BritannicaJr Before

happy to have another mixed media art journal completed with its new cover and eleven spreads…

AJJ Square journal pages

I decided to use a scrumptious piece of blue paper from my stash called “Batik Raindrop” along with white “Lace Windowpane” paper, Austrian map paper and a DiBona Design image I had tucked away (I have always enjoyed all kinds of PAPERS)…

EXPLORE Art Journal Cover

a bit of “square” layering which I will also enter for AJJ’s August “Square” challenge…

EXPLORE Art Journal Cover (1)

here are links to each of the spreads in my “EXPLORE” journal:












♥ wishing you and yours a really lovely weekend ♥

30 responses to “…Explore…

  1. What a beauty! Love all your spreads!

  2. This one will keep me busy for a while. Superb work Patty.

  3. Very pretty — what a sense of accomplishment you must feel –but where the heck to you store them! I hope you have a gorgeous bookcase where they can be open and on display sometimes! They deserve it!

  4. Explore is exceptional! I love all the layers and the old photo and the paper – I love it all!

  5. gosh patty you have been inspired since your explorations’ of the uk :)’great pages ….and love that paper too…

  6. Thank you for the lovely weekend wishes – made even more lovely by being able to drool over your beautiful blue cover!

  7. Love those papers! I reallllllllly like the image on the front tho!

  8. This is gorgeous and completes this journal perfectly. I like the image, offset a bit on the square. What a stunning and beautiful composition to complete this beautiful book. Congrats on creating yet another one.

  9. Love the yummy indigo colour!

  10. OHHH Patty, this page is so very,very beautiful-how gorgeous a blue-printed piece , of the lady,-did you create that yourself? and then apon the blue dotted paper, and the other fantastic piece with holes in …,a wonderful last page to your beautiful book. Congratulations on having finished your blue journal book, with all the most pretty and fantastic pages, to enjoy ,whenever you take it in your clever hands.
    Love and weekend hugs to you dear!

  11. Oh my GOSH!

    What a treasure now!
    What a great ART Journal!!!
    Patty I am so happy that you had our square theme in mind during creating this wonderful cover!
    You ar simple the best!

    xxx Susi

  12. What another awesome page you’ve made. I like the blue paper and how pretty the picture and lace is, looks wonderful together. So happy you have another journal done, that’s how I feel about my Project Life albums.
    Happy weekend to you! See you on Monday for mandalas.

  13. Dear Patty this is an exceptional spread for your last pages. I can see all of the thought gone into this spread and have totally enjoyed visiting all of your other pages too.You have applied so many beautiful textures, ideas and themes!
    You really are such an inspiration dear Patty!

  14. the dotted paper, the lace paper, the wonderful BLUE, the composition… what a feast for the eyes!!!
    i will brew a cup of coffee this afternoon and go through the spreads enjoying one by one!

  15. What a wonderful combination of papers! The windowlace one is sooo beautiful…and then the picture on top of it…superb! I wanna touch it pleeeeease 😉 ♥ Conny

  16. WOW your amazing art journal is finiished and it is realy an unique masterpiece with your style and from your heart:-)
    Wish you a happy sunday,
    warm embrace,

  17. Such a beautiful cover for all of those treasured pages! xxx

  18. I like your style! Luscious! 🙂

  19. Beautiful Patty! I love the paper layers with rice paper and map paper … And all of the blue of course 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend too Patty … We’re enjoying sunshine and rain in Hawaii … Can you feel the glow from here? 🙂

  20. So gorgeous, dear Patty.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  21. Oh Patty! It is so pretty. I need to do the covers on my Watkins journal. Thanks for the inspiration…aka kick in the pants. 😉

  22. Love, love, love the pages and can’t wait to look at the links! Nice to see the results of your paper love:)

  23. That looks great!! I like this fuzzy white paper and the drops (don’t know the right words for it now)
    Ciao, Beate

  24. You have expertly combined the vintage lady (beautiful image) with the more contemporary feel of the polka dot paper – a wonderful selection of papers. I want to reach out and touch the windowpane paper, looks so tactile.
    I am sure you are eager to start work on Journal no. 12.

  25. Beautiful Patty!!! Love the white lace windowpane paper. Fabulous!!! ~Sophia

  26. What a wonderful journal. I went back and looked at all the pages and really enjoy your art. You are gifted.


  27. Ohhh…I love this book. All the pages are great and interesting!!

  28. Oh Patty, these pages are wonderful.

  29. Congratulations on completing this masterpiece!

  30. Wow this is fabulous, love your journal. Must come back sometime and look at all your pages (that’s a lot of links) =)
    xx Monique

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