finding beauty …

Chanticleer samplerMr Magpie and I took the traveling tea cup away for a long weekend recently and did a bit of garden hopping in Pennsylvania…

Magpie's Nest Traveling Tea Cup

we were delighted to visit the beautiful Chanticleer Gardens  several years ago and knew we wanted to make a return visit again someday…

Chanticleer Blooms Sampler

May and June in my view are fabulous garden months with so much blooming and temperatures that are not too hot or humid…

Paper Parasol Sampler

as it turned out this one day out of the four we were away did get a bit warm and sticky so my pretty paper parasol really came in handy for shade while strolling some of the 35 acres…

Chanticleer green spaces

we discovered that the blooms in Pennsylvania were about two weeks behind us here in Virginia (next Tea Tuesday I have some really fabulous Wisteria pics to share from the other garden we toured as well)…

Chanticleer Ruins Sampler

Chanticleer has been described as a “pleasure garden” that is “planted to perfection” with lots of welcoming places to sit and linger to enjoy the lush vistas along with the flora and fauna…

Chanticleer Places to Sit Sampler

the arched veranda was especially lovely and cool with breezes blowing through and we were mesmerized by the ceramic pot filled with water that had fresh flowers floating in it…

Chanticleer Verandathere was a group of artists intently working  away with pastels en plein air…

Plein Air Painters at Chanticleer

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for Tea on Tuesday and sending up prayers for all those affected by the tornado on 20 May in  Oklahoma♥

Chanticleer Ruins Water Table

it is difficult to try and make sense out of how beautiful AND destructive nature can be all at the same time…

♥Peace to you dear ones ♥

33 responses to “finding beauty …

  1. I couldn’t agree more…nature is a powerful force. Both in the physical and emotional sense.

  2. Well said Patty. Simply beautiful photos.

  3. eifelwicht

    Yes it is, you are absolutely right!

    The photos are so beautiful, they made me want to move and live there. Peaceful places….

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful journey you went on, the picture are gorgeous, what a place, I went to there site and click on the garden artistry when I click on it it downloaded a beautiful video with great music to listen while watching, ow I can go there anytime right in my living room.:O).I see there is some lovely pics of you and Mister Magpie, and I never leave home without my parasol when that sun is shining. Have a wonderful day and will look forward to the wisteria post..

  5. Ah….thank you for a beautiful respite in a wonderful garden. I will go to the garden’s website and check out the video Dianne mentions above. I kept imagining myself sitting in one of the various chairs and enjoying the sights and sounds.

  6. Your traveling teacup goes to much more interesting places than I do — this is so beautiful — I think I would have been gasping at every turn. I love to watch artists at work; I’m sure I would have stopped and stared till they chased me away! Thanks, Patty!

  7. Beautiful photos Patty! It all looks very English country gardens! xxx

  8. What lush and beautiful gardens……great collages you show here of these gardens. Have a super Tuesday……

  9. Dearest Patty, your collages are just so very wonderful, I love the beautiful photoes you take, and the little glimpses of you and your husbond- like the one in the mirror 🙂
    The awfull tragidy happened in Oklahoma,is also on my mind dear friend, and so not to believe when seing your pieceful nature photoes here!!
    From lamb to lion is Gods nature! In just a blink with your eyes ,almost!
    Wonderful you have had such a lovely tour.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  10. what a fab tour and what fantastic impressions! ?Thank you dear Patty!

  11. It was good to see a full face view of you for once, and with the love of your life, too. He looked great behind that parasol, too.

    These are gorgeous gardens. Of course, I had to enlarge each photo before I left a comment. Some of these flowers I have never seen before, but I was simply swept off my feet by the beauty you and Mr. M were able to capture on “film.”

    I agree with you that it’s hard to imagine that nature can be so beautiful, yet so destructive at times. Thanks for joining in Tea Tuesday today.

  12. Looks like a wonderfully, beautiful place to visit! 🙂

  13. what an incredibly gorgeous garden!!! I had to look this place up-it’s only about 45 min. drive from me. Now I just need to see if I can get a friend or two to go 🙂

  14. What a magnificent garden. Thanks for taking me on a little tour. Love your parasol.

  15. An amazing garden tour.

    Well said.(it is difficult to try and make sense out of how beautiful AND destructive nature can be all at the same time…)
    Big Hugz Tonniece

  16. Looks like a fabby weekend beautiful photos Dxx

  17. Beautiful photos Patty!!! Thank you for sharing!!! ~Sophia

  18. Dear Patty
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tour over 35 acres of stunning gardens in Pennsylvania. I can only imagine just how beautiful everything looks least of all the magnificent trees that are always just there standing strong almost unnoticed! Being a garden addict that I am I had to visit the site but was unable to open the video there but I will try again!
    Your collages too are so very beautiful. Your own garden must be so beautiful too at the moment. Looking forward to seeing the flowering Wisterias too.
    Love and warm hugs,

  19. absolutely stunning pics and gardens patty….does your heart good to see them :)yes mother nature can be so cruel….sending hugs xoxoxo

  20. Oooh, wow, so wonderful pictures and it was nice weather, wasn’t it? Here in North-Germany it rains, and rains, and rains. It is good for stamping *lol*

  21. You really do manage to find the most beautiful places to visit.

  22. What a treat to see these gardens! THANK YOU for sharing them as you knocked it out of the park on this post. [lots of your devoted time = a blessing to the rest of us] That Espalier in the first photo is magnificent…also loved the skeletal petals on that dogwood blossom. You have such a keen eye for finding nature’s surprises. I love that about you!

  23. What a beautiful large space. Love your parasol! 🙂

  24. Viewing your photos today enlivened my very tired spirit. Thank you. As an aside, I’ve been searching for just the “right” tea cup to put here and there in my photos…or should I use my little gnome? I can’t decide. Any who–Your blog inspires the best in me. : ) Blessings

  25. Love that first wall and the wall which is falliing down.

  26. stunning photos and thoughts! I always love your posts!

  27. a feast for the eyes and for the heart as well!! wonderful photos & photo-mosaics… and i like your parasol!

  28. Such beautiful photos, Patty. It was like taking a mini vacation for me. BTW, didn’t you say you had used something called Distress sprays? I can’t find it even on google.

  29. You go the best places! Such garden inspiration to be found here…. Did I comment on this post already? Not sure………. happy Thursday!

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  31. Carmen Dyson

    Really beautiful. Your timing is wonderful, always.

  32. So glad you gave me the link to this post Patty….what an absolutely fabulous place; its got everything!
    I want to visit!!! XX

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