The Traveling Tea Cup…

“Instructions for living a life:  Pay attention.  Be astonished.  Tell about it.” ~Mary Oliver

Magpies Nest Traveling T Cup (2) 

I will miss you all while I am taking a break and will look forward to visiting with you again later this month…

Magpies Nest Traveling T Cup

also want to share a wonderful “Cuppa With Friends Project” that the lovely and talented Tracey Fletcher King is having here (there is a clickable Cuppa With Friends link on my sidebar)

joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday

35 responses to “The Traveling Tea Cup…

  1. I’ll blow you guys a kiss as we fly over you Sat. May your days be wonderful and safe. xoxo

  2. Hi Patty,
    Best wishes for a super trip! Just love your photos in your post. Will be traveling too to Alaska on a cruise- so we will both be away for a time.
    Hugs, Jill xo

  3. Love those suitcases! Have a wonderful trip…I’m so jealous! I treasure memories I have of my trips to Ireland and England so I know that you will enjoy yourselves immensely. I’ll look forward to your recap when you return. Safe journey!

  4. Wishing you a most beautiful and magical journey. One day I’ll see Ireland too.
    I’m going to check out Tracey’s project now. XO

  5. Have a great trip!!! You will be so missed! I saw those vintage suitcases and thought I had clicked on Nathalie’s blog and was panicked she was leaving for a month. ha! I know, I know!

  6. You are all packed and ready to go on MY dream vacation. Both Great Britain (England and Scotland) and Ireland are on my wish list. I know you and Mr. Magpie will enjoy the trip and we can’t wait to see where the traveling tea cup takes you two this time. Happy Tea today and every day you are away.

  7. Have a smashing trip!

  8. You’re going to Great Britain and Ireland? How exciting! Have a wonderful time!

  9. Be safe and enjoy your moments! I’m thrilled for you and Mr. Magpie. I can’t wait to see photos of your time when you return. Love, Marilyn xxoo

  10. marmeladegypsy

    We always miss you, Patty — but I have a feeling you are off on a grand adventure, a vacation I am yearning to take. Kiss the ground on English turf for me (or a tree or the Blarney stone) and tell merry ol’ England I hope to get there soon!

  11. My dear Patty,
    I wish you two, some most beautiful and lovely dayes on your English adventure tour! Hope for lovely sunshine dayes, and exiting adventures, beautiful and stunning things to see , and wonderful teacup photoes and stories!
    Take care ,and travel safe-
    Love and hugs from Dorthe

  12. Bon Voyage! Can’t wait to see and hear of your adventures.

  13. Have a wonderful time Patty….I’ll miss the mandalas.

  14. wishing you a wonderful and safe trip. I’m sure you will enjoy every second and come home with a lot of lovely stories 🙂

  15. Patty, I hope you have a wonderful vacation and a bit of a respite. Please take care and oh, I should have “flat Stanley-ed” myself to go along 🙂 – kidding (not really). Take care and have a great time! – Amy 😀

  16. I hope you have the best adventures ever and I will be wiating to hear and see all about it! All the best! Hugs!

  17. You and the Mister will be missed greatly,I’m sooooo excited for you, going to my favorite place in the world. I know you’s will have some BIG FUN .Be safe and I’ll be looking forward to the wonderful stories and pics you’ll have for us when you come back. Goodbye my lovely cousin Magpie big hugs to you both..

  18. Have fun on your break, I’m sure you’ll share lots of photos with us when you return. 🙂 I love your stack of old suitcases! I have quite a few and think they’re an awesome way to store stuff!

  19. This will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to you dear Patty!
    You in GB and me in France – he he!
    You and Mr M will soooo love it all – I hope there are still some bluebells out in the woods, so you can photo your travelling teacup amongst them!!
    Shane ♥

  20. Have a fun trip Patty…what part of the UK will you and your travelling tea cup be visiting? ..just love that pic of the suitcases. Jan x

  21. I will be thinking of you whilst you are over here Patty! Hope you have a fabulous trip! So glad the sun has started to shine for you!
    Alison xxx

  22. Just doing a catch-up today – have a great trip! I loved your needle felting project – so pretty and I wished I could reach out and touch it. Your photographs of the garden were so lovely – I bet you come back with many more to share with us.
    See you when you return!

  23. You will definitely be missed whilst you’re away. I’m counting down the days until we go too!

  24. Have a wonderful trip and thanks so much for the link… I am loving getting so many stunning cups and mugs… almost as much as I am loving painting them… enjoy ever minute of your journey…xx

  25. Hope you have an awesome time in Great Britain and Ireland. You will be missed.
    Big Hugz Tonniece

  26. Looking forward to lots and lots of pictures!! Have a wonderful trip.

  27. Dear Patty
    I am sending Bon Voyage wishes for you and Mr Magpie.
    You will be missed for your meaningful prose and gorgeous art.
    Have the most wonderful holiday and I for one cannot wait to sit back and relax as I view all the amazing photographs you will surely take during your trip.
    By the way, just love the suitcases, I have a weakness for vintage cases.

  28. eifelwicht

    Oops Patty,
    I’m afraid to be a bit late…
    But I still want to wish you bon voyage, lots of wonderful impressions, much fun and a safe return!
    Best wishes,

  29. Dear Patty, i’m certainly too late, but I’m thinking of you and wish you a wonderful journey, happy holidays and a funny time. I believe you will make a lot of breathtaking photos and we may see them, if you are back:-)
    xox Anja

  30. Oh what wonderful suit cases (will you really use them?) I look forward to personally meet your tea cup as well as your good selves (SO exciting) Have a wonderful safe & pleasurable journey Dxx

  31. Have a wonderful trip my friend. I will be waving at you from the other side of the norht-sea (only one water between us then… ) Love and kisses from Holland!

  32. I am late too, wish you a wonderful journey.

  33. I found your blog through Maggi and have enjoyed cruising around, looking at your work. I especially am loving your needle felted pieces, maybe you have inspired me. Hope you are having a fantastic journey!

  34. It seems you have something wonderful planned. Travel safe. Enjoy!!!

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