more index cards…

a new month and I am still playing with 3×5 card collages…

Index card backgrounds

above are some background cards I made a while ago that helped get me going…


washi tape on stenciled painted background with catalog image, cigar box paper and a piece of Flimmerstern

Tenderthe lady was printed with ink running low in our printer and too good to waste,  stamped book text, striped tissue paper created on top of the ‘coat room check 351‘ card  in the first photo…

TruBlu Housecreated on the black and white card with the house and garden diagram letting the TruBlu label colors lead me using Lumiere paint along with Distress Stains (one of my favorite things these days)…

Grasmere Gingerbread packaging

swirly stamped background with torn pieces from a paper bag that held delicious Grasmere Gingerbread from our trip to the UK in June…


stencil and plaster with some of my favorite decorative tissue papers, music and “Persuasion” book text…

Butterfly Coat

using a few favorite rubber stamps,  sari ribbon and a US postage stamp…

Black n White Hat Trick Swiss Stamps

got brave and used all three of these wonderful Swiss stamps from a special friend with a little doodling and stamped ink spots…

I will have a few more cards to share next week…

♥Happy August Dear Ones♥

26 responses to “more index cards…

  1. Absolutely stunning dear Patty…. adore the backgrounds you began with… your index cards are truly beautiful…. and love the lady that was printed with low ink… those lines add character and texture…

    Jenny ♥


  2. They all look absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Well they are all just so wonderful!! they are like eating chocolates, it’s hard to take just one! lol
    As for the “low ink” lady? I printed up a “low ink” lady last night and got all excited about the streaky lines on her!! you and I share some kind of kismet that is just not explainable.
    Have a great day!!


  4. That is an incredible body of work on simple index cards. Love that you made a bunch of backgrounds ahead and were able to use them to form a complex final image.


  5. Oh, these are all so wonderful! I do the same thing with my printer – run it until all the ink is gone. I get some interesting results that way, just as you did. It’s so hard to pick a favorite from your cards today, but I suppose if I did, it would be the gingerbread bag one – the colors are great and I like the fact that you thought to save the bag for a future project while traveling. So Patty!!


  6. just beautiful patty
    ….nice to see you getting back into it…


  7. Especially loving that stencil and plaster one Patty. Looks like you are having fun. =) Enjoy these summer days! xoxo


  8. Patty, each and every one is a complete work of art! Splendid in every way!


  9. So fun!!! Wish you had joined the Challenge! Next year I will be ALL OVER YOU to join! ha!


  10. What exciting art! All these cards are striking and simply wonderful! Tres manifique!


  11. Beautiful as usual Patty. Reminds me of ATC’s.

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. These are wonderful Patty…you are a dab hand with collage.


  13. Lovely selection. Hard to choose but I think my favourite is TruBlu.


  14. Carmen Dyson

    Love catching up on your blog. So many pretties!


  15. I need to loosen up. You make such fantastic cards. I wish I’d taken more time with mine, because your ICs are simply beyond beautiful. Gotta love them ALL.

    BTW, I wouldn’t have covered up the 351 coat room check. Just goes to show why I need to relax and let the background go!


  16. These really are wonderful little works 😉 Dxx


  17. Great cards, you really put some work into yours. They look great, how awesome that you are going to keep making them. Have a good weekend and Happy August to you.


  18. These are all wonderful Patty, & they look like so much fun to make!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Alison xxx


  19. Patty, your collages are all so very unique, wonderful work!


  20. inanoctopusgarden

    you have been having fun! love the feel in all – my favorite is the playfulness in Hat Trick!


  21. Mini-art masterpieces, I call them! If it weren’t for jewelry, I think I could make these all day! You’ve reminded me how much fun paper art can be, dear Patty! xoxo


  22. So many beautiful pieces of art but falling in love with the black + white “Hattrick” card.


  23. The backgrounds alone are so striking.
    From contemporary style to vintage – you can do it all!
    Persuasion is possibly my absolute favourite.


  24. Your ICAD are amazing! I love the idea of making a bunch of backgrounds. I should do that in my art journals. I used to do it and haven’t in quite a while . . .


  25. one better than the other… can´t choose a favorite, they are all so great!!
    (family starts murmuring if there will be any lunch today, haha, as for me i´m forgetting to eat over enjoying your blog…)


  26. These are gorgeous – loved seeing how you started with the backgrounds too =)


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