Summer Tea Dye …

back in February I had a really fun tea dyeing session…

T dyeing

this time it was tea that tasted a little bitter that inspired me to gather together some teabags and get busy with a small batch of laces and fabrics…

T dyeing (1)don’t you find that one thing can so quickly lead to another and another…

Surprise Mail Art from Halle G

look at this wonderful and inspiring mail art “postcard” that arrived in our mailbox from Halle … 

you can click HERE to find out more about it…

the puzzle piece measures roughly 4.5 x 6.5 inches (11.43 x 16.51 centimeters) and arrived without an envelope (COOL Huh!)… 

I added the flattened tea spoon and pickle fork to the photo as a kind of size guide

T dyeing (3)

♥ here’s wishing you a very Happy T Day full of sweet surprises ♥

32 responses to “Summer Tea Dye …

  1. You have some of the best tea dyeing sessions I’ve ever seen. These laces and doilies dyed wonderfully. I wish I had your luck and vision when it comes to finding lace, etc. And the way the fabric took the dye showed how some were so subtle, while others were bold. Now I want to get back to dyeing, too.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post and happy, happy T today.

  2. What fun! I have a large floor puzzle sitting in my thrift shop bag as we speak. Looks like it might be ready for an upcycle, instead!

  3. The jigsaw piece is marvellous! So unique. And I just love your dyed fabric and lace!

  4. So glad you liked the puzzle postcard! You tea dyeing skills are tremendous! I love the subtle shades you achieve.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. When life gives you bitter tea, dye fabric with it! LOL
    Love the puzzle postcard, what a great treat to find in your mailbox. And I will be taking that bee mug, if you don’t mind.
    Happy T day to you, dear Patty. Always a pleasure.

  6. oh! that bee mug! with that sweet little yellow rim. i’m fixating lol, can you tell?

    happy t tuesday 🙂

  7. That’s a great use for bitter tea–you achieved such a nice range of tea tints! I am always amazed at what can get sent through the mail and the postcard you received is really awesome! Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Another feast for the eyes….love the laces!!

  9. More bitter tea, then 🙂

    Hope you’re having the sweetest summer, Patty!

  10. I really like getting your blog in my mail box — you seem to be able to set the stage for creativity – thanks!!

  11. Happy T day Patty! Wow your lace looks amazing, and yes I know full well how one thing leads to another… love the bee mug!

    Cazzy x

  12. I have a boatload ready for a dye job, too! Good idea on using the bitter tea ones! I probably have some pretty “expired” tea, too!

  13. Ma chère Patty,
    ces dentelles teintes sont ravissantes, Quant au mail art, c’est toujours un plaisir de recevoir de telles créations et surtout que la poste joue le jeu.

  14. what beautiful dyed lace and fabric Patty.. and the puzzle is stunning – really beautiful!

  15. I need to do some more tea dying. I died a doily with a raspberry tea and got the coolest shade of tattered pink that I have ever seen. I love your flattened spoon and that postcard ! A few years ago trading puzzle postcards was a hot trend….is it coming back? I hope I hope I hope

  16. Love how the fabrics and lace turned out with the tea!!! The mail art is fabulous!!! Love it!!1 ~Sophia

  17. The tea dyes look so lovely with the light coming from behind. What a wonderful piece of mail art – so inventive.

  18. Your lace looks like honeycomb patty!
    Love that the puzzle piece went through the post like that, they would have slapped an extra charge for odd sized and use of imagination here! Mx

  19. Hello Patty, so nice to see you again. How very pretty your fabrics and laces came out. I must give this a try and hope mine come out just as beautiful. I like the cute bee cup too.
    Thanks so much for the visit and comments this morning. So happy to be sharing with you again this week. Take care and see you again soon.

  20. They looks so beautiful, your dyied pieces,- also so different in colour strongness, what is so facinating ,when colouring, I think!! Every piece gets different results !!
    And Patty, the puzzle is fantastic, how wonderful it arrived to your door just like that,- and wow it is big!!! A great “letter”.
    Hugs from your friend!

  21. What fun you have on T day Patty! Beautiful looking fabrics going though the process.
    Halle is very talented and brave sending her beautiful jigsaw piece through the mail system – in NZ they have regulations on what goes through the slot… no creative minds there!
    I’m off to meet Halle.
    Patty what sort of computer/laptop/notebook do you use? Mine has died and I’m confused with the choice out there and trying to get recommendations from friends who blog – however, I also will do my husbands business accounts on it too….I loathe these decisions.
    xox Shane

  22. Oh My Patty, everything looks so yummy. I might have to give tea dyeing a go real soon now as I love the soft look of it.
    Wonderful puzzle piece.
    Have an awesome day
    Hugz Tonniece

  23. Lovely jigsaw puzzle mail art piece you got in the mail! Your lace and doilies have dyed beautifully, tea really does make them age so naturally and its always fun to do them in a batch.

  24. oh lovely dying patty , these will look so lovely in your work…..i am going to do some eco dying in the summer…..unreal post card too…:)

  25. Great tea dyeing!

    I’ve still got a few bits leftover from the canvas strips that I dyed with blackberry tea in last week’s post. They are going into a collage, and I hope to have it ready to show soon.

    How will you use your dyed lace? In any case, have a happy T Tuesady! 🙂

  26. Hi Patti – love that gorgeous lace – and your cup always impresses that single bee is quite regal…Happy T for Tuesday – Mxx #20

  27. How beautiful your lace has turned out Patti! lovely! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  28. Please tell me that it isn’t only myself who finds it to be so relaxing to spend some time tea dying anything I can lay my hands on (or dipping into a coffee bath). My batches are dwindling and it came to mind that I need to be doing this some afternoon, you have brought it to my mind again.
    How beautiful that is hanging at the window with the light sifting through it and what a fun item to receive in the mail . It has been too long since I altered a puzzle piece.

  29. OMG! Those are absolutely gorgeous tea dyed laces and fabrics!
    What a sweet puzzle gift. Happy T Tuesday! 🙂

  30. oooh such gorgeous lacy fabrics!!! Cool puzzle art too- I’d not have thought of mailing without an envie.

  31. Tea dying is quite addictive! Yours looks wonderful. Love that bee mug, as well! Happy Wednesday (I’m late.)

  32. the fabrics look amazing! and I love the bee mug 🙂

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