Configurations Box Round Robin…

our local Mixed Media Collaborative group is in the midst of a fun round robin…

Patty S Gypsy Boxes Before

each of us purchased a 6.75 x 8.75 inch Tim Holtz Configurations box chosing individual themes for our boxes adding bits of this and that to be used in the box or not … making a commitment to deliver at least one finished box per month beginning in June (our free spirited altered arts group does best with as few rules as possible)…

Patty S boxes ready

since I missed last month’s get together I have two finished boxes ready to deliver this month…

Patty S for Andrea

Andrea (or Drea) as some of her friends call her has a “Nature” theme and the bag of goodies she sent my way was marked “Wings”

Patty S for Andrea (1)

her only special request was to not use anything plastic so I added a little twig nest, some moss, a wooden egg and glass flower from my stash along with a pair of Cicada wings she included in a jar lining the box with some of the napkin she included (a bit tricky photographing her box to show those gossamer wings toward the back of the nest)

Patty S for Susan G

next was Susan‘s Vintage White (Pastel) Christmas theme and  I added one of my little bleached trees along with a bauble from a vintage bead strand I treated myself to last Christmas, some aqua colored netting from a vintage petticoat and a frill that I made thanks to Fran in our group for sharing her die cut machine and dies…

Patty S for Susan G (1)

I wanted to add so many things but seeing that these boxes only measured 2 x 3 inches each there was only so much I could tuck in there trying to remind myself that less would be more…

Patty S Gypsy Boxes Before (2)

I chose a “Gypsies” theme for my boxes which goes so well with my Love of travel and exploring…

Patty S Gypsy Boxes Before (1)

I included some sari pieces from a purse of mine that fell apart along with some scraps of map for players to use or not when they worked on my boxes…

Swap boxes still left

above are the remaining boxes for me to play with in the coming months…


25 responses to “Configurations Box Round Robin…

  1. what a super duper cool project!!!
    i´m waiting for more to come…


  2. What a wonderful round robin project Patty! I adore what you’ve created with these so far; can’t wait to see more! Hope you’re staying cool! We’re in the HHH’s all this week. xxoo Marilyn


  3. What a great idea for a swap.


  4. I’ve not seen this idea before. Excellent! Little boxes of treasures travelling the country.


  5. What a neat project. I bet they’re going to look so cool when they’re all together. And I love that you’re giving other people some of your materials to play with. There’s nothing like being able to raid someone else’s stash to get your juices flowing.


  6. How wonderful to take it off the page and alter such boxes. So many possibilities.
    Beautiful transformations to the boxes you altered, all those precious little bits ‘n’ pieces and fragments of this and that makes this so special.
    Eagerly await future posts.


  7. Really like this project….can’t wait to see the finished product.


  8. Such a lovely ..
    Like everyone here, can’t wait to see the finished products 🙂


  9. what a fantastic idea and we try to make our swaps as stress free as possible too… love yours patty, so many lovely things packed into a tiny space… , they are going to look wonderful when finished…might have to steal this idea 🙂


  10. I’d have been here sooner, but my electricity has been out for about four hours. It got pretty hot here.

    You do such marvelous work with your boxes. These sort of remind me of the vignettes I used to create using (of all things) skoal tins. They were big in area I lived in because all the guys “chewed.” So of course, I had an endless supply. You made two marvelous vignettes. I really love what you did with both of these, and I can understand how hard it would be to think that less could be more. Great restraint, I might add.


  11. This is a great idea and a treasure to have forever! Your creations are such tiny magnificent works of art, truly gorgeous Patty! I hope you will continue to share these beauties! Hugs!


  12. grandios project Patty wow.. I am looking forward to see MOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of this!

    xxx Susi


  13. Such a good idea. Love the boxes completed so far. The gossamer wings can be seen clearly by enlarging the photo and are just beautiful.


  14. I really like that idea! Your boxes are just perfect…I am sure they will be loved ❤
    I especially like the Christmas theme….she will have a lovely display come December. Looking forward to seeing the others… xx


  15. What a great swap! Those boxes you created are beautiful Patty! I adore the little nest! xxx


  16. Great boxes, just love them. I was able to see the wings – clicking on the photo enlarges it for great detail!


  17. Nice! I need to get my hand on some of those boxes! Sandy xox


  18. This is a great idea. So, you get the box and pick a theme — do you start to decorate the outside with your theme? Then you send them to each other and the recipient fills one box related to the theme and on to the next? I think I get it — that’s a great idea and I LOVE the boxes and what you did with yours!


  19. I like this idea! What fun! Such tiny treasures! Do you exchange boxes, supplies and directions at your meeting?


  20. I just love my beautiful, sparkly, pastel Christmas box Patty! Thank you so much. It is always a treasure to have a piece of your art to enjoy up close. xoxo


  21. Great project for sure! I love both of those boxes…… birds/nest and Christmas! My favorite things!


  22. beautiful Patty, I love where your ideas take you. Mx


  23. Oh man I forgot to comment on your boxes, well I looooove the idea thats for sure, sharing your art and all :O), I love the 2 you made, especially the birds nest, it must be hard in those tiny boxes to stop :), I loooooove the stuff for yours, it will be exciting to see the filled boxes thanks for sharing this lovely project..


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