Longwood Gardens and The Traveling Tea Cup…

Longwood Gardens 1the day before we recently visited Chanticleer Gardens we toured the famous Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (since Chanticleer was much smaller and we took a few less photos I shared that visit with you first for last week’s T on Tuesday)…

Longwood Gardens Italian Gardens

we made a day of it taking our time even including the Italian Water Garden Insider Tour which was very informative

Longwood Gardens May 2013

we almost visited Longwood several years ago but it was a hot and humid day and we decided in the gift shop that we could not do the gardens justice so we saved it for another time…

Longwood Bloom Sampler

good things are indeed worth waiting for…

Longwood Gardens overlook to Italian Gardens

this day was a bit overcast with light showers now and then along with bursts of bright sunshine…

Longwood Gardens Parasol Reflection

lucky for me the paper parasol my friend Susan brought back from China is waterproof…

Longwood Gardens Wisteria Sampler

that pretty parasol has really served me well on sunny days and rainy ones too (to our great delight Pennsylvania was a good two weeks behind our Virginia gardens so we got a replay of fabulous Wisteria blooms!)…

Longwood Gardens TopiaryLongwood Gardens is quite a lot to take in with over 1,077 acres (4.2 km²) of gorgeousness to enjoy…

Magpie's Nest Traveling Tea Cup at Longwood

it was fun having our traveling teacup along…

Longwood Peirce-du Pont house atrium

I know it looks like I have shared quite a lot here but this is only scratching the surface of this beautiful place …

Longwood Fountain Garden

we heated up our camera that day clicking away …

Longwood base of wishing well

so glad you stopped by today …

Amish or Mennonite Ladies taking a lunch break at Longwood

I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for Tea on Tuesday…

32 responses to “Longwood Gardens and The Traveling Tea Cup…

  1. Thank you Patty for sharing this beautiful and magical place with us. Oh the Wisteria!!!!!!!! So stunning…my favorite. XXOO


  2. I was in awe of the fountains. Of course, the flowers and greenery were right up my alley, too. That topiary bird was out of this world. Oh, to be so gifted.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the last photo of the Amish women sitting together, resting and talking, on that park bench. I allowed my imagination to go wild and came up with a scenario where they worked in the gardens and became amateur sleuths to solve a murder that happened in the gardens. Thanks for allowing me this fun view of the gardens and allowing my imagination to wander while I surveyed your lovely photos.


  3. Beautiful, Patty. I love how you used your umbrella, and I love the one with the Amish women sitting on the bench. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Seriously. Time for you two Magpies to publish a book. Possible titles include: Oh, the Places You Should Go… or: Watch. Listen. Learn. A Guide to Dating. I can think of more if you give me a minute☺ What wonderful memories for you to savor! As always, such an artistic eye in capturing your photos. xo


  5. Oh my, where to start…all your images were just beautiful….my favorites…the teacup in the nest sculpture…the bird topiary….the Amish women….and the chairs with patterns….I better stop or I will end up listing all of them 🙂


  6. Beautiful photos Patty!!! Love all the flowers and fountains. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for taking us along on your stroll through the gardens 🙂 ~Sophia


  7. More beautiful photos! I especially like the one of the row of ornate chairs and their shadows. Very cool! Have a wonderful week!


  8. Your teacup goes to the most fabulous places. I would think that garden would take more than a day to explore fully.


  9. marmeladegypsy

    I love it when the Traveling Teacup takes me to places I’ve never been! And this one is most certainly on the bucket list! Thanks, Patty — and Cup!


  10. Than Italien water garden looks so amazing.. I love the collage you made from there , the figure so beautiful-and what is not beautiful, here my dear Patty!! such wonderful eyes you both have for taking great photoes, showing the diversity of all your experiences. The flowers are gorgeous in colours, and those birdies surely did give you a big serving of water 🙂 the sweet cup, have seen such beauty on this tour 🙂
    Hugs from a sunny evening on Bornholm.


  11. What a beautiful place. The fountains are so cool! So glad you take so many photos between the two of you. You become our tour guides.


  12. Tout est beau ma chère Patty, que de belles découvertes pour moi.
    Gros bisoux.


  13. What a beautiful place! It looks like a british movie set on PBS 🙂

    Love your traveling parasol AND teacup!


  14. It looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Patty! xxx


  15. Beautiful planting and the architecture and sculptures are a delight.


  16. Wow another FAB day out Dxx


  17. Another wonderful armchair journey, love all those fountains, gorgeous flowers, some don’t even look real, the photo with the chairs and shading is brilliant, I love the building with the trees growing on them, they have one like that in Vancover very kool. Now those wisteria, with the gorgeous umbrella and a beautiful couple posing aww perfect. The bird carved in the bush so lovely, the teacup brilliant, love it in the nest :). Well I’d be a clicking fool if I went, thanks for all the links, it was a breathtaking journey today, full of wonderful surprises, Hope you and the Mister have a wonderful day..


  18. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I really enjoy them.


  19. Your photos are gorgeous – as always! Thanks for taking us along to such beautiful places!


  20. Oh my, this is beautiful and breathtaking. Living in a desert, I can honestly say I had ever seen SO MANY types of flowers. Beautiful shots, Patty, thank you for taking me on a virtual tour 🙂


  21. Gorgeous Patty. That bird topiary is amazing work and although your photos are all spectacular my favorite has to be of the two of you. So sweet! xoxo


  22. what glorious, glorious garden photos!!! Thank you for such a lovely stroll thru the gardens dear Patty. It’s been many years since I was there. Love the little glimpses of that beautiful parasol too 🙂


  23. Such a beautiful place to spend the day~ glad you brought your parasol with you!! I love it


  24. eifelwicht

    Oh Patty, to me it seems that you live in an area whose second name is PARADISE!
    I love all the photos and the Amish women seem to take me back into the old days. Beautiful!


  25. ohhh you have some fabulous shots here….I especially like the fancy chairs in a row with their shadows and I see you saved the best for last…..those mennonites all in a row on the bench…wow!!! What gardens too! I hope you are doing well my dear…….have a wonderful Thursday…..we have a holiday today:)


  26. Carmen Dyson

    Good pictures. I was there years ago and enjoyed the night blooming Lilly pads. They are so large you can stand on them.


  27. Yet another wonderous post. Such beauty and peace. You and your hubby are so lucky to be enjoying all this splender. TFS
    Hugz Tonniece


  28. i envy you for all these wonderful parks and gardens you can visit… thanks for sharing these fantastic photos with us, it is a feast for the eyes!!


  29. oh your post is full of the most delightful pics…I love that last one….you get to go to the most amazing gardens 🙂


  30. Well, that was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Beyond beautiful….you are so lucky to have visited here. Your photos are amazing……I especially like the chairs and their shadows. xx


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