put a bird nest on it…

and call it done…

Encyclopedia Pages

my twenty-eight spread journal using an old rescued encyclopedia volume that I have worked in so much lately

Patty Szymkowicz Art Journal (1)

now has a cover on it using a piece of one of the cutter quilts I got recently…

Patty Szymkowicz Robin in Angel Fountain

while I was out on the back porch (where the light is good for photography) a robin redbreast popped into our angel fountain not seeming to mind me being quite close…

Patty Szymkowicz Robin in Birdbath

as I had my camera handy I clicked a few photos of her splish splashing away…

Magpie's Nest Robin in the bath

something went amiss with the robin that nested in our pink climbing rose out front as the four beautiful eggs disappeared from the nest over night leaving us guessing what might have gone wrong…

 back to my art journal…

Patty Szymkowicz Quilted Journal CoverI always like an excuse to use one of my wire bird nests as they are such fun to make…

Patty Szymkowicz Art Journal

I am close to finishing a smaller Funk & Wagnalls volume but that may not happen before our trip in June…

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31 responses to “put a bird nest on it…

  1. Your robin photos are fabulous — how lucky you are! And I love your journal — the quilt looks great on the top — can’t believe how many pages you’ve done. Busting at the seams and I bet each and every one is a beauty! Love your nests; much search for your tutorial on that.

  2. Thank you Jeanie…if you click on the underlined words it will take you to the post where I link a tutorial for making the nests…easy peasy and so much fun! oxo

  3. I love the look on the robin’s face in the last picture. It made me laugh out loud. The bird’s nest charm is so sweet. I immediately had to find the tutorial…maybe I’ll make one tonight….and your journal cover is wonderful…I wanted to reach into the photo and touch it…thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. What an incredible way to finish that journal. Lovely composition using the flower as background for the nest. You make mixed media and altered art look and seem flawless and easy.

  5. fran podlesney

    What beautiful pics of the bathing robin. I am missing being creative. Just a few more months! Lovely as always Patty.

  6. This is a marvellous way of finishing your journal. The cover looks so exquisite. And your little bird so much at home … thank you for sharing the images.

  7. eifelwicht

    I love that bathing robin! You have taken wonderful pictures, Patty!
    And your finished art journal looks really pretty in its new dress!

  8. Oh yea!!!! So glad you got your cover made…. it’s so perfect for this volume!!! Great use of part of the cutter quilt. And I love the bathing robin. She looks a little indignant all wet!

  9. Ooooooh Patty! I could jump right into that jouranl, how divine! I think I could live in there! Very beautiful indeed! And the bird shots are incredible, thank you again and again!

  10. Oh; your photos are fabulous! I love the expression on the Robin in the last shot! Just incredible! Your journal cover is stunning and I just love your wired nest!! xxoo

  11. Beautiful journal cover Patty!! The nest was the perfect finishing touch!! Sorry to hear about the missing eggs. It makes me wonder too… Thanks for sharing the photos of the robin. Seems to really have enjoyed the bath!! ~Sophia

  12. I miss visiting here! What AWESOME photos of the bird bathing!! And, that journal looks incredible!

  13. Love the robin pics. How do you do that? I try to get good photos of the birds, but it is hard. Yours are great!
    Love the book with the nest. It really finished the front of it well.

  14. oh that robin is a cheeky little fellow…love the cutter quilt and birds nest on your journal …what a treasure….

  15. Oh Patty, I am so sad to hear about Mrs. Robin’s eggs. The face on the robin in the last picture made me giggle. Reminds me of Rosie’s “stink eye” as if to say “Did you ask before you clicked?”. Ggg Your cover is like a ray of sunshine. Well done my friend! =)

  16. gorgeous journal cover and beautiful photos of the robin. they are so fun to watch and seem to be our most frequent visitor to the bird bath. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

  17. What a beautiful finish to your journal – the colors and your touches make it look so inviting ! Your photos of the robin are absolutely perfect the last one being the clincher ! Thanks for the giggle:) great work Patty!

  18. Your journal is wonderful Patty, such a beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing the link to the instructions for those fab wire nests too!
    The birdy photos are adorable, the robin looks quite indignant at being photographed! Lol!
    Alison xxx

  19. Sorry to hear about your robin’s eggs. Same experience we had with the mockingbirds. Love the journal, the blue, and the loved worn look of the journal overall.

  20. 1st off what great pics of the robin, love them. 2nd, what a sad mystery about the eggs going missing. 3rd………….. Love how you did your cover.
    Hope you have an awesome day.
    Hugz Tonniece

  21. Dearest Patty,
    your art journal is now looking so amazing in its finished cover- so suitable for the inside, with the blue colours and that wonderful blue flower with your sweet nest. The cut quilt is lovely in all those old cotton fabrics -looking so sweet summerly!
    You created an amazing art journal ,filled with your gorgeous pages, it will be so lovely to look into- now and again- in years to come!
    How wonderful photoes of the bathing Robin- wonderful pictures you got of him!! So sad the other one left her eggs!!!
    WOW congratulations on your 1660 post -that is amazing Patty !!
    Happy friday to you, and hugs-

  22. Perfect use for a cutter quilt. Looks like a piece of the one you sent me. 🙂
    You caught such a funny look on the robin…makes me laugh.

  23. Oh this is such an awesome bookcover!!! Love it! We had some very cool air blow in today, I may have to turn the furnace back on…

  24. You take some amazing photographs! love your covering as well Dxx

  25. Hello ma chère Patty,
    merci pour ton gentil commentaire sur mon blog.
    Avec un peu de retard je viens de visiter le tien, que de merveilles, quel talent ma chère Patty, la couverture de ton journal d’art est superbe avec cette fleur nid d’oiseau si mignonne.

  26. Dear Patty
    Your warm messages sending get well wishes has meant so much to me – thank you for being the caring person that you are. Also, for your visits to my Blog which I do not take for granted.
    I do so hope that I will be back amongst the warm blogging community very soon, missing it so much.
    Oh those sweet images, amazing photography skills on display Patty and then we have your gorgeous book, that little nest is the perfect addition.
    I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

  27. look at that bird! Seems it’s very happy with the bath tub at your place 🙂 Your journal really is amazing, it must be a joy to revisit pages in it.

  28. That’s such a lot of work Patty…and beautifully done.

  29. I do adore the journal and would so like to sit and turn the pages. The cover is so beautiful – a good use for the cutter quilt. A very different looking robin to ours in the UK but they are also very unfazed by being watched. Sounds like your robin’s nest was predated, I always think if it’s going to happen it is better at the egg stage than when they have hatched.

  30. blogpost #1660! i believe it, you are prolific 😛
    i’ve enjoyed catching up on a few missed posts, the photos of your most recent trip are wonderful. thank you for sharing. the gardens are amazing!

  31. I love your fabric cover with the blue flower bird’s nest and your photos of the robin.

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