Dawn’s Journal Journey’s July

the theme this month over at Journal Journey’s is HATS

I decided to start altering this children’s board book…

Board Book before and aftereven with the dinosaur cover it immediately made me think of gothic arches which are always a favorite of mine…

peeled board book (1)

it took some patience using a damp rag  and lots of picking to peel the pages down to just cardboard with no glossy paper remaining…

peeled board book (2)

I began by gluing some of my gelli print papers for the background of my pages…

Patty Szymkowicz Truth 1 (2)

my long haired lady is from an old fashioned hair net package and the “hat” I made for her was fun to create…Patty Szymkowicz Truth 1 (1)

bits of paper doily…old style shopping stamps (what ARE those called!)…paint…rubber stamping…book text…

footnote: thanks to Karen of Karen’s Monday Musings for the name of my mystery stamps above … they are called “Trading Stamps“…

Patty Szymkowicz Truth 1special daisy paper from a friend

Patty Szymkowicz Truth

along with inspiration from a friend too…

♥thank you to everyone for inspiring me in so many different ways♥

30 responses to “Dawn’s Journal Journey’s July

  1. Patty, I have everything I need to do this project, and I never was motivated to do it. Seeing this, I’m going to get everything out!

  2. Oh my, dear Patty….leave it to you to think so creatively “outside of the box!” Your hat is wonderful, and I believe they are called “trading stamps.”
    I will be looking forward to watching your book develop!

  3. We used to call them GREEN STAMPS and bought our first set of dishes with them when we got married (eons ago). Avocado green Melamine. Talk about ‘retro’! Ok, you are the QUEEN of peeling the glossy parts from the book. That is a LOT of patience…..I sand the pages because apparently I’m lazy!!! ha
    Your lady in the hat is wonderful, Patty. I really like the colors you used and the flower is especially cute! Is that fiber?
    Hope you are having a great week. We finally got some rain! YIPPEE!

  4. This looks just AMAZING Patty! WOW!!!!

  5. Such gorgeous color and texture! You do indeed have a lot of patience peeling off the glossy parts of the book!!

  6. That’s so clever…great idea. There are all sorts of interestingly shaped cardboard children’s book, but I’d never thought of doing this. Clever you.

  7. breathtaking pages Patty-they are SO you! I have a stash of board books still waiting for me 🙂

  8. That is a most wonderful idea, my dear Patty.
    The shape is great for your Gothic pages, and making the book all new by riping the old glossy papers away, to start all over, with your beautiful gelli papers, the hairnet and old stamps resulted in some gorgeous pages !
    Love the daisy paper, too.
    Thankyou my sweet, for this idea, to reuse childrens books…. only I think I will have to wait some years ,to start “stealing” books from our “library” …..still someone to read aloud for 🙂
    Hugs and hope you are doing good ,Patty .

  9. OK, I want to know what you are going to do with all those bits of paper you tore off that book. I would use them in handmade paper. All those colors are so awesome.

    But onto the book. You did a fantastic job with the challenge this month. I love that vintage lady. It was great that you saved that hairnet packaging. And of course, the hat was totally unexpected. I love how you drew it on with doodles and lines. Beautiful.

  10. Really neat pages, Patty! Those aren’t Green Stamps…. not sure what they are. ha! Remember when we used to actually collect stamps and redeem them?!!! And free glasses at the gas station! Whoa! Amazing….

  11. The triceratops is a cutie! The time spent picking the paper off the pages was worth it. They are so good. We used to have things called Green Shield stamps over here which you collected and then redeemed for goods.

  12. Wow, that’s a fantastic piece of art. Love it.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, great shape and colours, love it

  14. I’ve done that board peeling bit — it’s not fun. But NICE work! It’s a beautiful finished piece and I’m very impressed!

  15. Brilliant Patty! Love all the texture and details! The colors are luscious! xxoo

  16. beautiful job Patty! I love the shape of your book – you have a good eye to see it’s potential! I might have passed it by 🙂

  17. Oh Patty I feel for your fingers with all that peeling. but it was worth it what an amazing shape journal you have and I this this is wonderful. Thanks for joining in with journal Journey’s Dxx

  18. OMG Patty all that peeling, I couldn’t bless your fingers:O), I just sand anything I need,It was worth is, the pages are gorgeous, love your geli prints, gave it a gorgeous background, love the blue and green, the hair is sooooo real looking that was amazing, love the shape, great imagination, I wouldn’t have thought that 🙂 Such a beautiful face and a fantastic hat, looooove that daisy paper how kool is that., thanks for sharing your fabulous pages and have a lovely day, do say hello to Mr Magpie…

  19. I remember collecting ‘green stamps’ to redem for a lamp.

  20. I am inspired by both this creation (especially the background) as well as the patience it must have taken to tear off all that paper!

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  22. Love this theme and your resulting pages. So lovely!

  23. Outstanding pages. Beautiful flowers and colors. Your ideas are endless.

  24. This is such a beautiful page Patty! That dinosaur makes for a great shape book! xxx

  25. A dream, so wonderful created and decorated. You took my favorite colours and I love it.I’m excited.

  26. I love the way you totally transformed that book.

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