Art Journal Journey July Challenge

here is a second set of pages in my new altered board book that I told you about the other dayPatty Szymkowicz Architecture Love

for the “Architecture” challenge theme over at Susi’s Art Journal Journey

Architecture Love some supplies

 some of the supplies I used for my pages are gathered above including the arch stamp I used on dress pattern tissue…

Patty Szymkowicz Architecture Love (3)

the mystery lady image turned up while I was looking for something else which is always fun…

Patty Szymkowicz Architecture Love (1)

I was very happy with the plaster feel of my painted pages…

Patty Szymkowicz Architecture Love (2)

inspiration truly does come from all around us…

Calke Abbey UK

one of many special memories of our UK trip was visiting “The un-stately home and country estate” of Calke Abbey, Ticknall, Derbyshire which I could go on and on about…

Calke Abbey Garden collagemany thanks to dear sweet Blue Eyed Girl Linda and her wonderful husband who could be brothers with Mr Magpie they got along so well…

Calke Abbey Gardens

after corresponding with Linda for over four and a half years it was a dream come true to finally meet her in person ♥…

Patty Szymkowicz Architecture Love (4)

it wasn’t until after I had painted my pages that I made the connection with the similarity to the wonderful crumbling and peeling walls we got to see last month with these special friends…

Calke Abbey Tool Shed Time

usually I thank everyone individually for their great comments but Yahoo email has been having some issues and my account was affected so much so that I opened a new Gmail account (new address on my sidebar)…

Patty Szymkowicz Plant Collage

it will take some time to get everything switched over and  running smoothly again so I would like to thank you for your visits and especially thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me here as it does mean a lot and I appreciate your time and views very much…

Calke Abbey Sweet Peas

I also wanted to address the peeling of board book pages as opposed  to sanding the pages that I talked more about here...

I have done it both ways and found the peeling and picking to go quite easily while watching television shows a couple of nights in a row (a towel on my lap helped contain the paper bits)…

Calke Abbey Messerschmitt Car Show

sanding board book pages in the past seemed to make a lot of dust kind of hurting my hands and not really getting all of the glossy paper off like I wanted…

Calke Abbey inside houseI really liked the results I got by painting gesso over the textured peeled cardboard and then painting with a pallet knife…

Calke Abbey UKstill working my way through the host of photos we took…

Calke Abbey Tool Shed perfect blues

♥ here’s wishing you a lovely day ♥

31 responses to “Art Journal Journey July Challenge

  1. Your board book pages are stunning Patty! That texture is wonderful with your creative applications. It’s worth the patience with the peeling technique – awesome. Your photos of your journey continue to bring me joy. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us! Love, Marilyn xxoo


  2. Amazing inspiration. Your pages are beautiful and you really did capture the plaster feel in the background.

    I’ve also been thinking about doing a board book altered book and had no idea what to do about the gloss on the pages. Now I have 2 ideas! Thanks!

    It looks like you got so much inspiration from your trip. The photos continue to be gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful pages. You have certainly captured the essence of Calke.


  4. Really enjoyed this post Patty….so many happy memories 🙂
    You’ve made the photos look even more beautiful…..and I love what Jim has done with his pics from inside the house. Your board book pages are wonderful…..I love them. And I definitely see the connection!
    Thinking of you as we had dinner at The Carpenters Arms yesterday….wish you could have been with us again as we sat outside in the sunshine 😄
    Big hugs and much love xxx


  5. No worries about responding…………that must take forever anyway!
    Suffice it to say that I’m DROOLING over the photos you took. “Waste Not Want Not” is so appropriate again, isn’t it?
    Isn’t it great that the meeting with Linda and hubby was so easy? One always hopes that face-to-face is as lovely as correspondence! I can vouch for that!
    We’re considering a longer stay in England next year…..renting a cottage in Cornwall and using it as home base to see the country. Renting bikes and walking are on the list, too. But then, I have over a year to think about it!


  6. Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories of your trip Patty. I don’t think I’ve been to Calke Abbey, it’ll have to go on my ‘list’!
    Your journal page is simply divine, with that fabulous texture, & the mysterious lady! I love it! Great ending quote on your post too!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Alison xxx


  7. I’m loving every photo in this post and your beautiful pages. The color is wonderful and I really do like that texture — it’s so fitting with the arches.

    Thanks for sharing it and also thanks for taking so many wonderful photos that absolutely inspire the wanderlust in me!


  8. wbhat an AMAZING post dear Patty! What a fabulous Architecture spread in your childrens boardbook… wow.. that is GORGEOUS! I love all about your post Patty!
    Thank you so much for joinig us again on our Art Journal Journey!
    Take care of you and I wish a happy weekened to you and Mr. Magpie!

    xxx Susi


  9. Beautiful! Your house book is going to be a real treasure!!!!


  10. Your photos and peeling paint are captured beautifully and I love the shape of your book! =)


  11. This spread is stunning dearest Patty, what wonderful layers of blue colours on the peeled pages, looks so wonderful old and lime -like.
    The photoes from UK are lovely ,and it must have been wonderful seing a blogging friend, and then even feel good connected in real life ,too.
    Beautiful photoes of flowers and sweet cars, and a gorgeous collage from Derbyshire !!
    Hugs and love from Dorthe


  12. Your journal is proceeding beautifully Patty. You do take well designed photos…thanks for Calke Abbey. Fancy meeting a friend from your ‘virtual’ world after all that time….wonderful.


  13. Dear Patty!
    You make such wonderful fotos and great artworks, I love them all. A great joy to me to take a look on it. Fabulous!


  14. Gorgeous photos Patty!!! Loved reading this post 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Sophia


  15. OMG Patty what can I say except pure bliss here – every bit of art and every photograph!!! Thank you!


  16. Oh Patty, this is absolutely gorgeous. The mystery lady and the texture of the peeled pages are brilliant. And so many beautiful photos. Mr. Magpie did a great job too. Love the old cars. They are so funny.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs Birgit


  17. Your pages are sooo gorgeous, dear Patty.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your UK trip.

    Have a lovely weekend


  18. Patty, you are a Texture Master. I love what you did here!


  19. With all that magnificent inspiration, I’m not surprised your book pages are so marvelous. The texture, colors and imagery are mesmerizing. Blessings!


  20. I liked the texture on your all pages. They are beautiful.
    Your style of presenting the photos is amazing. And lovely pics of UK countryside. Would love to visit your blog again 🙂


  21. First of all I really love your book, great design, the blue is gorgeous, you have created a wonderfully distressed effect, and I like that the mystery lady just appeared. I like the way you have shown some photos as a mosaic, it makes the connections so much more interesting and your last photo is pretty amazing.


  22. it does have a wonderful patina patty , lovely page……loving seeing your photos….what wonderful memories you have created…..


  23. Beautiful beautiful art journal pages dear Patty… love the scrumptious texture… and the arch stamp… and gorgeous photos… how sweet are the cars… stunning work as always…

    Jenny ♥


  24. I thought I had commented on this page, but apparently not, and it is such a lovely page filled with so many wonderful images that I feel I must comment. You always seem to find the most wonderful blue images – I just fall into your pictures. Calke Abbey looks like a fascinating place. Jim did a great job with the funny little cars picture. Your altered book pages really do look like plaster. Are there more pages to come? Can’t wait to see what you do next!


  25. The effect you achieved is positively exciting. I would happily live with that on my walls (I do not surround myself with blue but I will make an exception here!) I want to reach into the screen and to feel that texture beneath my fingertips.
    If this comment reads rather oddly it is because I am unable to view part of the comment box.
    Such wonderful photographs you share with us.
    The image and arch, Patty this is all so special.


  26. I was taken by the texture you got and I see that’s because you peeled the paper off that board book. I agree it gives the substrate a far different look (and I suspect feel) than if you had sanded it.

    It’s always fun to see how you incorporate various outside interests with your book pages. These photos are truly wonderful and great examples of worn and textured. What an unusual place you visited along the way. Not a typical tourist trap, at least.


  27. what a wonderful post, so much to enjoy!! thanks for sharing all your special trips with us! love this board book, the unusual shape is great!


  28. STUNNING wow, I agree with Lynn, I too would love to feel it, I applaud you Miss Magpie for all the peeling and it does make for a better surface to create on as you have shown us (lazy crafters) in this fantastic journal, all the pictures fabulous and thanks for the link of the Abbey, I’m so happy for you meeting these lovely people, how kool he looks like Mt Magpie.. Your pages are a work of art, thanks for sharing..


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