Needle Felting Love…

normally I am fairly low tech but after my friend Susan and I got together to try our hands at some wet felting (which was great hands on funI also had the opportunity to use her Embellishing machine

Nuno Wet Felting

I tried to tell myself I could live without one as I do enjoy needle felting by hand but it kept creeping back into my mind (you can see some of my hand felted work here)…

Beginning Machine Felting

imagine no thread…no bobbin…just twelve barbed needles that mesh fabrics and fibers together magically (oh the possibilities!) and oddly enough I feel safer with the machine than I do when I am hand felting as there are many opportunities to stick yourself if you’re not careful (focus…focus…focus)…

4x4 felted bookcover

you can visit the talented Jane LaFazio for a wonderful needle felting tutorial here (you’ll note by the date that she’s been there and done that three years ago 😉 )…

Embroidered Book Cover

the machine needle felting is a wonderful beginning for adding additional hand felted touches along with embroidery which brings me to share some exciting news with you about a new challenge blog sweet friends Theresa and Jan have started called needle thread cloth

Machine Felted Prayer Flag

this month’s focus happens to be one of my all time favorite stitches the French knot

Wool Felted Prayer Flagbe sure and stop by as all are welcome to join along…

Heidi Swapp Color Shine

meanwhile some new shimmery paints jumped into my shopping basket recently and I do not know what to play with first * paper * fibers * paint * scissors * glue * …

Needle Felting Works in Progress

lots of works in progress here…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”  ~Ferris Bueller

45 responses to “Needle Felting Love…

  1. marmeladegypsy

    I do love needle felting — and you are working in my color palette — but then you often do! Lovely, Patty!

  2. Now you’ve done it. I’m going to have to get out my needle felting machine and start playing again. Your work is beautiful and makes my fingers itch to pull out wool and ribbons and pretty laces. I’m supposed to be “organizing” my studio right now, but have become totally distracted by your creations and I want to go play!

  3. Your needle felting is gorgeous Patty! I have only tried once, and it is not my favorite, but you do it so well! I do love embroidery, and have already signed into the needle felt blog, and have yet to master the french knot…ha! But I adore fiber and hope to yet fit another crafty thing into my schedule this month!

  4. You are so creative!!! This is such a stunning piece!!! I love the design and colors. The ribbon and stitching are beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!!! ~Sophia

  5. Gorgeous, you did an absolutely great job!!!

  6. What fabulous colors and the projects are gorgeous!! wow!!

  7. Patty, Patty……truly beautiful work. You are amazing. (do you ever sleep? 🙂 )

  8. Karen Hess

    Well, it never fails…whenever I visit your blog I learn something new!! Wow…a felting machine that doesn’t use bobbins (my nemesis) or thread ~ superb!! It sure looks like you’re a natural with this machine, Patty, and I’m sure you’re on your way to more unique and beautiful creations ~ thanks for all the eye candy!

  9. Karen Hess

    Oh, and one more thing….you touched my heart when you said French knots were your favorite….they were my dear mom’s too. She only embroidered, but her embroidery was incredible! xo

  10. That is some stunning pieces you have created dear Patty, how very beautiful, they are,, your LOVE piece is such a fantastic creation- OH oh- just to fall in love with!! How wonderful for you, to have such a felting maschine! Maybe it should just be on my wishlist 🙂
    This is adorable!!!!
    Hugs ,Dorthe-

  11. GORGEOUS pieces Patty. Such beautiful colors and textures. That embellisher looks incredible too. Thanks for the link back to the challenge site. I’m glad we chose a favorite stitch of yours to start with.

  12. WOW WOW WOW……….I’m speechless. Really speechless.

    Your piece for the new challenge group just blows me away. Out of the box, layered, French Knotted delight. Speechless……………..


  13. Clever machine…and no doubt it’s very quick (a bonus). Lovely stuff.

  14. you’re on the roll with your new device 🙂 I’m sure there will be wonders shown soon (just combine all items you mentioned, fun fun fun)!

  15. oh my goodness, another thing to add to my list…wowee! such gorgeous creations!!! i love them all equally…and thanks for the challenge blog info! xoxo happy weekend, dearest

  16. I’ve never tried needle felting…mostly because I’m not allowing myself to pick up anything new…at least until I go through some of my current supplies.

  17. Forgot to mention…before too quickly hitting the post button….how cool the pieces look. Needle felting gives such unique texture and allows for so many beautiful options.

  18. Fabulous!! So, did you decide to get yourself a needle felting machine? Or was that your friend’s in the pictures? Of course, I’d encourage you to get one. I’ve never seen one in action but I love a new tool!

  19. Beautiful felting Patty! It’s so soft and the embellishments are wonderful! I’ve only felted by hand – the dry method with the tools. I’ve always wanted to try the wet felting. You’ve inspired me again! Thank you!

    Love ya – Marilyn xxoo

  20. I love it! It looks contagious!!! 😀 … and FUN!!! Have a great weekend! Take care! 😀

  21. SCREAMING OUT LOUD at all the outrageous beauty happening in this post. Oh dear me. That LOVE prayer flag {{{all of it actually}}} is so beautiful! Now the strong notion of I MUST HAVE one of these machines just jumped into my head—probably similar to how your shimmery paints jumped into your cart. And once these things jump, oh never mind. Beautiful work, Patty! You are so inspiring. Please don’t ever stop☺

  22. The felting is beautiful. I’ve never tried it but I’m so amazed at what you made.

  23. Definitely lots of scrumtiousness’s going on in this post (and yes I know that isn’t a word!). Now I’m off to check out the new site…

  24. Now I’m REALLY jealous. I’ve wanted one of those machines ever since I first saw one for sale for about $100.00. My friend Kathy, who uses a single, as well as a five needle hand held jobbie (whatever it’s called) talked me out of it, telling me if I didn’t get it just right, I’d be replacing needles like crazy. Now I think you’ve nearly talked me into getting one because your felting is divine. LOVE, love, love it.

  25. gosh patty, your needlefelting and handstitching is just beautiful… much to look at…the scrummy textures you created are just beautiful….I love my needlefelt machine ( only 7 needles) but its sounds like an aircraft carrier taking off….so noisy….lol…. I have so many projects going I don’t know where to start either lol

  26. oh my gosh.. this all looks amazing Patty! a fantastic machine and all thos treasures are just wonderful!!!
    great post!
    xxx Susi
    a happy weekend to you and Mr. Magpie!

  27. eifelwicht

    Patty, these needle-felted pieces just look stunning!
    Can you see the little hearts in my eyes???

  28. There is so much to say about this! But I will just say Breath-taking Love the end result Dxx

  29. Gorgeous, Patty, gorgeous colors, beautiful layering, My DS is the felter and has one of those machines. We went to visit an textile artist in Norfolk. I told her I wanted to take a workshop for felting, she grab some bubble wrap, put some layers of felt down poured hot water over it, put another piece of bubble wrap in top. Then got out her sanding machine and ran it over the bubble wrap for a few minutes. Tada, when she lifted of the top layer of bubble wrap and it had a meshed together into a gorgeous piece of felted material , there is your workshop she said,. It was amazing. The needle felting is a whole new ball game:). It’s a gorgeous hanging you created with the felt and lovely hand stitching, you are so creative.. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with those naughty shimmer paints that want to come home with you. Thanks for sharing and all the links you posted were wonderful to visit, Hope you and the Mister are having a lovely weekend..Big hugs…

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  31. Hello ma chère Patty,
    c’est très beau, tu as tous les talents. Cette technique donne des résultats magnifiques avec de si belles couleurs.

  32. inanoctopusgarden

    Beautiful – Patty your colors and textures are just wonderful ! But I have to say my favorit part of your work and something that is distinctive to your pieces are your finally touches of embrodiry and added beads – they just sing!

  33. Such joyful creativity dear Patty. Imagine the possibilities of such a machine.
    The colours and textures are sublime and then you share the end result, that beautiful wall hanging. You have certainly brought prettiness into my life today.

  34. Well Mrs Patty you have your hand in MANY different pots I see. Felting is so lovely and Dianne’s sister is a felter. Love your embrodiry, handstitching and felting. Gorgeous, gorgeous work. TFS.
    Now off to check out some of those links.
    Have a safe, happy, creative weekend.
    Hugz Tonniece

  35. A beautiful piece of fabric art Patty! xxx

  36. Well, good grief, woman! You continue to amaze me. I love that you have that machine! I’m so excited about it and will totally enjoy watching you! hee hee! And now I have to check out the new paint and also the French Knot challenge! agggghhhhhhhh

  37. I LOVE Ferris Bueller and your needle felting is so serene…beautiful process from a beautiful lady. I am in the middle of the move of my studio but I am looking forward to quiet hand felting projects.

  38. Gorgeous pieces you have made there. I love my embellisher. Have you actually bought one of your own? Thanks for the link to the challenge site, it looks really interesting.

  39. My heart skipped a beat just looking at all the beauty you have created Patty. You amaze me with your energy, productivity and talent!

  40. Dear Patty
    We all NEED one of these machines don’t we Patty!
    Imagine the amazing art works that could be created – if only. I imagine they come at a price!
    Your pink and green embellishing is exquisite Patty.
    I must just say I really do love handwork – it’s so relaxing.
    My stitching group is meeting here tomorrow – we stitch, chat and nibble all afternoon!

    What a fun day you had with Susan!
    Lovely examples of your work too Patty – I’m off to visit the others now.
    Wishing you and Mr M a very happy week.
    I’m off to France in 12 days – YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shane ♥

  41. stunning felted, stitched , layered projects Patty!!! That machine looks like so much fun! I’ve been over your photos here at least three times already. Just gorgeous.

  42. Oh that’s awesome! I’m not very good at felting by hand… I tend to get a huge clump on the back side, must be getting too aggressive…

  43. Oooh patty,iam so speechless,your felt work is very beautiful with the flowers lace,its so delight,wonderful work dear patty,and iam love your flowers mandalas to,sooo beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend, Greetings jeannette

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