pages for a friend…

the talented and lovely Lisa asked me to create some pages in her round robin spiral book a few months ago…

Magpie's Nest My pages (1)

what with one thing and another…

Magpie's Nest My pages

one of them being me stuck on WHAT I wanted to say about Love

Magpie's Nest My pages (11)

the topic is so rich and chewy and boundless and deep…

Magpie's Nest My pages (2) A

a lot of very nice pages had already been created…

Magpie's Nest My pages (8)

as with many things just starting has a way of helping everything fall into place

Magpie's Nest My pages (7)

happy that I will be able to finally return Lisa’s book to her at our upcoming local Mixed Media Collaborative meeting

♥ I really enjoyed creating these Love pages ♥

“Love is all you need” ~ The Beatles

35 responses to “pages for a friend…

  1. Wonderful pages, Patty! A lot to see and beautiful colours.

  2. the Beatles quote was the first thing that popped into my mind when you said it was about LOVE. Gorgeous rich pages!!

  3. Luscious colors and textures! Beautiful pages Patty! xxoo

  4. You are capable of some truly beautiful work. And the book idea it’s self looks amazing Dxx

  5. Love is all you need…along with some beautiful pages like yours!

    Have a sunny and creative weekend, Patty.

  6. Beautiful pages. The color and texture are so lush and alive, it’s like the greenest garden made even greener with the power of love.

  7. Such a wonderful description about love “chewy” – how fabulous!
    Patty, only you would take such a theme and break all boundaries by working in a colour palette not traditionally associated with love and what I see before me is a contemporary interpretation. Of course, great use of the lyric.

  8. not only beautiful… but true… xoxo


  10. Great quote and I just loved clicking and enlarging to see all the lovely texture, stitching and colors. Truely LOVEly! =)

  11. My favorite Beatles’ verse! Your pages are rich and deep and chewy, for certain, dear Patty! LOVE-ly! xoxo

  12. inanoctopusgarden

    ohhhhhmyy! I just love it and can’t wait to get it in my hands!!! That quote is one of my all time favorites and of course the color palate is my happy place – it also gave it a worldly feel like maps of land and ocean…Patty I can’t thank you enough! xoxo Love is all you need and a little art to delight the eyes!

  13. Oh, Patty — that’s beautiful and again you are working in my palette, so of course I am “in love” with it!

  14. Wonderful pages! She will be so happy!

  15. Looks like fun and it turned out so pretty.

  16. Masterly done, my dear Patty, such rich and beautiful greens : the colour of hope ,we say here… hope for love to recieve and to give- all said so amazingly here, with your collages of the heart, and your words..
    You made your friend a very stunning gift of love in her book!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  17. Lovely pages Patty. I do like the idea of a ’round robin’ but it is hard to get enough people to participate. I followed your link to Lisa… great blog, and talented girl.

  18. Such beautiful colours. Your pages have made a wonderful addition to the book.

  19. stunning pages Patty! There is so much depth, richness and layering. Love that heart!

  20. Great color and texture in that heart! Lovely page.

  21. Gorgeous pages!!! Love the colors and textures. So beautiful!!! ~Sophia

  22. and in the end it was just as simple as that saying 🙂 loved drooling over your textures and stitching patty, a really gorgeous green too….a very lucky friend 🙂

  23. stunning pages and wonderful texture and colors,love it to much,the page for your friend is amazing too,with the golden heart,lovely my friend.
    and the photos so beautiful with your traveling, i loove the teacup *LOL*

    have a nice weekend 🙂


  24. Hello Dear Patty
    Hope you are going well! Certainly looks like it here!
    What amazing pages in shades of green! So true Love is all we need!
    Love conquers all! If only everyone could at least try!
    Bless you!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Pop over to my blog and enter into my Giveaway!!!

  25. Your pages are lovely Patty! I adore the combo of the blue and green – stunning effect and great combo! Have a wonderful weekend dear! 🙂

  26. So beautiful!!! I love that heart embellishment! xxx

  27. WOW I can’ t stop looking at it, well my dear you have done it, how did you put it, rich and chewy and boundless and deep, yes thats the ticket, That exactly what you have created, the mixture of the those colors stunning, the textures, fantastic, I can smell the love from here, it’s oozing all over the 2 pages, I’m going to go back and look at it on the large setting to drink in all that loveliness,I think I have to face book this to so the world can see this. Thanks soooooo much for sharing, your the best….

  28. so glad to see you back at your art desk, my friend…love is such a deep well of swirling goodness and light, hard to choose but you have done such lovely pages here, your love shines through…xo i love the greens and blues…do i see some gelatin printing?? xo

  29. These are breathtaking pages. Lisa will love them.

  30. how nice to participate in a successful round robin – I have heard so many woeful tales of lost books and log jams. Your pages are beautiful – and what more can be said than that one line from the song?

  31. Holy cow. What incredible texture. I love everything about this piece right down to the words of the song, even though I’ve never been a Beatles fan.

  32. Wow those pages are amazing! How I love all the yummy layers and sewing stuff together! The variations of green and blue give it such a depth….LOOOOVE it and thats all I need 😉 ♥ Conny

  33. Delightful colours and textures Patty…….and yes, you’ve got me singing now 😉 xx

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