Tea and McVitie’s …

T and bikkies

the next best thing to tea and a scone in my opinion are these tasty digestive biscuits with chocolate on one side…

T and bikkies (1)

the Scottish biscuit maker Robert McVitie started his business back in 1830

T and bikkies (2)

we didn’t do lots of shopping on our vacation but were tempted by a few treats like these mini biscuits while waiting for our plane to leave London’s Heathrow Airport…

T and bikkies (3)

“I  may not read tea leaves or palms, my lady, but it is easy enough to read faces.  Yours is a questioning face, always looking for answers, always seeking the truth, for yourself and for others.” ~Deanna Raybourn, Silent on the Moor

Grab button for T stands for Tuesday

Elizabeth of Altered Book Lover is making it easier to connect on Tuesdays with her T stands for Tuesday (there is a new button on my sidebar thanks to Halle’s coding)…

you can find out all of the details here and how easy it is to join along…

23 responses to “Tea and McVitie’s …

  1. It was your help and encouragement that made this all possible. You are a true friend. It’s been fun visiting each other for several years over tea. I look forward to many more.

    Your biscuits look inviting, and that picture of an empty tea cup is beyond beautiful. Who knew an empty cup of tea could look so impressive. Well, YOU of course.

    Again, welcome to T stands for Tuesday.

  2. Of course you had to bring these little goodies back with you:),,,,,yummy…..I know from experience:)

  3. McVities chocolate digestives are the bestest biscuits ever! 🙂 and go so well with any beverage, especially tea. Love your empty teacup photo, very artistic!!

  4. so nice to see the tuesday tea party continue… I do love stopping by for a cuppa… and YES, we will def get together some way some how… but looks like a road trip to Virginia is in the plan.. he worked at the Pentagon… many mooons ago… will keep you posted…xoxo

  5. Reading tea leaves has always fascinated me…thank you for sharing yours in the traveling tea cup…I wonder what they mean? As always, your photos are so lovely and I enjoyed my visit. What a lovely T for Tuesday button!
    Have a beautiful week, dear Patty!

  6. I see the moon in the bottom of your tea cup and I think it is lovely. And your quote is quite fetching. Wonderful words.
    Happy T!

  7. i followed bleubeard and elizabeth’s mr. linky to this post.

    what a lovely setting! the china pattern, cloth and flowers are so good together.

  8. ohhh there’s not much better than a chocolate digestive…..apart from 2 or maybe even 3 chocolate digestives:)

  9. My daughter fell in love with McVities last summer when she studied at Oxford. She brought some home, but has kept their whereabouts a closely guarded secret. Hmmmm, I’ll have to do some snooping for next week! Nice to meet up via T stands for Tuesday!

  10. Lovely Tea Tuesday! Love the photos here! Those biscuits sound and look yummy! xxoo

  11. You can have the bikkies and I’ll have the chocolate. I used to love reading tealeaves…it’s just not the same anymore.

  12. I see the moon in the tea cup, too!! hmmmmm!

  13. Love the moon in the teacup 🙂 Reading tea leaves is very interesting. Makes you wonder….. ~Sophia

  14. He he! You can’t beat a McVities digestive! The milk choc ones are my favourite, especially dunked in a cuppa! xxx

  15. I just love the idea of digestive biscuits — not cookies. I’m sure it’s the same diff but how I really like the concept!

  16. oh yes yes yes! Chocolate bisquites! Yum! I love the chunky Foxes extra chocolate chip ones my self but was really peeved when I realised they’ve taken one out! 7 instead of 8, well I mean, that’s just mean!! Love the blue on the flowers!

  17. Oh I love me some tea and biscuits, specially McVities

  18. Those goodies look oh so yummy!! What a cool mark your tea made in the cup. Looks like a crescent moon. Happy Tuesday!

  19. I love tea with you Patty 🙂 even more so now I can visualise you sitting next me cup in hand Dxx I love those little blue flowers are they forget-me-nots?

  20. Beautiful flowers with your tea and bickies, love the pic of the bottom of the tea cup, at first I thought it was a piece of jewelry, amazing that is, love the link for the biscuits, I’ll have to explore it later, I’m off to waterfit, in our hot city, it’s going to be 43C today yiiiiikes , too hot, have a wonderful day my dear Miss Magpie..

  21. Looks like a moon til you get closer and then it changes… happy T for Tuesday… Mxx

  22. Wonderful blue coloured flowers, and the plate so sweet!! As are the tiny biscuits , tempting there!! I`m also not reading leaves in my tea cup, but this looks interesting my dear Patty!!!
    I hope your Tea-tuesday was a lovely day !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  23. Stunning image of the empty teacup and is that a moon I see before me?
    Sweet and delightful a visit with tasty morsels before us – I believe you are making us all hungry!
    At the moment my wee addiction is chocolate covered rice cakes 🙂

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