Let’s Meet at Betty’s …

it was my great delight while traveling in the UK to meet up with three different blog friends…

Historic York Signs

imagine my excitement two weeks into our tour to be having tea with the lovely Dawn and her husband who traveled to meet Mr Magpie and I in the historic town of York

York, UK Roman Column

we had arranged to meet at the very British and delicious Betty’s without using cell phones as we left ours back in the US and had set up our meeting beforehand by email…

Betty's York UK

an elegant and comfortable tea spot known for their handmade preservative free chocolates and other delectable treats (great idea Dawn and your gifts were SO beautiful and generous!!!)

Barnitts York UK

we did have the traveling tea cup along and Dawn looks extra cute holding it…

DSC04637 Dawn-at Bettys

but our visit seemed to go by so quickly chatting and enjoying delicious treats…

Closing time York UK

there was more to say and share and if only we’d taken more photos… 

York Minster Cathedral York UKso very grateful for so many special connections thanks to blogging and the internet…

York open t shop

joining with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for tea today…

28 responses to “Let’s Meet at Betty’s …

  1. How exciting to meet blogging friends and I loved all your photos of York.


  2. If the ‘traveling tea cup’ could talk, wonder what it would say…so many places and people.


  3. How wonderful for you sweety to be able to meet up, I haven’t been to York yet:), I will be sure to visit Bettys, thanks for sharing your photos, looooove all the TEA pots, cups, loooove them. Have a wonderful day…


  4. How perfectly lovely that you both managed to meet up and at Betty’s. It brought back lovely memories of my own when I had my first holiday with a friend and we stayed in an apartment outside the walls of York and each day would walk to the centre whiling away the hours.
    Thank you for sharing and reminding me of my own happy times.


  5. What fun to travel with you to York today…thanks for the links within your post…Betty’s looks like a place I would love to visit. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.


  6. How neat that you were able to meet a blogging friend on your trip! Such beautiful pictures…


  7. i followed your link on bleubeard and elizabeth’s tea tuesday post. i love that blog friends got to meet in person. that was fun to read about. and the pictures! nice. thx for sharing 🙂


  8. Oh yeah!! Meeting blog friends while traveling. Looks like so much fun!!


  9. This must have been a very special trip in SO many ways. And getting to meet Dawn had to be one of them. Lucky, lucky you.

    I was taken by the beauty of the tea shop. The architecture and all those windows separated by what looks like marble columns made me want to stroll in and sit awhile while sipping tea.

    I had to laugh at what appears to be you sitting next to Dawn in a sweater and she in short sleeves. It must have been great weather for those of us who hate heat!

    Love the photo of those tea pots. I was so pleased to see how much tea was honored in England. No Starbucks in any of THOSE photos (fortunately).

    Have a super Tea today, dear friend.


  10. How wonderful, Patty and your friends!


  11. You see, this is why I have to return to England. I need to visit York! And so much more! Thanks for lovely photos, Patty — and how wonderful that you got to meet Dawn!


  12. So amazing that you met Dawn and I click on her link and see Conny’s challenge which I saw on Lisa’s blog! It really is a small world after all! Love the sign photos and especially the Old White Swan. So fun seeing your lovely trip. =)


  13. Dear Patty, it looks like the most fantastic city,- and that church is AMAZING!! Wonderful shops and Tea rooms, and happy meetings with blogging friends… you found time for so many lovely things to happen on this beautiful vacation. I love you “served tea” for your friend in your traveling teacup , sweet friend 😉 !!
    Hugs and a happy rest of your day wishes from Dorthe


  14. Great photos Patty. Taking photos tho’ takes your attention away from many things…conversations. other sights. Your memories remain, prompted by the photos you took.


  15. how awesome to meet up with blog friends! and what photos, so nice to see it all, you still must be in a daze!! xox


  16. How delightful!!!!!! It all looks so fun and exciting! The weather looks great, too!


  17. How lovely for you to meet up with so many friends. Lovely photos.


  18. so picturesque patty and so very English 🙂 lovely you got yo catch up with your blogging friend……we spent 3 days in York exploring, just loved it…


  19. Beautiful photos Patty!!! That’s wonderful that you were able to meet with blogging friends. Enjoy!!! Looking forward to your next post 🙂 ~Sophia


  20. How fun! It sounds like you had a lovely trip. Best wishes, Tammy


  21. A truly lovely day! Thanks for meeting us on your very busy day in York. We did have fun didn’t we. And I got to hold the famous travelling T-Cup 😉 So wonderful to meet you and Mr Magpie. Loving the teapots I saw this as well but didn’t take a pic. Dxx


  22. inanoctopusgarden

    oh to have the travels of that tea cup! What fun to see your friend holding the cup ! Love all your photos and of course the locations you discover are magical!


  23. Looks like a delightful place, and what a great opportunity to meet up with a friend from a afar…how wonderful!


  24. Just catching up with your lovely posts Patty…Love seeing all your wonderful pics of your travels …and how exciting to meet up with bloggy friends! Such a delight seeing pics of my home country too…


  25. Oh dear Patty, what a wonderful trip you had on so many levels! I believe blogging and our blog friends are sone of the sweetest gifts given to us, and we hold on to the hope that one day we’ll be able to actually meet! Hooray for you and Dawn and the others. How could you possibly have taken more photos when you were busy visiting!!

    Betty’s looks to be the perfect, charming place for tea. I would love to know what are her “traditional boiled treats!” (I’m not that savvy on British culture).

    I must say, I fell in love with the tea service sporting the bee ~ my signature!

    Thank you so much for sharing ~ I’m sure the TTC had a great time meeting your friends as well!


  26. How exciting to meet up with blogging friends. Tat place look so awesome too. Love the teacups, pots and dress forms. yummy
    Hugz Tonniece


  27. I still can’t believe we actually met up!! 😀 Lovely that you met other blogging friends too……and there is no better place to met than Betty’s!! Did you have a Fat Rascal? 😉 xx


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