have to say ‘you win’ and let it take over my yard? ahhh, nature. can’t really fight it, though we gardeners try. thanks for sharing your perspective of this plant. yes, it is lovely. (sigh) 😛

  31. Brins back great childhood memories!

  32. Welcome home, Patty! I’m wondering if my email feed is weird — never not a notice on this one but was glad you posted on FB. It’s beautiful!

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